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In intimate conversions, Andy Kushner shows you the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the ordinary struggles that even the extraordinary experience. EOP gets to the heart of the matter with interesting people that we rarely get a chance to talk with.

Extraordinary Ordinary People Andy Kushner

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In intimate conversions, Andy Kushner shows you the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the ordinary struggles that even the extraordinary experience. EOP gets to the heart of the matter with interesting people that we rarely get a chance to talk with.

    Michelle Trent: Scuba Diving Listening to Your Heart and Following Your Dreams

    Michelle Trent: Scuba Diving Listening to Your Heart and Following Your Dreams


    This is a great story about someone following their heart and making their dreams come true. We’re talking about today’s guest, Michelle Trent, whom I met when I needed to hire a scuba diving guide during a recent trip in Maui. Soon after meeting, I knew I had to have Michelle on the show. Hers is a real inspiring story!

    • 37 min
    Reverend Bodhi Be: Conscious Aging, Dying, and Death

    Reverend Bodhi Be: Conscious Aging, Dying, and Death

    “Showing Up For Death, Nourishing Life”
    Doorway Into Light is Hawaii's only nonprofit & certified green Funeral Home, serving the island of Maui since 2012. ‍They provide counseling, family support, pre-planning services and local & global programs and trainings.
    Their funeral home is re-inventing and transforming the ‘business of dying’ and returning it to sacred service. They provide options for end-of-life care that are holistic, sustainable, community and family based and spiritually inclusive.
    Founded by Reverend Bodhi Be, his wife Leila Be along with Ram Dass, their idea includes working with families and professionals to engage in advocacy and educational programs on conscious aging, dying and death. 
    Since 2006, Doorway Into Light has been presenting educational programs and trainings in Hawaii, for families and professionals in the field, as well as actively engaged in direct, volunteer support of dying people, their families, their care-givers and those grieving.


    • 50 min
    Brett Culp: Obstacle Or Opportunity

    Brett Culp: Obstacle Or Opportunity

    What does leadership mean to you? Leadership has many meanings, and everyone may have their own perspective on it. Today’s guest, Brett Culp,  has a wonderful point of view on leadership and has built an amazing foundation for his life. He also discusses his philosophy on dealing with obstacles, disappointment, fear, and why and how he maintains such a positive attitude in the face of life's struggles. 

    Brett had a very successful career as a videographer in the lux wedding market, for ten years,  until the recession of 2008 forced him to pivot. Now a filmmaker and keynote speaker, Brett Culp films is based out of Tampa FL.  He also is an author, and produces short films such as “How to stay positive when the world feels negative.” Brett has 3 main key elements he has come up with to live by, do great work, show it to lots of people, and be really nice. Join us today as we learn that people love to work with people they like.

    Show Highlights:
    How Brett built his foundation When Brett became passionate about film How Brett transitioned into a film career Having a large goal, and breaking it into smaller and achievable goals  3 key elements Brett came up with to foster success The story behind Brett transitioning his career Brett’s first documentary he filmed Not having to spend money on marketing Brett’s perspective on leadership and what it means to him Challenges weddings had and letting go of stress Mindfulness and why it is so important Brett is more of a flow person verse an intention person Being more comfortable with the mysteries of your life Going through cycles to transform into who you are today

    Brett Culp Website

    Facebook and Instagram: brettculpfilms

    Twitter: brettculp

    Overview of Brett’s work/career - https://vimeo.com/289128900

    Clip from one of Brett’s keynotes - https://vimeo.com/278802855

    Trailer for Brett’s new film, Look to the Sky: https://vimeo.com/risinghero/supermanisreal


    • 45 min
    Dave Russell: Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer

