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Welcome to "FACTORYISH," the ultimate automotive podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the exhilarating world of custom car building. Join your hosts, Kirk and Zip, as they dive into the captivating stories and unforgettable experiences shared by the customers and employees of Street Metal Concepts, a renowned automotive shop located in the vibrant city of Sanford, FL.

FACTORYISH Kirk Hansen and Zip Simons

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Welcome to "FACTORYISH," the ultimate automotive podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the exhilarating world of custom car building. Join your hosts, Kirk and Zip, as they dive into the captivating stories and unforgettable experiences shared by the customers and employees of Street Metal Concepts, a renowned automotive shop located in the vibrant city of Sanford, FL.

    FACTORYISH EP 7 with Derek Putnam at Sick the Mag

    FACTORYISH EP 7 with Derek Putnam at Sick the Mag

    In this electrifying episode, Kirk and Zip are joined by the one and only Derek Putnam, hailing from the powerhouse of Drag Racing coverage, Sick the Mag. Dive into Derek's lifelong dedication to Drag Racing, inspired by his father's passion for the sport. From writing for esteemed magazines to becoming a prominent announcer at events, Derek's journey culminates in his integral role at Sick the Mag, where boundaries are constantly shattered.
    Explore the deep connection between Kirk and Derek, forged during their shared tenure at National Parts Depot spanning nearly a decade. Reminisce with tales of hosting the iconic yearly Ford and GM shows, a testament to their collective automotive prowess. 
    Join the team as they reflect on the seismic shifts in the automotive landscape, transitioning from traditional magazines to the digital realm dominated by YouTubers. Gain insights into their vision for the future of the sport, as they paint a vivid picture of what lies ahead. Tune in to uncover their unique perspectives on the thrilling trajectory of Drag Racing, and discover the untold stories that fuel their passion for this exhilarating sport.

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    FACTORYISH EP6 - with Jason Davis

    FACTORYISH EP6 - with Jason Davis

    In the latest episode of our thrilling automotive podcast, Kirk & Zip had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Davis, the mastermind behind Davis Customs, a renowned establishment specializing in air-cooled VW and Porsche restorations as well as custom builds. Jason's journey into the world of automotive craftsmanship is a captivating tale that unfolds through the lens of his passion for these iconic cars. As he delves into the intricacies of his work, listeners gain insights into the artistry and dedication required for air-cooled VW and Porsche restorations.
    During the interview, Jason opens up about the enduring relationships he has forged throughout his career. The automotive world is not just about machines; it's about the people who share the same enthusiasm. From clients to fellow enthusiasts, Davis Customs has become a hub for those who appreciate the beauty and history embedded in each vehicle.
    As the conversation unfolds, we delve into the do's and don'ts of the automotive restoration business. Jason shares valuable lessons learned over the years, offering a unique perspective for aspiring craftsmen and enthusiasts looking to venture into this field. The anecdotes and advice shared by Jason add a layer of authenticity to the podcast, making it an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about automotive craftsmanship.
    Beyond the realm of cars, the podcast explores the rich history of Sanford, FL, a city that holds a special place in Jason's heart. His deep connections and influence within the community provide a fascinating backdrop to the narrative, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between an artisan and the environment in which they thrive.
    To add a touch of cinematic flair, the conversation takes a turn towards our favorite "Motorhead/Car" movies. Jason and the podcast host engage in a lively discussion, sharing their top picks and recounting memorable moments from these films. This segment adds a dynamic and entertaining element to the podcast, appealing to both automotive enthusiasts and movie buffs alike.
    In summary, the episode featuring Jason Davis of Davis Customs is a captivating journey through the world of air-cooled VW and Porsche restorations, filled with insightful anecdotes, business wisdom, and a touch of cinematic nostalgia. Listeners are treated to a multifaceted experience that goes beyond the mechanical aspects of cars, exploring the human connections, community influence, and shared love for automotive culture.
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    FACTORYISH EP5 - with Charlie Novell

