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Hear from the experts that are driving the evolution of medicine.

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Hear from the experts that are driving the evolution of medicine.

    Best Clinical Practices for Musculoskeletal Health

    Best Clinical Practices for Musculoskeletal Health

    Adrian den Boer, DC, ND joins the podcast this week to share his clinical success with collagen. As a functional medicine practitioner with extensive experience in naturopathic and chiropractic care, Dr. den Boer is just the person we needed to speak with to learn about the benefits of collagen for the musculoskeletal system.  
    Tune into this episode to hear his astounding success stories, including one that did not even seem possible, according to his medical school training. He also provided clinical pearls that will help you achieve the best outcomes and improve compliance when using collagen with your patients.
    Listen to the full episode to learn:
            How collagen helps athletes recover from injury         Benefits of collagen for the aging musculoskeletal system         How Dr. den Boer’s highly successful practice got started, and why he is passionate about quality testing for supplements         Issues and risks with using bone broth in place of collagen supplements         And much, much more!

    • 34 min
    Connection Focus: Forum Community Meetups

    Connection Focus: Forum Community Meetups

    Functional Forum Local Communities connect like-minded practitioners, enabling dialog, information sharing, interdisciplinary discussion, and community building for those who attend.
    In this episode we hear from a Functional Forum Community host and a loyal attendee. Kristen Brokaw, this week’s host, is the leader of Saint Louis’ local Forum Community, and founder of the St. Louis Institute for Integrative Medicine (SLIIM).
    Guest Grant Corsi is the Community Host of the Orange County Functional Forum Community.  He shares his story about what drove him to begin planning community events and what has made his community successful.
    Our second guest is Anthony Pasek, DC who has been attending St. Louis Forum Community events for at least seven years. He speaks to the value of his community, including professional camaraderie and collaboration.
    Listen to this short episode to learn:
    ·       Valuable tips for initiating community meetups
    ·       Why you should consider hosting your own local Community
    ·       What challenges to expect, and how to prepare for them as a new host
    ·        The benefits of attending local community events for physicians
    ·       And much, much more.
    Help us honor this year’s theme of Connection by sharing this episode and consider joining or hosting a local Forum Community near you.
    Find a community near you.
    Host a community.
    Request a community.  

    • 26 min
    Business of Functional Medicine: Activate Your Prey Drive

    Business of Functional Medicine: Activate Your Prey Drive

    “Everyone needs a good coach in life,” according to our podcast guest this week.
    For this Business of Functional Medicine episode, Kristen Brokaw interviewed Coach Micheal Burt to explore his perspective on becoming and staying motivated.
    He applies the term prey drive—the instinctual motivation of certain animals to find, pursue and capture prey—to human behavior and motivation.
    Coach Burt began his career as a basketball coach and is now an author, speaker and professional coach for multiple industries. He has clients who are the most successful preventative doctors and functional health care providers in the country.
    Check out this full episode to take in empowering messages about:
    Every individuals’ potential to express a strong prey drive The parts of oneself that may need to be supported (body, mind, heart and spirit) How to foster motivation on a daily basis The importance of building and maintaining dynamic energy in business Business coaching for preventative and functional medicine providers And much, much more! Visit his website to learn more about activating the drive to pursue your goals.

    • 28 min
    IFM Conference Preview: Environmental Toxins and Autoimmunity

    IFM Conference Preview: Environmental Toxins and Autoimmunity

    On this episode of the podcast, James is joined by two doctors from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) to learn about their upcoming annual conference from June 1-3 in Orlando, FL.
    Aly Cohen, MD is an integrative rheumatologist who speaks about the importance of environmental medicine and why autoimmunity needs to be understood by providers across medical specialties.
    Dan Lukaczer, ND is the Director of Medical Education at IFM. He was previously Director of Clinical Research at the Metagenics Functional Medicine Research Center in Gig Harbor, WA, where he served as the principal investigator on various clinical trials on diet and nutrition.
    This event will be the first in-person IFM event since 2019 and will not be limited to any one topic or health issue. Instead, they offer an agenda featuring a wide range of subject matter. Consider registering for the IFM conference to learn more about:
    ·       Contaminants in drinking water—from artificial turf, fluoride and more
    ·       Data about environmental chemicals and how they contribute to human health conditions, specifically diseases of the immune system
    ·       Dietary approaches and lifestyle changes to reduce toxicity
    ·       Functional medicine approaches to oncology and cancer care
    ·       Understanding mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)
    ·       Innovative treatment options for mental health care
    ·       Updates on the microbiome, oral microbiome and systemic disease
    ·       Impacts of intermittent thermal stress on aging and longevity
    ·       Therapeutic applications of medical cannabis and endocannabinoids
    ·       Wearable devices and the unlocked potential of remote health monitoring
    ·       And much more!

    • 40 min
    Connecting Patient Data and Killing the PDF

    Connecting Patient Data and Killing the PDF

    This episode explores Kalibra, a new healthcare AI tool. It aggregates patient data from multiple sources and helps clinicians and patients alike prioritize health information based on functional and lifestyle medicine principles. 
    Our guest on this episode of the podcast, Ivan Vatchkov, the CEO of Kalibra, shares with us how Kalibra.ai performs diverse functions, including bringing together all patient data into one dynamic place. It digitizes, organizes and analyzes the many PDFs from health wearables and lab, gut microbiome, and functional medicine testing.
    Listen to the full conversation to: 
          Understand how you can simplify your practice management        Consider how data collection and analysis can streamline healthcare, especially in conventional medicine        Discover how lifestyle medicine principles were built into Kalibra        Explore the potential of AI health coaches as powerful tools to help patients make lifestyle changes        And much, much more The Evolution of Medicine has sought to be inspiring, present valuable clinical content, and highlight technology and practice management topics that advance lifestyle and functional medicine. Now that AI is becoming more prevalent, we are asking, “how will this impact the evolution of medicine?”
    Kalibra is tangible, it is real, and it is exciting. This is the Evolution of Medicine. Enjoy.

    • 44 min
    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Approximately one quarter (25%) of the United States population has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Patients with this reversible condition have accumulated fat in their liver cells. Over time, this creates inflammation and if left unaddressed, will eventually lead to permanent scarring or cirrhosis of the liver. The condition is highly associated with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, and it is projected to become the leading cause of liver transplantation by 2030.
    Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Elizabeth Boham, MD. She is trained as both a medical doctor and nutritionist, teaches with the IFM and is the Medical Director for the UltraWellness Center.
     She joins James to share:
    •            Which symptoms and test results are red flags for NAFLD
    •            That toxins and alcohol significantly impact liver health and metabolic syndrome
    •            How lifestyle and nutrition strategies will help patients with the condition  
    •            Resources and approaches that will help your patients with cardiometabolic disease
    •            And much more!

    • 32 min

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4.8 out of 5
93 Ratings

93 Ratings

Steve4235 ,

Health Hero

James is a health hero who advocates the most cutting edge health knowledge!
Group vista is my favorite topic!

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast!!

The host of the Evolution of Medicine Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

J. Barshop ,

Awesome show, highly recommend!

James and his expert guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Evolution of Medicine Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your overall physical and emotional well-being (and experience life with a new emotional resilience as a result)!

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