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Escape the Owner Prison (ETOP) is the Contractors new way to scale, regain control and fast track growth while loving life. As a 30 year veteran business owner and best selling author, Richard Walsh brings incredible guests and insights from the world of business. Discussing the struggles and successes of entrepreneurship in the trades and service arena, ETOP Podcast offers real world solutions to make your business the best it can be while giving you a life worth living!

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Escape the Owner Prison (ETOP) is the Contractors new way to scale, regain control and fast track growth while loving life. As a 30 year veteran business owner and best selling author, Richard Walsh brings incredible guests and insights from the world of business. Discussing the struggles and successes of entrepreneurship in the trades and service arena, ETOP Podcast offers real world solutions to make your business the best it can be while giving you a life worth living!

    w/Josh Patrick Entrepreneur, Author, Thinking Partner

    w/Josh Patrick Entrepreneur, Author, Thinking Partner

    My guest Josh Patrick, is a no nonsense entrepreneur, business coach and wealth management planner all in one. With over 40 years  in business he brings a ton of experience and know how to the table. We hit on some great points in our conversation. Everything from core values to building your business to sell and how to do it.

    About Josh:
    My main focus in life is helping private business owners create extraordinary value with their businesses and lives. I help create great outcomes using life experiences I’ve had during my almost forty years of running and being around my favorite people, private business owners. I’m a student, an entrepreneur and a curious observer of life.

    I’ve learned that creating the outcomes you want requires that I listen and ask great questions.  My job is to help you identify and attain what you want, why it’s important, who needs to help and how you’re going to reach your desired outcome.
    You’ll need to be curious and willing to do a little work.  I know how hard it is to make changes in what you’re doing now.  I know how hard it is to learn to delegate and let others make mistakes.  I want to help you learn how to do these things.  It’s one of the two that will make your business really successful and even be able to be sold someday.
    My specialty is working with owners of private businesses. It’s where I have the most interest and can add the most value. If you own a business and are interested in a coaching relationship as well as mentoring, I’m your guy.
    If you’re an advisor to private businesses I’ve been doing this for twenty years with the advantage of having been a consumer of advisory services for twenty years before switching sides of the table.  (In case you’ve been adding this up it means I’ve been obsessed with businesses for 40 years.)
    I’ve owned a vending and food service company where I built the company from 1.5 employees to 90 employees before successfully selling the business.  Along the way I made about a zillion mistakes that you can learn from and hopefully not make the same ones I made.
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    w/Stacey Ruth Founder- Unstoppable Leader

    w/Stacey Ruth Founder- Unstoppable Leader

    My guest Stacey Ruth from Inside Out Marketing shares the need for basic foundations even prior to creating a marketing strategy. I think you'll be amazed what is truly required to develop a long term high delivering marketing strategy. Stacey has the creds to back up what she is teaching too as you can see in her bio below. I will say that I'm in complete agreement on this too. You'll gain a ton of great insight into how to not only develop your marketing, but your business as well.

    Stacey Ruth is an acclaimed marketer, entrepreneur, minister and award-winning author with two multimillion-dollar agencies under her belt. She has been acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, and twice as one of the Top 100 “It” Agencies by Experiential Marketer Magazine.  She did all this while struggling with two failed marriages, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and stress-related health issues. Both she and her businesses survived the fallout of 9/11, deep recessions, and internal dysfunction, where many of her nearest competitors were forced to close. This was when she learned how we all can rise above circumstances and become irresistible and unstoppable. Stacey is the author of Own Your Own Shift: The Power, Passion and Freedom to Be Unstoppable.
    FB:   https://www.facebook.com/staceyruthpublicfigure/
    TW:  https://twitter.com/StaceyRuthSays
    LI:     https://www.linkedin.com/in/staceyruth/
    IG:    https://www.instagram.com/staceyruth_says/
    Brand Affinity Quiz: insideoutsmart.com/brand-affinity/
    Website: Staceyruthsays.com
    Book link: tinyurl.com/ownyourownshiftbook/

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    w/Molly Ann Luna Online Business Strategist

    w/Molly Ann Luna Online Business Strategist

    My Guest Molly Ann Luna dives in deep with me regarding building an online business and how experts are taking their knowledge and expertise and turning it into profit in the digital space. If you've considered building an online course or full blown business online this episode is for you!

    Molly Ann Luna is a US Army veteran and former financial advisor who kicked corporate to the curb to pursue a more prosperous life. She successfully took her first business fo $0-six figures in just under six months as a personal trainer.

    Due to only trading time for money Molly Ann quickly reached burnout. With over 7 years of experience in online marketing and business development, Molly Ann has successfully turned her burnout into a breakthrough by leveraging her expertise online and creating multiple passive income streams.

    When Molly Ann is not having dance parties in the kitchen with her kiddos, she's helping entrepreneurs from around the globe build profitable and portable businesses inside the Legacy Leaders Academy.

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    w/Nicolas Mendiharat the Palate Club creator

    w/Nicolas Mendiharat the Palate Club creator

    My guest Nicolas Mendiharat is the creator of the Palate Club, a wine selection app. Nicolas uses this incredible technology to help the consumer find the perfect wine for their specific taste. It's so much more than just another wine club as you'll hear in this fantastic interview. As entrepreneurs our job is to find a problem and create a solution for it and Nicolas has done just that!

    Palate Club on the web: www.palateclub.com
    Palate Club on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/palate-club-wine-tasting-app/id1387419259
    Palate Club on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.palateclub&hl=fr&gl=US

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    w/George Burns

    w/George Burns

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    w/Charlene Walters

    w/Charlene Walters

    Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD  is an entrepreneurship coach, business and branding mentor, corporate trainer and author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur. She serves as a mentor on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Ask an Expert” forum and through her own consulting business (Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, LLC), is featured among other CEOs, influencers and celebrities on the BAM Network and was recently selected as one of 150 Marketers to Follow by Rubicly. Charlene also developed a digital entrepreneurship MBA program and is an entrepreneur who enjoys combining her knowledge and love of marketing and business strategy with her passion for innovation and desire to help others succeed. 
    Charlene is also the author of  a memoir (pre-publication) about overcoming tragedy/loss and moving forward in life based on her own personal experience. As part of that, she serves as a speaker and mentor, and writes and contributes to numerous publications on business and motivational topics. She is also working on her next book, What's Next: emerging, leading and profiting post-COVID. You can find Charlene quoted in media outlets including Entrepreneur magazine, CNBC Make It, Woman’s Day, Redbook, UpJourney, Fupping, Bustle, Business Insider, Business News Daily, Best Life, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Women’s Health, Martha Stewart, Forbes and many others. Charlene also writes a blog called Entrepreneurship, Life Enthusiasm & Energizing Your Brand and has taught hundreds of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship courses and workshops for businesses and universities. She has also appeared in or on many podcasts, shows and blogs. 
    Connect with Charlene on Social and/or find out more: 
    Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | https://www.charlenewalters.com/ | Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur

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5.0 out of 5
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21 Ratings

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One of the best entrepreneurs podcast

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Great energy

Richard has great energy and engagement as a host. Great content and an easy listen. Keep up the great work!!

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