    FACTORYISH EP5 - with Charlie Novell

    In this episode, Host Kirk and Zip are joined by Charlie Novell as a special guest. Charlie holds the distinction of possibly being Street Metal Concepts' very first customer, and he has been a steadfast supporter of SMC since its inception. During the conversation, Charlie delves into the myriad projects he has collaborated on with SMC over the years. His list of cars is as diverse as it is impressive, ranging from exotics like the Ferrari 485 and Audi R8 to iconic muscle cars like his pair of Chevelles. In a testament to his automotive enthusiasm, Charlie even boasts a rather unique addition to his collection: a motorcycle-powered Mini, demonstrating his love for the truly remarkable. He also shares insights into his unique approach to car collecting, treating it as a business practice by constantly improving the vehicles he acquires and ensuring they leave his possession in better condition than when he acquired them. Charlie reflects on the individual who ignited his passion for automobiles, and the episode pays tribute to his enduring commitment to SMC. His early support laid a sturdy foundation upon which SMC has thrived today.

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    FACTORYISH EP4 - with Butch Poe & Fred Kinney

    FACTORYISH EP4 - with Butch Poe & Fred Kinney

    In this captivating episode, we are introduced to the dynamic car-building duo, Butch Poe and Fred Kinney, who have been working together in central Florida for decades, crafting an impressive array of cars. Throughout the show, we gain valuable insights into the dos and don'ts of the car-building process. One remarkable aspect of their journey is their collaboration with Zip and the Street Metal Concepts crew. When faced with ambitious builds that pushed the boundaries of their expertise, they wisely sought assistance from Zip and his team, establishing a fruitful partnership that has thrived over the years. Their collective efforts continue to yield exciting prospects for future projects.
    Fred, in particular, takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his time working at a local machine shop in Orlando during the '60s to '80s. He shares delightful anecdotes of encounters with racing legends such as Mickey Thompson, Don Garlits, and Smokey Yunick, painting a vivid picture of these motorsport pioneers as true grassroots innovators.
    As part of the episode's highlight, we showcase the breathtaking Chevy II, a project made possible with the invaluable support of SMC. This car holds a special place in Butch's heart, as it stands as his all-time favorite driver. Considering Butch's vast collection of remarkable cars over the years, this statement speaks volumes about the Chevy II's significance. The origins of this beautiful Chevy II date back to a fellow friend who began the project but tragically couldn't see it to completion due to his untimely passing. Butch and Fred, undeterred by this setback, vowed to fulfill their late friend's dream. With determination and passion, they persevered, eventually finishing the car, a testament to their unwavering dedication.
    Join us on this sentimental journey, as we delve into cherished memories with Butch and Fred, and catch up with the latest developments at SMC with Zip at the helm. 

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    FACTORYISH EP3 - with Steve Miller

    FACTORYISH EP3 - with Steve Miller

    Kirk and Zip kick off the latest episode of "FACTORYISH" with a special first-time guest interview featuring Steve Miller, a customer of Street Metal Concepts. Together, they delve into the remarkable transformation of Steve's Fleetmaster diesel-powered gasser and explore the exciting upcoming project: Steve's Hot Wheels tribute truck, which the talented SMC team is currently building.

    During the conversation, Steve shares his journey of discovering great deals on classic cars and opens up about some of the tragic moments he has encountered along the way. The episode also highlights the recently awarded Steve Simons award, a car show honor dedicated in memory of Zip's father, which is discussed in depth.

    Join Kirk and Zip as they explore this captivating episode, filled with intriguing stories, incredible builds, and heartfelt memories that shed light on the passion and dedication at Street Metal Concepts.

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    FACTORYISH EP2 - with Thomas Stott

    FACTORYISH EP2 - with Thomas Stott

    We delve into the fascinating journey of Thomas Stott, an employee at Street Metal Concepts, and explore the driving forces behind his passion for the automotive industry. With an impressive tenure of eight years at SMC, Thomas has played a pivotal role in the completion of numerous exceptional builds. Furthermore, his dedication to this craft has been passed down to his two sons, who share his unwavering enthusiasm for creating fast and audacious custom vehicles. Join us as we introduce you to the remarkable individuals comprising the SMC team and unravel their inspiring story of devotion and love for their work.
    In addition, we delve into SMC's captivating presence at this year's Amelia Island show. Rather than presenting a conventional concourse-correct restored vehicle, they showcased a remarkable Coyote-powered Continental. Curious about the reception this unconventional choice received from the esteemed crowd at the event? Tune in to discover their reaction and the impact made by this extraordinary display!

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8 Ratings

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