    Dave Russell: Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer

    When we’re working towards a new goal, one question we hear is “how bad do you want it?” What are you willing to do to succeed? How hard are you willing to work. 
    Sometimes, our goals and dreams are just fun words that sound nice rolling off the tongue, yet have nothing to back them up. This is not the case with Dave Russell. Dave went from sweeping floors at a music studio to becoming a multi-Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer. Join us today as Dave shares his experience of working in the music industry and advice he has to offer. 
    Show Highlights
    How Dave literally worked from the bottom up What artists look for when creating new records Working on Steely Dan’s record, “Two Against Nature," winning Dave multiple Grammys. The reason Dave quit playing guitar  Working with Walter Becker, Willie Nelson, George Benson, Michael McDonald, Dan Folgelberg and more. The relationship between Recording Engineer and Producer The most memorable albums Dave’s worked on over the years The problem he has with mixing Digital versus Analog Resources:
    Dave's Website

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Branden Chapman: Behind-The-Scenes of the Recording Academy and The Grammys

    Branden Chapman: Behind-The-Scenes of the Recording Academy and The Grammys

    When we think about our favorite songs, we tend to think of the artist who sings them. What we don’t think about, however, is the amount of work and people that went into bringing it to life. The way artists have hundreds of people working to create tomorrow’s top hits, it takes just as many to put together a show to honor music and its makers. Today, Branden Chapman, Executive In Charge Of Production and Chief Business Development Officer, shares how he followed his passion for music and how it led to becoming a major executive and producer for the Recording Academy and Grammys.
    Show Highlights
    The 2 things Branden always starts his projects with The importance of process management and creating a budget timeline What all goes into making the Grammys a success The impact gratitude has when working with a team The Academy and its work in promoting fair wages for those working behind the scenes How Branden manages his many responsibilities and holds onto his sanity The most important part that goes into making the Grammys happen Branden shares his experience of the night Whitney Houston died Branden’s opinion about the future of the music business The importance of diversity for Grammy voters Resources:
    Donate: https://29105.blackbaudhosting.com/29105/Operating?

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    Chef Roy Yamaguchi: Creating Exquisite Cuisine, Culture & Community

    Chef Roy Yamaguchi: Creating Exquisite Cuisine, Culture & Community

    On today’s episode, Andy shares with us the honor of sitting down with renowned Chef Roy Yamaguchi, as he shares his story. Chef Roy shares his experiences from coming to the United States for the first time to attend culinary school, starting his first restaurant in Los Angeles, and finally creating Roy’s in Hawaii. 
    Listen in as Roy shares with Andy, as well as the rest of us, his passion, his mission, and his hopes for the future. 
    Show Highlights:
    How HomeEc sparked Roy’s culinary path The moment he decided to commit to cooking and pursue Culinary school in America Roy shares his first experience of New York compared to living in Japan The reason Roy went with his gut on opening his restaurant in Hawaii, when everyone told him not to What Roy took away from Cheers and the influence that played in creating his restaurant  Roy shares the value of having a team and the importance of everyone having a voice Why sometimes you’ve got to let ideas marinate The difference in what makes a great Chef versus what makes a great Cook How social media has helped Roy personalize his guests’ dining experience How Roy manages to balance his work and personal life Resources:
    Roy Yamaguchi
    Roy's Story
    Roy's Fish & Seafood Cookbook
    Roy's Feasts from Hawaii Cookbook
    Roy's Hawaii Cooks Cookbook
    Roy's Twitter
    Roy's Facebook       

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Urbanshooter ,

the Marc Maron of Musicians

I love the host. He is a humble guy. Take a listen, his show is entertaining and he interviews cool people you may have never heard of.

Ewsound ,

Vibrant conversations

Seeing the world through the eyes of people who choose to live on a unique path. Very interesting and enlightening.

RicheE222 ,

Truly ExtraOrdinary

Andy Kushner lives up to the title with each interview I've heard so far! WOW -- very regular, up front, like sitting it my living room just conversing with these awesome folks. Not quite sure where he finds them but by selection and then allowing them freedom to express themselves with simple facilitation on Andy's part, this dialogue is a newfound media joy for me and I am intrigued by the medium and messages. And the learning and being inspired. Right on, Rock on!

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