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Environment China is a bilingual podcast from the Beijing Energy Network. The show features conversations with advocates, entrepreneurs, and experts working in the environmental field in China.

Environment China Beijing Energy Network

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Environment China is a bilingual podcast from the Beijing Energy Network. The show features conversations with advocates, entrepreneurs, and experts working in the environmental field in China.

    Marine plastics with Liu Xiao (Women in Sustainability) [Chinese]

    Marine plastics with Liu Xiao (Women in Sustainability) [Chinese]

    In this episode of our Women in Sustainability series, we are speaking again with Dr Liu Xiao about marine waste and the broader topic of waste and recycling in general. We talk with Dr Liu about a typical day at work on her projects at GIZ.
    Dr Liu is Project Manager at GIZ of the Rethinking Plastic-Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter (China), Integrated Waste Management NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) Project, and Textile Compass Project. She is also a member of Recycling and Waste Minimisation Committee of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). She has more than 15 years’ experience on municipal solid waste (MSW) management and sustainable development especially on policy research and technology consulting. Her research is mainly about integrated waste management and low carbon transition, plastic waste management and pollution control, with a special focus on sustainable business model establishment in the waste sector.
    Episode producer: Joyce Yuan
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    The evolution of China’s climate diplomacy – with Taylah Bland

    The evolution of China’s climate diplomacy – with Taylah Bland

    In this episode of our Women in Sustainability series, we are talking about the evolution and underpinnings of China's climate diplomacy. Our guest is Taylah Bland, Schwarzman Fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Center for China Analysis. She specializes in China’s domestic climate politics and international environmental law. She is a graduate of New York University, Shanghai and Tsinghua University as a Schwarzman Scholar.
    In this episode we cover:
    China's tendency to boost domestic policy first, before making climate commitments. China's signing on to climate agreements in the early phases, such as the Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism The importance of China's domestic policy leading up to its Paris commitment Whether China's climate diplomacy commitments lag domestic trends so much, such as on renewables, that they are more for splashy announcements and soft power What further domestic policy steps are needed before China can enhance its ambitions for the next round of climate talks Further reading:
    Taylah Bland, "Key Factors Shaping China’s Engagement With International Environmental Law," Asia Society Policy Institute, April 2023, at https://asiasociety.org/policy-institute/key-factors-shaping-chinas-engagement-international-environmental-law. 
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    Episode produced by: Anders Hove

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    Do China's EVs really reduce emissions and improve air quality? - with Zhang Shaojun

    Do China's EVs really reduce emissions and improve air quality? - with Zhang Shaojun

    Today's episode looks at the topic of electric vehicles and their impact on both carbon emissions and urban air quality. China has the world’s largest market for electric vehicles, and it is the largest maker of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles manufactured worldwide. Hence, the environmental impact of EVs, even outside of China, often goes back upstream to China.
    Our guest is Zhang Shaojun, Associate Professor at the Tsinghua University School of the Environment. His research examines the environmental impacts of emissions from road transportation systems on air quality, climate and public health. Before joining Tsinghua University, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at University of Michigan and Atkinson Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Cornell University. 
    Shaojun and his colleagues have published two important papers on these topics this year. The first, in the journal PNAS Nexus, looks at the upstream greenhouse gas emissions from battery manufacturing as well as a regional breakdown of power sector emissions from EV charging. The second paper, in Environmental Pollution, looks at the impact of EVs on air quality, employing Tsinghua's CMAQ model to look at how EVs affect ozone and PM2.5, in particular considering the seasonal effects on air chemistry, which relates to the formation of secondary pollution. (Primary emissions refer to pollutants directly emitted from vehicles or power plants, whereas secondary pollutants are formed in the atmosphere through mixing of chemical precursors.)
    For further reading:
    Fang Wang, Shaojun Zhang, Yinan Zhao, Yunxiao Ma, Yichen Zhang, Anders Hove, and Ye Wu, “Multisectoral drivers of decarbonizing battery electric vehicles in China,” PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2023, https://academic.oup.com/pnasnexus/article/2/5/pgad123/7159885.
    Yiliang Jiang, Xinyu Liang, Shaojun Zhang, Zechun Hu, Anders Hove, and Ye Wu, “The future air quality impact of electric vehicle promotion and coordinated charging in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region,” Environ Pollut., 1 September 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envpol.2023.121928.
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    Episode Executive Producer: Anders Hove

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    Sustainable forestry and the role of China – with Beibei Yin

