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A Podcast for fans of the Green Bay Packers

    APP #59 - Meadowland Mularky

    APP #59 - Meadowland Mularky

    9-3 is pretty darn good all things considered.
    Unfortunately wasn't game isn’t going to tell us anything unless they lost. Even a blowout win tells us nothing.
    The Packers did score a TD on their first possession, which was nice to see.
    It was a game that saw Aaron Jones mis-used (again) for whatever reason - granted he couldn't get much going in the ground game but given conditions the Packers should have just kept pounding him but they didn't.  They continue this odd thing where they have one offensive series with Aaron Jones, then they pull him and give the next series to Jamal Williams
    Speaking of Jamal Williams - he played very well, he always plays hard no matter what is at stake.
    Brian Bulaga played a week after an MCL sprain and played pretty well - very impressive.
    Davante Adams quietly has 3 touchdowns in the last 3 games after having zero for basically the entire season (although he was hurt for a number of games).
    Alan Lazard had a nice game with a big 3rd down catch and he had a long TD reception too.  He is the team's defacto No. 2 WR
    Geronimo Allison had a couple catches but he is very frustrating to watch - there was a sideline pass that went right through his hands - you've got to catch that!
    David Bakhtiari is having a down year - he had his 12th penalty today on offense. Not exactly all-pro...
    This defense leaves so much to be desired - they basically have had all 11 preferred starters for the entire year and they rank in the bottom 1/4 of the league in every major defensive category.  Don't let the 31-13 score fool you - this is a terrible Giants team and the Packers defense was their usual self for about 3 full quarters.
    Kevin King is an incredibly inconsistent player - he flashes a lot of potential, but gives up way too many big plays considering it is his 3rd year in the league.  He is what he is at this point - inconsistent.
    Kenny Clark played better today and had a great 3 yard run stuffing TFL in the 1st quarter.  They desperately need him to emerge down the stretch.
    Mason Crosby is having a very good year, good for him - the rest of his unit is shitting the bed every week.  ST is a disaster
    JK Scott had a much better game today vs. his past 3-4 games.  Good to see him punt well in crappy weather too as he has struggled with that in his first two years in the league.

    Predictions: Andy 27-17 Elliot 28-14

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    APP #58 - …and we're back!

    APP #58 - …and we're back!

    The APP gang had some personal stuff to attend to during the past few weeks, but we're back at it!
    The Packers suffered a humiliating defeat the weak prior against the LA Chargers - a game which saw them get their asses handed to them in all 3 phases of the game...the beginning of this game saw them pick up right where they left off with a flat first quarter full of pre-snap penalties, mistakes or whatever.
    The Packers defense is a real concern right now - the unit that was dominating the first 3 weeks has been replaced with a defense that is hemorrhaging yards and explosive plays.

    The run defense was not solved. Game predicated Carolina to pass more in the second half.
    The run defense needs to work at keeping down and distance in their favor. The defense needs a yard to convert situations to set up pass rush which is their best asset.
    Defense dedicated manpower to stop the run. Lancaster and Goodson were in on the majority of early downs.
    Kevin King plays zone while the rest of the D plays man. WTF?
    The Packers can't cover a tight end to save their lives - crossing routes are always, always wide open vs. this defense.

    The offense got going with the now lethal 1-2 punch of Aaron Jones + Jamal Williams at RB.

    Aaron Jones leads the league in TDs - 14 this year already! He is a GAM.
    Rodgers did miss wide-open receivers.
    Davante Adams might be the best route runner in the NFL - he is sooooo smooth off the line and breaks CBs' ankles all the time.  Good to have him back.
    Speaking of Receivers: Geronimo Allison and MVS have completely disappeared in the passing offense.
    Jace Sternberger played a decent amount and actually help up ok in run blocking.  He was just recently activated of the IR return designation
    Rodgers downfield touch is suspect.
    Bahktiari is playing hurt. He needs to get healthy.

    Special teams coverage units on special teams still are a concern.

    The Packers have NEGATIVE YARDAGE on punt returns this year - that is beyond pitiful.

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    APP #57 - We're 3-0!

    APP #57 - We're 3-0!

