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5by5 is an internet broadcast studio making podcasts for people like you.

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5by5 is an internet broadcast studio making podcasts for people like you.

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4.9 out of 5
301 Ratings

301 Ratings

Me1689 ,

Is Dan Benjamin God?

Maybe not be he is definitely the king of podcasting. This guy is making money hand over fist for one reason... It's your show

Subscribe to this master feed (so he gets credit:)

Listen to:
Back to work
The frequency
Anatko almanac

These are amazing listens. The rest? Meh. You decide

Chase_Nathan ,

Great network with topics bound to spark any geek's attention

5by5 is a fantastic podcasting network with great quality conversational shows that span a wide range of topics, covering everything from comic books to technology to sports, but done in a geeky, enthusiastic way. No matter which shows you listen to it is obvious that the hosts and guests are passionate about the topics being discussed. The network has a great lineup of shows and it is getting bigger and better with time. 5by5 has become my favorite thing to listen to while I'm at work or in transit. Highly recommended.

septerr ,

Subscribe to Individual Podcasts Instead

I have only recently subscribed to 5by5 and listened to only a few so far.

Giant Size - Pretty good. I can listen to this regularly, learn something new and get inspired in the process while doing my work.

The News, Frequency - Haddie Cooke and Dan Benjamin most of the time causally converse about their daily lives instead of talking about the News and things the podcast is supposed to be about :( Nature of things I hear on these two podcasts -

Yesterday we went to IKEA
Oh that's a nice car outside I don't think I have never seen it before
We are going to eat at this barbecue place tonight
Oh do they have those same fries as their other location

Then they spend a big chunk of time thanking their sponsor(s) in such a soul killing and time eating manner that you will want to cry. I can't understand how a podcast like that can be successful. Do other people like to hear strangers talk about their dinner and shopping? Or is something wrong with me?

I haven't listened to 5by5's other podcasts. I think it is better to subscribe to individual ones rather than the whole set because it includes some bad apples imo.

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