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A geek with a camera hunting ducks...

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A geek with a camera hunting ducks...

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4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings
18 Ratings
Byghoss ,

Great contact and Tech info for you to research on your own

I've followed Eli for several years now and I love his content. It gives you the ability to make choices on your own about the tech industry. You can get the topics and do the research yourself and form your own opinion but it's always helpful to have someone who has done it before to point you in a direction to start out.

Afro_Alex ,

Eli the Disgruntled Computer Guy

Im 17, I was considering a lot of decisions having to do with the tech industry. Then I watched A LOT of Eli's question anwser videos on YouTube. It really changed my mind. Then I listened to a lot of his videos where he talks about his views on non tech subjects like "Lifestyle vs passion". Those videos for a person who doesn't know much about this world are the best ones. Eli's awesome; he might not care, but it's the fact that he doesn't care that makes me like his content so much.

thegriffinpages ,

Finally in Podcast form!

I’ve listened to Eli for many years now through his YouTube channel.

He’s got great content that is applicable to anyone (not just tech professionals).

Highly recommended for people looking to understand the modern world in business, and in life.

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