    Jeremy, as always, had a great recap HERE.
    Andy was actually at this game at Lambeau Field, his first since attending the Packers vs. Vikings last year.
    It was rainy and dreary for basically the entire contest but the conditions weren't bad enough to inhibit any game plans from either team.
    The Packers scored a TD on a free-play/offsides on the opening series, with Rodgers connecting with MVS for a long touchdown in the endzone.
    The Packers had a sort of bend but not break approach to their defense against the Broncos, but they did give up two +7 minute TD drives.

    The Packers' run defense has been suspect vs. the Vikings and Broncos...it needs to be shored up quickly
    Andy counted at least 15 missed tackles midway through the third quarter - they probably had +20 missed tackles in the entire game(!)
    On a super-positive note: Jaire Alexander is an all-pro CB right now - he is incredible.
    1st Round Pick Rashan Gary had his first sack and he had a fumble recovery.

    The Packers have a speed & talent issue on offense and it reared it's ugly head in this game:

    Davante was double-teamed and had a pedestrian game (Zero TD's in the first 3 games this season)
    MVS constantly teases us, but he was basically 0-3 on plays in this game that could have allowed him to take the next step
    Jimmy Graham is worthless and might be in the top 3 of overpaid players in the entire NFL - he really should be benched at this point, regardless of his $12MM salary.
    Geronimo Allison is who he is - a UDFA receiver who struggles to get open
    Rodgers himself hasn't had a hot start to the season, he needs to play better as well.  We've seen glimpses of greatness but on the whole the entire offense has been massively inconsistent.

    Misc Stuff:

    I (Andy) took notice of the crowd at Lambeau and how they interacted when prompted to "get loud" while the Packers' defense was on the field - while improved, the crowd could still be better.
    The jumbotron screens both showed "The Smith brothers" trying to get the crowd amped up on 3rd down, etc. -it's pretty amazing how quickly Za-darius Smith & Preston Smith have endeared themselves to the Packers and the city of Green Bay...it's fantastic.
    JK Scott is officially a weapon for this team - he has had an incredible start to the season.

    Eagles @ Packers Predictions:

    Elliot 24-21 Packers Win

    Andy 24-17 Packers Win

    Jeremy 20-15 Packers Win

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    APP #56 - We came, we saw, we Plundered!

    APP #56 - We came, we saw, we Plundered!

    The Packers are 2-0 to start the year AND 2-0 in the division...that is a very pleasant surprise!
    The Packers started this game on a break-neck pace offensively jumping out to a 21-0 lead on 3 straight TD drives, 2 passing and one rushing.
    While the Packers are 2-0, much of their early success has been because of their defense.  The offense is maddeningly inconsistent and still needs a ton of work.
    This was the exact opposite start when compared to the previous game against the Bears where the Packers' offense had MINUS 17 yards of offense on their first 3 drives in that game(!)
    Everything on offense basically went away after the first quarter...there were stalled drives, poor play calling, turnovers, you name it and it happened from the 2nd quarter deep into the 4th quarter...
    The Packers' defense played pretty well, but they did give up a few big plays:

    Long rushing TD to Dalvin Cook on a really poor tackling angle taken by Darnell Savage
    Long TD pass to Stephon Diggs, the ball probably should've been intercepted by Jaire Alexander but it went right through his hands and into the waiting arms of Diggs for a TD.

    The Packers offense did their defense no favors by going 3 and out on almost every drive after the first quarter (It seemed they went 3 and out).
    ODDS & ENDS:

    Raven Greene was lost to season-ending IR
    There were like 3-4 OPI calls in this particular game, 3 of them on the Vikings alone with one call negating a touchdown - I don't recall seeing a game with that many of those types of calls on offense in a long, long time.
    Kirk Cousins is terrible - had the Vikings had competent QB play they win this game...Cousins missed 2 or 3 wide open throws and also threw an absolutely terrible INT on 1st and goal late in the game.
    The Packers offense has struggled for years on short-yardage situations - they are NOT a run-blocking offensive line but both MM and LeFleur seem to think that they can pound their RB into the line on 3rd-1 or 4th-1...it rarely if ever works.
    Jimmy Graham continues to be left alone to block defensive ends 1-on-1 for reasons that astound - he is a mediocre blocking TE at best, why oh why do they continue to ask him to single-block elite rushers?!  Jimmy Graham has a huge cap number on this team and he is well past his prime - his contract makes no sense.
    LG Layne Taylor was pulled a few times to allow Elgton Jenkins some playing time - Taylor might not be long as the starter and for good reason...he is getting bulldozed way too much.
    Breaking: Sources: Steelers get DB Fitzpatrick from 'Fins

