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Learn with me as I get educated on topics that matter. From talking about social justice issues to environmental concerns, my hope is to learn about conscious living in a sustainable way through interviews with cool people who I consider experts on these topics. The Enlighten Me podcast is a fun way to learn about relevant issues that affect each and every one of us, and to do so in a way that is entertaining and practical. If you're wondering how you can make an impact on our world in every day ways, this show is for you.

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Learn with me as I get educated on topics that matter. From talking about social justice issues to environmental concerns, my hope is to learn about conscious living in a sustainable way through interviews with cool people who I consider experts on these topics. The Enlighten Me podcast is a fun way to learn about relevant issues that affect each and every one of us, and to do so in a way that is entertaining and practical. If you're wondering how you can make an impact on our world in every day ways, this show is for you.

    33: Enlighten Me on Grieving with Intention

    33: Enlighten Me on Grieving with Intention

    In the midst of chaos, there is hope. That statement is as true today as it ever was. Though this episode was originally recorded back in the fall, I think it’s no coincidence that I had saved this message of hope for right now. Get ready to get inspired!

    Rachel George is a busy lady. She is a writer and published author, she runs two local coffee shops in central Illinois with her husband, Sam, and together the two have a lot of babies to love. That’s actually what we’re talking about today - what it’s like to love and grieve babies who aren’t here on earth anymore while also loving babies who are.

    Rachel and Sam have three sweet children in heaven. In this conversation, Rachel is sharing their story and what walking through this tremendous grief has taught them. This episode is different from one’s I’ve shared in the past - I didn’t really prepare any questions for Rachel, instead I just wanted her to share her story. As an author, she’s a natural at storytelling, and this story will compel you. You’ll learn what hope truly looks like, what it looks like to be active in your grieving process, and also that it’s okay to not be okay. Rachel is vulnerable in sharing her thoughts and feelings during such trying periods in her life, and she is also willing to share her tips for those grieving, especially couples grieving children, as well as tips for those who are supporting their loved ones in times of sorrow.

    As I said, this story is about hope. While parts of Rachel’s story may bring tears, it will also bring smiles. You gotta make sure you listen all the way through so that you can hear even more good news that has come for Rachel since we recorded this! Oh, and you’ll also get a preview of some special announcements and exciting things that are coming!

    You can look below for links that Rachel and I reference, but I want to point out that her blog and Instagram account are also full of amazing resources. Rachel’s vulnerability doesn’t stop after this episode - her blog posts and pictures are daily encouragements to me, and their website is also full of helpful resources for those grieving. Grief isn’t always a comfortable topic, in fact it’s something that people are so often anxious to get to the other side of. I’m thankful that Rachel and Sam have created a safe space to be broken and tools to support us in our heartbreak that we all will undoubtedly face in this life.

    Links from the show:
    Mad Goat Coffee:
    Rachel’s blog:
    Rachel’s book - “Grieve, Create, Believe: Process Your Loss with Intention and Truth”:
    Trees & Flowers Co. on Etsy:
    “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” by Hannah Gurnard
    “The Good Neighbor” by Maxwell King:
    Graphic Design Classes via Creative Live:

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    Email: mackenzie.heartfelthippie@gmail.com

    Connect with Rachel:
    Instagram and Facebook: @rachelgeorgewrites
    Blog: https://samandrachelgeorge.com/blog/

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    32: Enlighten Me on Mass Incarceration

    32: Enlighten Me on Mass Incarceration

    When I first saw the documentary “13th” on Netflix, I was shocked. Shocked and disturbed. Mass incarceration in America has become a crisis over the past 40 years. While Americans only make up 5% of the worlds population, we make up 25% of the worlds prison population. Holy cow! Statistics like this one are disheartening, but what I learned from this interview is that there is HOPE. To view the full show notes, continue reading here or check out my website: www.heartfelthippie.com

    Cyril Prabhu is not native to the US, but upon his arrival here in his mid-20’s he realized there was a problem with our prison systems. Since he is a data miner by day, he did a lot of research on this topic and has found a practical way not simply to help people in prison, but to prevent people from ending up there in the first place. The government estimates that around 70% of people serving time in prison will actually end up back in prison within 3 months of their release. On top of that, children whose parents are in prison have upwards of an 80% chance of ending up in prison themselves. Knowing this information, Cyril founded an organization that intervenes in the lives of the incarcerated.

    Through Proverbs 226 Ministries, Cyril works with children of incarcerated parents to reunite and bring healing to families. Their goals are to keep kids in school and to give parents a stable life once they are out of jail. The organization has only been around for 8 years, but the impact they have had in this time is huge! In this conversation, Cyril and I start by discussing the problem of mass incarceration and recidivism. If you don’t know what these terms mean, that’s okay, Cyril will tell you! You’re going to hear why this is such an issue and how it personally affects YOU, even if you don’t have any family members or friends who are currently associated with the prison system! While this is some hard news to hear, you’re also going to hear about how Cyril and Proverbs 226 are working to prevent this issue from growing and how YOU can be a part of it, no matter where you live!

