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In depth discussion of Essential Craftsman videos, related topics, spec house series, and more.

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In depth discussion of Essential Craftsman videos, related topics, spec house series, and more.

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5.0 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

Quartersaver ,

Keep it up / Suggestions

Hey Guys
I have been a Big fan of both the Channel and the Pod cast. You are doing a great job, really like the content your doing with in depth discussions of the spec house and guests have been pretty good as well. I think there are many topics I’d like to hear you cover some day on the Pod cast. Here goes that list to give you some ideas:
First off, I am a newly licensed contractor in Michigan to give you some idea where my head is at.
I always like and need advise on the business end of construction. How you generate leads for business when you are starting.
How to market a business could be the focus of a show where you find some small business owners you may know or locals that have been able to run a successful business and do an interview.
How you price your work and time effectively (to be a stand up guy and run a fair business).
Go a little in the weeds on each sub trade you deal with. What you look for in a sub, what you like and dislike. What you may admire or distain.
A interview with your local building inspector may be ingesting.
How you (specifically you guys) estimate a job.
How to identify the the jobs out there that are really more trouble than they are worth before you are in the rabbit hole of hell.
How you guys deal with OSHA and all the rules pertaining to keeping a construction site up to code and for any inspector that may drop in.
How you do you Hazzard assessment plan.
Emergency action plan, etc.
Tool reviews, but not some new fandangled tool on the market, (the guys doing that seem desperate for content, plus no one cares) more like the Skill Mag 77 review. Tools that you love and enjoy and know inside and out, those are really golden, and I’m sure there are many more in your history that will be worth talking about.
Plenty more to cover on chainsaws and they seem to be a specialty of yours, and I’d love to hear it.
Choosing land to build on, impacts of those decisions.
Interview with Dave Thomas the architect would be great!
Interview with the soil guy ( really cool dirt work episode with him BTW)
Materials: an in depths guide to understanding windows would be useful. So many out there to choose from. What make good vs. Ok. vs. junk.
I see very little quality contact in my sphere on windows. Most of what is out there is geared towards homeowners choosing fiberglass ore vinyl and provided by manufacturers. Not much on head to head line ups of the big manufacturers, price considerations, and quality.
I’d pay to see you interview your buddies from the lumber yards. Those kind of guys in my experience have some good stories passed down from old timers in the area. They are exposed to so many types of people they can’t help but to spread around the dirty jokes and classic stories.
More history of the lumber jacks in your family, or just the lumber business in general. (Not too many podcasts are covering that ;) you could be The Source for NW lumber news, maybe/ maybe not lol.

Hey don’t be afraid to repeat a little bit of content when it’s really good stuff. I think some things you’ve covered on You Tube (worked very well mind you) may work even BETTER as content on the pod cast. Things that can be or may have been slightly summarized are now game for a long form discussion.
Sorry for being long winded, I was listening to your most recent episode today and was highly inspired to reach out to you guys and say hey, and give you a few pats on the back and make suggestions for future work.
Really wish you guys the best and Thank you for the really excellent content your make.

Jovoll ,

Love you guys

I listen you you guys driving, sawmilling, or thinking about my tiny house plans. Y’all have a great conversational style, and are relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the great work.

original.fire ,

Two thumbs up

I enjoy this a lot guys. I’ve learned a lot from Scott. My work has changed from below mediocre to square plum true. Thank you, Nate as well for uploading and creating.

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