    Shout-out to MIKE JACQUART; author of "A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time" book)

    We were going to bring Mike on, but we had some last-minute technical difficulties...
    A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time" was self-published in May 2019. It was written by Mike Jacquart and designed by Shawn Williams. It is designed as an easy-to-read book for all types of Packers fans.
    In conjunction with the Packers' and now NFL's 100th season, A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time features snapshots of the 100 greatest Packers ever, while also noting the accomplishments of other standout Packers, including unsung players, special team greats, and others. An A-Z list of nearly all Packers past-to-present, trivia, and other surprises are included!
    Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LYZfoL
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mike100Packers

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    APP #55 - The Bears Still Suck

    APP #55 - The Bears Still Suck

    The Bears had quite a hyped-up offseason and managed to only put up 3 points(!) against what, at first glance, appears to be an actual, competent NFL defense by the Packers!
    Jeremy had a great recap HERE.
    The Packers' offense on the other hand, needs A LOT of work - their first three drives netted a grand total of NEGATIVE 17 yards or something.
    Let's face it - this game (for the offense) was basically the 5th pre-season game.

    Aaron Rodgers looked pretty darn average for most of the game, his mechanics and footwork are still really suspect for whatever reason...
    The collective offensive line, save for Brian Bulaga, had a rough night against the formidable Bears defensive front.  Some of this is to be expected, but Layne Taylor got lit up all night and even David Bhaktiari gave up a few pressures.
    Aaron Jones was kept in check all night - he ran for maybe 30 yards the whole game
    Davante Adams was, at times, TRIPLE COVERED by the Bears.  Somebody else has got to get open outside of Adams - it didn't happen last night.  They have a huge drop off in talent & speed at WR after Adams...that could be a problem as the season rolls on.

    Back to the defense:

    Zadarius Smith was an absolute beast - early returns are very positive.
    The safety play might have been the best it has been since the days of Nick Collins.  Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage were everywhere and playing really fast.
    Kenny Clark is going to get PAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDD and very soon - he made one play where he was in the backfield tackling the RB as the snap happened(!)
    Blake Martinez had a really good game too.

    Special teams:

    JK Scott might have been the highlight of the game, which isn't good on one level since he's your punter but he was money - booming punts all over the place and switching field position with relative ease for the Packers' defense
    Crosby made a field goal!

    Other stuff:

    Mitch Trubisky stinks - he can't throw to his left to save his life and his overall accuracy is extremely suspect
    Why oh why does Aaron Rodgers continue to run the play clock to zero before he snaps the ball - it's killing the rhythm of the offense and gives an unnecessary advantage to defenses...

    League stuff:

    Antonio Brown basically worked his way from the Steelers to the Patriots sort of like Brett Favre worked his way to the Vikings in 2009.  It is absolutely sinful that the Patriots continue to get great (albeit head case) players from other teams who make stupid PP decisions...it has to stop at some point.  Inept teams and owners continue to basically enable the Patriots.
    Speaking of the patriots - they are absolutely loaded AGAIN this year and crushed the steelers 33-3 last night on SNF.  That team is playing Chess while everyone else in the league is playing checkers.
    The Dolphins are terrible.  They got beat 59-10 yesterday and apparently, half the players have requested that their agents seek trades to other teams ?
    The Vikings looked pretty good the other day - their running game is really, really good - should be a good test for the Packers and the new look defense.

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    APP #54 - Hold Onto Your Butts...

    APP #54 - Hold Onto Your Butts...

    It's Bears Week!
    The roster is basically set going into the first game - thoughts on the final cutdown, waiver wire pick-ups, etc?

    Deshone Kizer was cut in favor of Tim Boyle - they are only carrying 2 QBs into the season
    Darrius Shepherd made the roster over Allen Lazard
    Packers traded for ILB Darrius Shepherd from the Giants!
    Sam Ficken got cut so the Packers are going with Mason Crosby at Kicker
    J'mon Moore (WR) a 2nd-year draft pick got cut
    Rookie TE Jace Sternberger was placed on IR today

    Matt Lefleur is getting tired of the media narrative about giving Rodgers the ability to audible at the line in the new offensive system.  He had a little "dust-up" with the local beat reporter crew today.
    Vegas odds are being pretty generous to the Packers (probably due to Aaron Rodgers), but the Bears are picked to win this game

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