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Our two esports referees blow the whistle on shills and give hot takes on all the news in competitive gaming. Subscribe!

Esportsmanlike Conduct Esportsmanlike Conduct

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Our two esports referees blow the whistle on shills and give hot takes on all the news in competitive gaming. Subscribe!

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4.8 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

A-star anonymous ,

Love the Pod

Hey Atrioc and Stanz, it’s me your fan. Love the Pod! Can’t get enough of it. In fact I worship at the very alter this Pod is built on. Without you guys I would be going hungry in these esports streets. I’m not happy you guys somehow convinced me to redownload overwatch that game is trash but if nothing else that just shows you how engaging and wonderful these guys are and can even get me, a savant of esports myself, to reinstall a game that has cause me so much trauma in the past <3

Q: thoughts on the future of melee and how long does it have? What do you think about slippi and where do you see melee going in the foreseeable future? Also Pokémon Stadium? Frozen or Fun?!?

Carl Rae Jepsen ,


esportslike conduct is the best video game on itunes, Atrioc and Stanz are funny and cool and they're good at talking about the video game playing industry, they have deep dark knowledge about cyber sporting that you can't get on any other show. I appreciate when subjects such as sexism, racial discrimination, etc come up on the show because I think they both mostly have good opinions on those things unlike most Gamers

Q: what's the deal with the stagnation/consistency of top level Melee sponsorship? It seems to me that top players in other game are constantly moving around to different teams, but Mango's been on Cloud9 for like 6 years or something and he's far and away the most valuable player anyone could get in Melee. Are teams not engaing in bidding wars over him? Is C9 offering something that no one can match?

iguanavstcyene ,

Podcast review and a question

First I want to start off by saying the podcast is awesome! If you enjoy esports and friendly banter, you’ll love Esportsmanlike Conduct. Stanz and Atrioc have been friends for quite awhile and their chemistry shows that. The best part is most of the humorous stuff is unscripted and i wouldn’t want it any other way.

I also respect their opinions on the industry as they’re both successfully working in Esports at well respected positions. So if you want esports news, but given to you straight without the fluff, check them out.

Questions for the guys. I’ve been working at an IT position in the Bay Area and the last few years have been difficult. I find myself bored with my company and with IT work in general. I’ve been wanting to jump into a job that works with Esports as I’ve always been fascinated with it, but I have no idea how to go about finding one. I have a degree in Economics and found my way into IT, but I don’t think I’m qualified for most positions. Any recommendations to gain experience/skills without maybe going back to college? What would either of you do in my position? Thanks!

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