    And to my non-American listeners, I want to say that this episode isn’t just for folks who live in the United States. After you listen to what Cyril shares, I recommend you do some of your own research on incarceration statistics in country and look into how your prison systems are run. Perhaps this can inform what candidates you want to elect into public office, or it can possibly determine how you want to treat the most vulnerable people around you, like the homeless or the orphaned. Whatever it is, I hope you feel inspired just like I was to look out for the left out.

    Links from the show:
    Proverbs 226:
    Prison Fellowship:
    About Chuck Colson:
    “Are You Dancing in the Rain?” by Cyril Prabhu:
    NPR Podcasts:
    “13th” Documentary:

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    Connect with Cyril:
    Website: www.proverbs226.org
    Facebook: facebook.com/proverbs226
    Email: info@proverbs226.org

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    31: Enlighten Me on Sustainable Living

    31: Enlighten Me on Sustainable Living

    After recording this episode, I just wanna garden, chill, and drink kombucha. The simple life sounds like the way to go! At first look, Carly and Brenden might seem a little extreme. They are committed to a zero waste, vegan, and eco-friendly lifestyle which you can see from their electric car, their mass amounts of produce purchased, and the fact that they never have a grocery sack with them. BUT what you’ll see from this conversation is that it’s much more simple than it looks - Carly and Brenden are all about going back to the basics! To view the full show notes, continue reading here or visit my website: www.heartfelthippie.com

    When Carly and Brenden started dating (all thanks to Brenden’s beard), they combined their powers and made The Sustainable Duo - their business and social platform that teaches regular peoples like you and me how to live more ethically and sustainably! From the very first Instagram post I ever saw from them years ago, I have not stopped learning from this power couple since. I’m not joking when I say they are #goals.

    In today’s conversation, we talk about why they eat vegan and how it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we might think. We also chatted about some other passions of theirs, including plant-based medicine and the clean water movement. I learned a lot from them, as usual, but I also learned that I need to get them back on the show quickly for Part 2 (and part 3, 4, 5, etc…) because we have soooo much more to talk about.

    I hope this conversation makes you question things. I hope it makes you rethink some of the common things you have always been told - like that protein comes mainly from meat - and think about where that information is coming from. I hope you question if buying more stuff and owning more things will make you happy like so many advertisers want us to believe. And I hope you question the ways in which you thought it might be difficult to live a sustainable lifestyle, and that you start to see that it can actually be pretty simple if we don’t overthink it. Now, head on over to see them in action on the gram and watch them get zero-wasted!

    Links from the show:
    Sustainable Duo Website:
    “Cowspiracy” Documentary:
    John Lewis:
    Torre Washington:
    Planet Protein:
    Berkey Water Filters:
    EWG Tap Water Drinking Guide:
    “How to Train a Wild Elephant” by Jan Chozen Bays:
    “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel
    NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil:
    **Check out Carly’s Instagram for a discount code!**

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    Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

    Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

    When we set out to record a “year-in-review” episode, we originally planned on recording it at the end of the year… That was before the winter colds hit us. Ugh! But we’re here now and we’re still in reflection mode, so here it is! For the second time I invited my personal most favorite guest, one Mr. Justin Neally, back on the podcast to talk about how 2019 went and what we’re looking forward to in 2020! We had a blast recording this and went through a list of thoughtful questions, some serious and some not at all, thanks to friends and listeners giving us a little feedback. We hope that this conversation makes you reflect, makes you laugh, and leaves you encouraged.

    Warning: there is crying in this episode, but it is not from Justin or I. We recorded it after the baby went to bed, but we still had to keep the monitor close by, and, like it or not, we’re believers in the cry-it-out method. #sorrynotsorry… What you don’t hear thanks to my editing skills is that I do at one point go to console Baker, and he is a-okay, so please don’t mom-shame me! I am sorry for the background noise that exists through part of this episode, though, but welcome to our lives! Speaking of babies, we talk a lot about what becoming parents has been like, challenges that we’ve faced, advice for other parents, and all sorts of fun grown up topics like that. But don’t fret, if you fast-forward through the first fifteen minutes or so you can skip that stuff if you want to.

    Other topics we covered in this conversation were our 2019 travels, how we did on our goals for 2019 and our new goals for the new year, podcast episodes we enjoyed, products we like, books we read, who we’d give a wedgie to if we could… VERY important stuff here that you simply just can’t miss. Above all else, you’ll get to know us in this episode - a look behind the scenes at what we’re trying to do over here at the Enlighten Me Podcast. So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or whatever beverage of your choice and join us as we continue to ring in 2020. Cheers!

    Links from the show:
    The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak:
    Bohemian Rhapsody movie:
    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood movie:
    Little Women by Louisa May Alcott:
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo App:
    Uncle Henry’s Natural Toothpaste:
    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50:
    Biokleen Bac-Out Stain + Order Remover:

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    29: Your 2019 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide!

    29: Your 2019 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide!

