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Sunday sermons from Faithbridge Church in Spring, Texas. Updated Weekly.

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Sunday sermons from Faithbridge Church in Spring, Texas. Updated Weekly.

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Czekmate ,

We love Faithbridge

Our daughter and son-in-law introduced us to Faithbridge when we visited them in Spring,TX several years ago. We look forward to their Sunday services

Dooooogy dog ,


This was one of two of the only podcast sermons that I could find that addressed conflict. What led me to look up a sermon about conflict was that I had an interview that asked me how I deal with conflict. I couldn’t think of a time that I really dealt with conflict and I think it’s because I’m the kind of person who likes to avoid or overlook. But obviously there are things that hurt me and fester, but I never address them because I don’t like that confrontation. I just wanted to thank you guys for addressing conflict from a human perspective and also from a church/christian perspective. This was really helpful to me as a member of society/workplace and also as a member of the church. Conflict isn’t something that’s talked about a lot. I’ve surely benefited from you talking about it here. Thank you and God bless you guys.

LYork ,

I miss Faithbridge

I never went to a church that brought in guest pastors before Faithbridge. Ken Werlein is a wonderful leader and knows the exact formula for building a great church. One part Worship, One Part Small Group, One Part Serve=More and Stronger Disciples of Jesus Christ.

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