    Sustainable forestry and the role of China – with Beibei Yin

    Today's podcast looks at the topic of sustainable forestry and the role of China, particularly at the role of Chinese banks. Our guest is Beibei Yin, who researches the intersection of China’s policies on forestry practices abroad and policies on green finance. Two years ago she founded her own consultancy called Bambu Consulting. Previously, she served for many years as Senior Policy Advisor at Global Witness based in London, where she researched topics such as addressing financing from China that leads to deforestation in Southeast Asia, stopping illegal timber trade, and the role of global supply chains in addressing deforestation and illegal timber. She previously joined the podcast in May 2018 to talk about her research following the 9000-mile path of illegal timber from Papua New Guinea to markets. 
    For further reading:
    Beibei Yin, "China’s new green finance guidelines have a deforestation blind spot," 1 August 2022, at https://chinadialogue.net/en/business/chinas-new-green-finance-guidelines-have-a-deforestation-blind-spot/. 
    Beibei Yin, "Who is Who No. 3 - Chinese Commercial Banks: an NGO Guide," Urgewald, January 2023, at https://www.urgewald.org/sites/default/files/media-files/WhoIsWho-No3-ChineseCommercialBanks.pdf. 
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    Episode Executive Producer: Anders Hove

    • 29 min
    Breaking: Analysis of China's August Green Certificate Policy - with Anders Hove

    Breaking: Analysis of China's August Green Certificate Policy - with Anders Hove

    Last week, China came out with a dramatic new policy on green certificates, radically reforming what had been a sleepy aspect of the clean energy transition in China. We don't usually do breaking news here on Environment China, but it happens that our co-producer, Anders Hove, has just published a paper on the topic as well as a short reaction article to the new policy. (Links below.)
    The new green certificate policy, issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, and National Energy Administration, expands China's domestic renewable energy certificate scheme from onshore wind and solar to all types of renewables. The expansion means that all renewable projects will now be able to generate Green Electricity Certificates, or GECs, though only some will be traded. The policy reforms how GECs are priced and it also bans domestic generators from selling international renewable energy certificates to prevent double counting. 
    Further reading:
    Anders Hove and Gary Sipeng Xie, "Green certificates with Chinese characteristics: Will green certificates help China’s
    clean energy transition?" Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 8 August 2023, at https://a9w7k6q9.stackpathcdn.com/wpcms/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/CE9-Green-certificates-with-Chinese-characteristics.pdf.
    Anders Hove, "After China's new green certificate policy, major questions remain," Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (LinkedIn article), 11 August 2023, at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/after-chinas-new-green-certificate%3FtrackingId=ZOupiyoVR1GeYGktG%252BCJjw%253D%253D/?trackingId=ZOupiyoVR1GeYGktG%2BCJjw%3D%3D. 

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    Young Professionals in Sustainability - with Minjie Lu, S&P Global [Chinese]

    Young Professionals in Sustainability - with Minjie Lu, S&P Global [Chinese]

    In this latest installment in our Young Professionals in Sustainability series, we talk with Minjie LU, Energy Advisory Consultant at S&P Global Commodity Insights consulting group. He has six years of experience in the energy industry. His technical expertise includes oil and gas field development, project economics, and investment valuation. Prior to joining S&P, Minjie was a reservoir engineer at Totalenergies' Geoscience Centre in Scotland. He holds an MSc in petroleum engineering from Imperial College London and an ME in structural engineering and a BSc in engineering science from University College Dublin.
    In this episode we'll explore: 
    His academic and work background Career change: research-oriented work to consulting S&P Global Commodity Insightsw's energy upstream research business A Day in the Life of an Energy Advisory Consultant Interesting energy consulting projects Recent major industry events and changes in the energy market

    1. 旻杰最初是怎么对环境能源领域的学习和工作感兴趣的?可以和我们具体分享一下你在英国和爱尔兰的学业和工作背景吗?

    毕业后, 我加入了法国道达尔能源在苏格兰的研发中心,主要负责油气工程建模的研究工作,这也让我对国际大型油气公司的运营模式和企业战略有了更多的了解。
    2. 旻杰刚刚提到「水力压裂技术」对环境的影响,知乎上有一个帖子名字叫做“你所不知道的水力压裂技术(知识量巨大、烧脑、慎入!)”,你可以用最简单的语言和我们科普一下这个技术,以及它对环境的影响吗?

    • 13 min

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4.9 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

Aily Z. ,

Concise and informative

The podcasts are short, sweet, and to the point.

These podcasts are a great way to keep track of what is going on in China's environmental sector. I'm looking forward to future podcasts in Mandarin!

WiJHu ,

Glad to have found an easy way to learn about these issues

Learning about things happening on the ground in China can be tough, especially for some of the less mainstream topics like citizen science or sludge-to-power. Instead of just getting a hint of insight from an article, these episodes provide a comprehensive overview of each topic that is touched on. Happy to have a better overall understanding of China's environmental field than ever before- thanks team!

Tisabel ,


Great to have a podcast covering environmental topics in China.

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