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Each week, Escape Pod delivers science fiction short stories from today's best authors. Listen today, and hear the new sound of science fiction!

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Each week, Escape Pod delivers science fiction short stories from today's best authors. Listen today, and hear the new sound of science fiction!

    Escape Pod 744: The Evening, the Morning and the Night (Summer Flashback)

    Escape Pod 744: The Evening, the Morning and the Night (Summer Flashback)

    Author : Octavia Butler Narrator : Amanda Ching Host : Alasdair Stuart Audio Producers : Summer Brooks and Mat Weller Discuss on Forums This story originally appeared in the May 1987 issue of Omni (available for free here), and was previously published on Escape Pod in February 2015 Contains one curse word, one brief reference […]

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Escape Pod 743: Flash From the Vault

    Escape Pod 743: Flash From the Vault

    Flash From the Vault

    Hello and welcome to Escape Pod Summer School, where we post some of our favorite episodes from the vault with a new perspective. I’m your assistant editor and teacher for this class, Benjamin C. Kinney, and I’ve got three flash episodes from long, long ago. We bring you “Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier” by Larry Hammer, “Beachcomber” by Mike Resnick, and “Semi-Autonomous: or, For Whom the Warranty Tolls” by Jim Kling.

    • 31 min
    Escape Pod 742: Them Ships (Summer Flashback)

    Escape Pod 742: Them Ships (Summer Flashback)

    Them Ships

    by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

    Leonardo says that the Americans are going to fire some rockets and free us from the tyranny of the aliens and I say: who gives a shit. Lemme tell you something: It wasn’t super-awesome around here before the aliens. At least we get three meals every day now.

    I used to live in a cardboard house with a tin roof and collected garbage for a living. They called my home a ‘lost city’ but they should’ve called it ‘f****d city.’

    Leonardo talks about regaining our freedom, ‘bout fighting and shit. What damn freedom? You think I had freedom in the slums? Leonardo can talk freedom out his ass because he had money before this thing started and he saw too many American movies where they kill the monsters with big guns.

    I’m not an idiot. The cops used to do their little “operations” in our neighborhood. They’d come in and arrest everyone, take everything. They weren’t Hollywood heroes out to help people. They were f*****g assholes and I don’t see why they would have changed. As for American soldiers saving the day: You think they give a rat’s ass ‘bout Mexico City? You think they’re going to fly here in their helicopters and save us?

    I say f**k that shit. I never had no freedom. Leonardo can go piss himself.

    • 22 min
    Escape Pod 741: Repo (Summer Flashback)

    Escape Pod 741: Repo (Summer Flashback)


    By Aaron Gallagher

    It took concentration to perform delicate work in the cumbersome gloves of the suit. The rounded fingers were metal-tipped, and bulky. Elise painted the tips of her gloves with luminous paint for ease when working outside.

    The octopus found the wires and shorted the alarm. The device glowed green and she triggered the manual release. The door popped, expelling a breath or two of oxygen.

    Elise slipped into the airlock and closed it behind her, shutting the door on the endless black of space. The inside porthole looked into the cargo hold. She glided through the cargo room with three kicks.

    The head-up on her helmet showed schematics in blue. She found the environmental control room.

    She flipped open the airtight seal on a container holding a large slab of green gel. She snapped open a metal vial sprayed dark liquid onto the slab. She sealed the container, turned the machinery to full, and crouched by the door out of sight.

    At thirty minutes, Elise headed upstairs for the cockpit. Empty. She looked for the captain’s cabin. In the cabin’s refresher, she found his body slumped in a large rubber bag.

    Great. He passed out in the shower.

    • 51 min
    Escape Pod 740: Women of Our Occupation (Summer Flashback)

    Escape Pod 740: Women of Our Occupation (Summer Flashback)

    Women of Our Occupation

    by Kameron Hurley

    Host Commentary

    by Alasdair Stuart

    This is absolutely an alien invasion story three different ways. The first is the familiar alien every child’s world is filled with. Vast tree-trunk legged adults making their way through life with seemingly no more concern for us than the dinosaurs had for those cute little mammals that would one day inherit the Earth. Everything is too big, too wide, too loud. The world turned upside down and you with it.

    • 20 min
    Escape Pod 739: The Nightmare Lights of Mars (Summer Flashback)

    Escape Pod 739: The Nightmare Lights of Mars (Summer Flashback)

    The Nightmare Lights of Mars

    By Brian Trent

    Before discovering the moths, Clarissa Lang stumbled blind in the Martian sandstorm and admitted she was about to die because of a painting.

    Granules of sand flew past her head at 90 kph and crunched between her teeth. The storm hissed around her ears, a terrible insistence that she hush forever. There was no excuse for this death, Clarissa thought. Weather advisories had been in place for an hour. Her death would become a digital footnote, filed under foolishness, for all time.

    She staggered blind and tacked through the needle-spray. Red sand piled around her neck and shoulders, grew around her mouth like exaggerated lipstick.

    “Overlay!” she shouted — tried to shout — but her mouth instantly filled with gritty particulate. She panicked then, the first moment of true mindless panic. But the Martian Positioning Satellite had heard her cry: Maureen’s property map sprang up in her left eye, drawn scarlet against each blink.

    The house was thirty meters northwest. Upwind.

    Clarissa tucked herself into a protective ball and scuttled sideways, like a crab. The sand struck her exposed hands and face in a shifting, relentless wave.

    I’ll never make it.

    • 38 min

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4.7 out of 5
959 Ratings

959 Ratings

JFG42 ,


Have been listening to these stories for years and they do a fantastic job of picking great stories.

deams66 ,

Thank you!!

These stories have brought me so much joy! As far as current stories... the “ Rule of Three” blew me away!
Thank you! Thank you!

Hapi Djus ,

Used to be much better

Narrator selection got sloppy, production of stories went down, writing just turned into typical SJW narrative parroting without a nod to increasing quality. Sad to say goodbye after over a decade.

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