    For this very special edition of The Enlighten Me Podcast, Rosalie Roberts of World Changer Co. and I developed an “ethical shopping gift guide”! Rosalie’s business is dedicated to helping people find ethical places to shop, so I knew she was the perfect person to help me with this episode. To view the full show notes, continue reading here or visit my website: www.heartfelthippie.com

    If you’ve listened to the show for some time now, you’ve heard me talk about ethical shopping before. What is ethical shopping exactly? That’s what we’ll explain today. Rosalie and I were looking at who runs these companies, certifications that they hold, how their products are made, how their employees are treated, what goes into the products and the environmental effect they have. We’ve done all the research for you and have some great options for gifts for your loved ones this season!

    One thing you’ll notice while listening is that shopping ethically is not that hard, nor is it that expensive! So, as you go about your shopping this holiday season, RETHINK what your purchases can mean! You can get an awesome gift at an affordable price and make your dollars go farther by supporting a brand whose values you actually believe in. You can find links to all the products we talk about listed below, as well as some honorable mentions from previous episodes. Also make sure you check out her website if you want more ideas for places to shop this season that you can trust with your money! Merry Christmas and happy shopping, conscious consumers!

    Links from the show:
    World Changer Co.:
    Redeemed With Purpose Classic Tortoise Hoops:
    Use code MACKENZIEN20 for 20% off!
    Charcoal Soap by The Adventure Project:
    Blue Planet Eyewear Sunglasses:
    Use code WORLDCHANGER20 for 20% off!
    Pela Case Phone Case:
    Use this link for $10 off!
    Terra Thread Laptop Case:
    Use code WORLDCHANGER20 for 20% off!
    Strawbit Straw:
    Albatross Sailing Flagship Butterfly Razor:
    Green Toys Dump Truck:
    Rothy’s Shoes:
    Manzanita Kids Little Sapling Name Puzzle:
    Ten Thousand Villages Crunchy Critter Dog Toy:
    United by Blue Dog Collar:
    No Tox Life Dishwashing Block:
    Dean’s Beans Coffee:
    Good Gifts Handwoven Wool Blanket:
    Accounts to follow:
    Agathos Athleisure:
    T’s for Bees:
    Mrs. Emily:
    Endangered Species Chocolate:
    Noonday Collection:
    Saint Mae:

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    28: Enlighten Me on Being a Latina in Uniform

    28: Enlighten Me on Being a Latina in Uniform

    A cultured convo with a cultured Tejana! Maria Escamilla (or Tori, for short) is a Texan native with Mexican-American roots and experience as a US Veteran. See what I mean by “cultured”?! In her 32 years of life, Tori has been a lot of places and seen a lot things. All of these experiences have given her some unique perspectives on what we might consider “hot” topics. That’s what we’re chatting about in today’s episode! To view the full show notes, continue reading here or visit my website: www.heartfelthippie.com

    Above all else, I appreciate Tori’s patience and openness with me in this conversation. She gave me permission to ask about her cultural background and what it’s like to be a Mexican-American woman in today’s world. We talked about things that could easily be frustrating or tiring for her, but she was willing to educate me and to give me a safe space to ask important questions. I loved the understanding that we both shared for one another and I think you’ll no doubt hear that as we chat. Specifically, Tori’s experience working for the American government has exposed her to so many things. I feel that this gives her a lot of credibility to talk about topics like immigration from an unbiased place. One one hand, her great-grandparents immigrated to Texas from Mexico. On the other hand, she has sacrificed a lot of her life to fight for this country. Who better to share their standpoint on what can often be such a controversial, black-and-white topic?

    My hope for you as you listen to Tori and I speak is that your mind will be opened to hearing the story of someone who is different from you. In these politicized times we live in and with an election season right around the corner, it’s easy to make some of these topics about laws rather than about lives. If it weren’t for immigration, Tori wouldn’t be here today serving our country in the multiple ways that she does!

    I think this episode will also demonstrate to you why having proximity to people who are different than us matters. I’m not trying to say that we all have to agree in the end, but if you are only surrounding yourself with people who have similar opinions and similar life experiences to you, you’re missing out. My other hope for you after listening to this episode is that you’ll go watch Jane the Virgin after listening to us - now THAT you will not regret!

    Big hugs to Tori for her time in this convo! San Antonio, you’re so lucky to have her! Make sure you check out her radio show if you’re in the area, and if not you can catch her on the podcast (linked below) any day!

    Links from the show:
    “Tejana Talk” Podcast:
    Jane the Virgin:
    One Day at a Time:
    “Caramelo” by Sandra Cisneros:
    “The Drama Club” Podcast:
    “Lip Service” podcast by Angela Yee:
    “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast:
    “Latina Money” Podcast:
    Eric Thomas - The Hip Hop Preacher:
    “Inner Hoe Uprising” podcast:
    “The Popcast with Knox and Jamie” podcast:
    KISS Gel Fantasy Nails:

    Connect with Mackenzie:
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    Website: www.heartfelthippie.com

    Connect with Tori:
    Instagram: @tejana_talk / @the_cultured_tejana / @tori_e989
    Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tejana-talk/id1453198442
    Radio Show: KLMO App or

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