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A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

End of All Hope 7 Lamb Productions

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    • 4.2, 168 Ratings

A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
168 Ratings

168 Ratings

K. Gregory Thomas ,

Great ensemble of voice talent!

Keeps you hooked but admittedly starts a bit slow. Creepy story and plot make up for any flaws.

AlexWallace18 ,

Should've been a novel rather than a podcast.

The reason I used that title is because I actually liked some of the writing. Note I said SOME of it. It's hard to tell what's the writing, what's the directing, and what's the acting when I think about what I didn't like about this podcast, which is...a lot. The experience as a whole felt like a chore, which is a sensation I loathe because I feel like I'm the one who's wrong--these folks obviously put their heart and souls into this, or at least I hope they did so I don't have to feel like my attempt to like it was wasted. I just wish that 'soul' could have come through in their acting.
And I am serious about it possibly being a novel instead, it's a cool concept. It just needs some editors, and maybe it's not quite the type of art that needs to be performed. If readers could simply imagine the performances in their head, it'd fix every problem I had with this.

Scurry Ray ,

Appropriately titled “End of All Hope” as there is absolutely no hope for this atrocious podcast

Abominable. That is the only word that appropriately describes this podcast. This show is a maelstrom of fecal matter, a veritable tornado of turds, and an avalanche of atrocity. I made it to Episode 6 and every minute was grueling.

The acting is just entirely unforgivable. It is literally like the producer went to the local high school drama club and recruited the biggest rejects for the lead roles. The woman who plays Ava must be related to the producer as there is no other explanation for having your lead voice be the absolute worst actor one could cast. She has literally no emotion and is incapable of playing any role that is not an Android or some autobot. The scripting is likewise terrible. Business nerds are confronted by an alien who kills the neighbor and their emotion rises to maybe that of a guy chastising his roommate for eating the leftovers. This one guy who was giving an environmental presentation to a bunch of stuffed shirts just two days prior just shot and killed two “looters” (played by drama club rejects from the neighboring high school) and his companions reacted as if they were placing a pizza order.

This show is absolutely horrendous and should be banished from the annals of podcast history. When utter garbage like this makes it on the airwaves, it is indeed “The End of All Hope.”

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