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Felons of the Land Down Under

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Felons of the Land Down Under

    Wayne Edward Jones

    Wayne Edward Jones

    In December of 2012, Michelle Reynolds and her friend Wayne Jones would find themselves in the sunny city of Coffs Harbour. Michelle and Wayne like many others who visit the city, were on a holiday to enjoy some downtime. But in a motel on the south side of town, their beachside getaway would soon turn in to a gruesome tragedy.

    • 34 min
    Michael Phillip Martin

    Michael Phillip Martin

    On the 13th June, 2014, just after 5am. Scott Collingwood on a morning walk, not far from his home, made a disturbing discovery.

    At the base of an external set of stairs to a second floor apartment, lying on the ground was 25 year old, Michael Phillip Martin. Michael was bound at the hands and feet and blindfolded with gaffer tape, struggling to move and calling out for help. 

    Scott quickly approached him and removed the tape. 

    No longer bound there came an emotional plea from Michael... 'my Dad’s up there!  they got my dad! I think he’s dead' 

    • 36 min
    UPDATE: Felon True Crime presents... The Underland.

    UPDATE: Felon True Crime presents... The Underland.

    Australia. The Land Downunder. The Great Southern Land. World renowned for its pristine beaches. Red sands of the outback. Rolling mountain ranges. Tropical rainforests. Sun and surf. But if you dig below this shiny surface. Below its sunny, smiling exterior. You'll expose a murky history of violence, murder and organized crime. This is the Underland. The underbelly of the land down under. A new true crime series, from the creator of Felon True Crime. Coming soon.

    • 1 min
    Daniel Jack Kelsall

    Daniel Jack Kelsall

    On the 8th of September, 2013, at approximately 2.30am, Jean Redmond stirred from her sleep to the sound of shuffling coming from the room of her flat mate. As she listened closely, she could hear faint scratching, similar to the scratching of chalk on a board. This scratching was soon followed by a thump, then a mumbling which became what sounded like snoring except it was different from the usual sound of snoring that she was used to hearing. It seemed louder. Jean had previous woken up when her flatmate Morgan Huxley had entered his room around an hour earlier. She had assumed he had gone to sleep and she tried to do the same. But now this strange series of noises had stirred her.
    After around 5 minutes the irregular snoring had not stopped. 

    Jean got out of bed and made her way to the nearby room to investigate. The scene waiting for her only metres from where she had been sleeping would be horrific.

    • 34 min
    Introducing Season 4 - Commencing 1st April 2024

    Introducing Season 4 - Commencing 1st April 2024

    • 39 sec
    FTC - 2024 - TEASER 3

    FTC - 2024 - TEASER 3

    • 36 sec

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
408 Ratings

408 Ratings

Arbuffalo ,

So glad this podcast is back!!

Very well done. One of my favorites

Jessica1022(AsianMadness) ,

One of my faves

I love the tone. Some might say serious, some might say monotonous. Either way, he’s back in April and I’m just stoked (I never unsubscribed btw)

RehanKhan510 ,

You're back

You have been missed. This podcast is exceptional. Well crafted and delivered. The OG of True Crime. Cheers.

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