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Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

Entreprogrammers Podcast Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez, Josh Earl

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Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

    Episode 332 "Building Ads"

    Episode 332 "Building Ads"

    We’re live. John is currently working on some ads that are much longer than ads usually are and it’s struggling to get the right topics and building the whole structure around it.
    Mani is actually a lot of help on this due to his background and pitches some great ideas in order to build this ad, which is more than 9 mins.
    In Other Topics, John has a hilarious comment about using masks outside, a not so pleasant encounter while he was doing his run.
    Thought of the week
    John - “You have the best example, if I see a man with a gun in the street, I’m not going to approach the guy to tell him that what he’s doing is wrong”

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Episode 331 " The Name of the Game"

    Episode 331 " The Name of the Game"

    We’re Live. John Was recently in a conference where he had to some talking and the topic was a bit controversial, it was basically a “Mans man” conference but he had the approach of feminism.
    Many women were there just to get the perception that will lead them out of the toxic ways of false feminism, for John it was like talking to the enemy and give advice. He had to play an important part in the game where he has to help both sides in the conflict, the best thing about this is that it will always benefit him and his business.
    In other topics, Mani is currently looking to hire a copywriter for a longterm position, he wants to systemize various places in his business, copywriting is one of them, in other to be ready for any upcoming tasks coming through
    Thought of the week
    Mani - “ That’s why it’s called The game”

    • 52 min
    Episode 330 "Getting Back On Track"

    Episode 330 "Getting Back On Track"

    We’re live. John Definitely had a hard time during the whole process for the 100 mile race, the whole thing got canceled, he got injured, and he’s signing up for another 100 mile race in texas…
    I know it’s difficult to believe but is John we are talking about, the situation is a bit different and it probably won’t be canceled. Already started training on a 10 week prior to the race.
    Other topics, Chuck is looking to do 1 on 1 Coach to complement his main job income. Guys give him advice on this.

    Thoughts of the week

    John - “It’s hard to drive sale for books for some reason”

    • 58 min
    Episode 329 "Getting a job you don’t want"

    Episode 329 "Getting a job you don’t want"

    We’re live. Chuck is finally starting on his new job and currently struggling with the time schedule that he’s into, coming back to this has been a nightmare for him. Getting everything together and trying to run his podcast business has been the major concern for the time being.
    He’s clearly not happy about this, his coworkers actually think the opposite, receiving congratulations for a job that you don’t really want puts you in an awkward situation
    The main Advice from the guys is simple, get up earlier and get the job done, and definitely don’t lose focus over the business. This is just a speed bump that needs to get passed.
    Mani - “Don’t let your main work be the sugar daddy for your business”

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Episode 328 "High Stress Levels"

    Episode 328 "High Stress Levels"

    We’re Live. John is currently on his training for the 100-mile marathon, actually on site. There’s actually rumors of a possible cancellation of the whole event due to the pandemic.
    Bulldog Mindset has got a good Growth recently on the membership side of things, numbers are rising organically at a good pace, small changes on the sales page, and really good content have been working to get a nice flow of prospects.
    Chuck on the other is on the process of transition to the full-time job, managing and documenting his time to take over some of his business so they won’t need him as often. All this is taking a toll on Chuck, he has been suffering of fatigue and productivity has been low due to all that’s going on.
    Thoughts of the week
    Chuck - “I´m not thrilled to go get a job but… Bills have to be paid”

    • 53 min
    Episode 327 "Unexpected News"

    Episode 327 "Unexpected News"

    We’re Live. John is planning on taking a trip to finish off his training for the 100-mile marathon that he’s planning to do. A Whole month just to get your body adapted to the high altitude that he’s going to be facing on this marathon.
    On Other Topics, Chuck landed a great sponsorship from a big-name company, but being honest he wasn’t expecting that.
    The main recommendation from the guys to Chuck, it’s to be smart with this. There are certain decisions that Chuck cannot be made lightly. just in case everything goes south.
    Toughts of the week
    John “You have to cut those costs, you have to cut those production costs and have a reserve in order to make things right.

    • 54 min

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4.8 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Familie Bennett ,


Love how raw this is. Thanks for letting me listen in.

LancerKind ,

Learn from horses' mouths

Be the corporat espionage agent sitting outside in a white non-descript van, bouncing a laser off the window of Derick, John, Josh, and Chuck's meeting room. You hear it all. All the brilliance and all the dirty dirty dirt! You need to listen to a few to tune into what they're cooking in that kitchen, every bit as sassy and audacious as the Bradley Cooper Chef in Burnt!

This is the real biz!

Engineerbell ,

Do you code and want to build a business? You need to listen up.

These guys are the real deal. It’s really inspiring to have them share their experiences. We can do it to!

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