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Forth and Ten is a “sportsish” podcast hosted by three of Atlanta’s funniest comics: David Perude, Damon Sumner, and Nate Owens #SportsComedy

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Forth and Ten is a “sportsish” podcast hosted by three of Atlanta’s funniest comics: David Perude, Damon Sumner, and Nate Owens #SportsComedy

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It's Long Distance. ,

Listener from Bermuda via Hong Kong

I am a Bermudian living and working in Hong Kong. If you are ever on this side of the world, let’s link up for some Dim Sum.

I have listened to this podcast from the beginning. I was originally an Off The Record fan, but Fourth and Ten, you won me over with your consistency and I have been rocking with you ever since.

This show is funny, entertaining and the dirtiest, cleanest, sportiest, non sports podcast on Al Gore’s internet.

Can someone please explain to Damon who Bad Bunny is? In the last episode during the KD topic he asked 3 times. He was ignored 3 times. As a person who is a grown adult with a wife and kids, I understand your dilemma, Damon. I don’t know who this person is either. And I would like to know why Dan is offended by LeBron being on stage with him or her or it (not ruling out the possibility that we are talking about a rapping Hare). Dan is probably right but, without the context, I cannot know. Who is this Bunny and why are they bad?

David, you are talented and funny and I enjoy your takes however, if no one else is going to tell you, I will. Episodes with only you and Nathan are terrible. I listened, because I am a fan, but they are not great and, because between you and Nathan you are the most rational, I must blame you. Not that you are the cause, it is probably Nate, but you let it happen. Twice.

Guys, keep up the good work. I wish you every success. I’ll be listening - except when it’s just Nate and David - then, for reasons already explained, I will not partake.


Jared Ghetto ,

Low Key the Funniest Podcast I've heard

As you can tell from the title, this really is truly the funniest podcast I've listened to in a long time. Damon, David, and Nate are a classic comedy trio for a sitcom, but on a podcast. I've promised myself I would leave a review back in October when Nate tried to justify for him wearing a StarLord costume for Halloween. -ish had me dead, but I've always forgot to leave the review.

Then "Slutty thot"...

Lemme just say that whole New Years Bonus episode KILLED. That "Slutty Thot" bit between David and Damon about Nate's new life of "Thotum" was beyond BEYOND HILARIOUS.

Also Nate answering "Batmobile", and Damon answer "I knew in my soul that would be your answer". Keep up the good work boys, ya'll going far.

Block the jock ,

Leave that white women alone!

Shout out to Nate for trying to cross the picket line in the latest episode. This podcast legit makes me laugh out loud....Damon is hilarious and Nate is right more than y’all give him credit for! Yea I said it!

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