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Welcome to Financial Investing Radio, where you'll learn the secrets for consistent, high-probability returns in the financial markets, for additional income to change your life...

Grant creates consistent, High Probability trading systems for the financial markets, and has applied them over the past 5 years. He's only recently started sharing these tried and true market secrets.

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Financial Investing Radio Grant Larsen

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Welcome to Financial Investing Radio, where you'll learn the secrets for consistent, high-probability returns in the financial markets, for additional income to change your life...

Grant creates consistent, High Probability trading systems for the financial markets, and has applied them over the past 5 years. He's only recently started sharing these tried and true market secrets.

As a gift to listeners, Grant is offering his High Probability indicators for free. Go to FinancialInvestingRadio.com and download yours today.

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Don't forget to download your free High Probability indicator's, before your next trade...

Visit FinancialInvestingRadio.com now...

    FIR 82: Biohacking Your Life to TRADE Better!!!

    FIR 82: Biohacking Your Life to TRADE Better!!!

    Let's look at some of the key elements of biohacking and apply it to finances, investing, and trading.
    - Are you born to invest well?
    - Do you feed your brain with oxygen when making financial decisions?
    - What is your ability to stay focused on your financial goal?
    - There must be some discipline applied when making financial decisions...like muscle memory, we have to develop brain memory
    - You cannot invest, trade, or balance your budget without taking care of this
    - Know the best environment for making financial decisions; I know some traders who will not trade when their in-laws are visiting
    - The right music is food for the brain
    - Choosing the right light is critical to stimulating your brain waves
    - You are influenced heavily by the food you partake, would you feed a $1 million race horse a bunch of junk? You are worth more than $1 million
    - Get the blood flowing and get moving
    - This can reduce the blood flow and the oxygen flow...impacting your decision making
    Electricity / Magnetism
    - Ok - put some positive vibes out there...if you are in a downer mood, then don't start making financial, investing, or trading decisions
    Take a moment to evaluate your rate yourself in each of these categories.

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    FIR 81: Biohacking Your Finances!!!

    FIR 81: Biohacking Your Finances!!!

    What if finances and investing was like biohacking?? A biohacker knows that to take control of your body’s output, you need to first control what is input - beginning with what nutrients it receives. Ok, so what if we said that to control your financial output (meaning your investment growth), you need to first control what is input (your financial insight and acumen!!).
    Recently I was reading a beginners guide to biohacking.
    1. Gut Punch Your Posture
    2. Eat The Right Nutrition
    3. Rewild Yourself With Nature
    4. Expose Yourself to Sunlight
    5. Go Outside
    6. Hack Flow
    A theme of this year’s conference was the elusive “flow state”. Flow is that optimal state of consciousness when we feel and perform at our best. Time slows down, you forget yourself, and you perform at a higher level than ever before.
    7. Show Gratitude

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    FIR 80: Ryan's System For FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!

    FIR 80: Ryan's System For FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!

    So you are working a day job and you are wondering what can you do to get to your financial freedom sooner, rather than later!??!!
    I met Ryan who is living that life. He has a great day job, but he also wants to do something on the side to help build his financial foundation. Ryan not only figured that out, but he created a system that makes it possible to use his discretionary time wisely.
    Tune in on this interview as Ryan shares his secret!!

    Grant: Welcome to another episode of financial investing radio, so I'm very excited because I have in the house with me today, a visitor that I just recently met through someone that I know online and they pointed me to this person.
    They said, Grant, you need to talk to this person because he's doing a kind of investing that I know a lot of people in the corporate world think about, which is this uncertainty of what's gonna really happen to what's going on in my life, but without going any further. Well let me back up and stop and say, welcome. Ryan. Would you take a moment and introduce yourself?
    Ryan: What's up everyone? Ryan Helms here coming to you from right now, dark outside Atlanta, Georgia. But uh, yeah, I've been in Atlanta for about five years now. And uh, you know, I create content to help people with nine to five jobs, create freedom in their life.
    Grant: That's really cool. So how did you arrive at this? I mean, you just one day say, hey, this might be a good idea. Are there must've been some sort of impetus that got your attention and said, hey, I better do something about this?
    Ryan: Yeah, so for me, I, moved up to Atlanta for my job, which I have no disdain for at all and I came up here and I spent about the first two years I really kind of nose down kind of work, like you know, I'm going to make a name for myself in this company, which has worked out quite well.
    It was a good strategy, but it got me to a point where I wasn't burnt out, but when I looked up it was on the horizon and I knew I had to like step back, pull myself back for a bit.
    And unfortunately when you're early in your career in corporate America, you get about two weeks vacation and yeah, it's kind of unfortunate, but I'd used all two weeks of that because I sat on the couch which is about eight feet behind me right now.
    And I bought a plane ticket to Nairobi, Kenya and had no. Yeah, I had no plans at all. I was literally scrolling the Internet, had no intentions to buy a plane ticket on that Friday night, but I purchased that plane ticket because it was $750 and I thought, man, that's a pretty good deal to go all the way to Africa.
    I did that and that was in July of 2016 and I made the trip November of 2017 or no, November of 2016 and you know, while I was there it was just. First of all, it was an amazing experience. It's like going on a safari and spending a week on Zanzibar and all this, all these cool things. But you know, as cliche as it sounds, I really had like this epiphany moment when I was there.
    I was meeting all these people that were doing all these great things in their life that we're allowing them to have this freedom to travel. Like I was meeting people from all over the world and oftentimes they had different paths on how they got there and how they were traveling.
    Some of them were on vacation like me, but a lot of them were traveling for like two years and I'm in a year and all these things and when I left there I didn't necessarily know what I wanted to do because I'd never had that mindset before. It was always like it was. Yeah. That was like working in the corporate,
    Grant: So you are thinking "Hey, I'm being a good employee." So you're in the grind, right? And then you saw a flight where price was away from value. I think they call it a sale, right? There's a sale and you're like Nairobi, let's go! So you run into these people out there that are like, they're tra

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    FIR 79: Put the MONEY Here...or Put it There??

    FIR 79: Put the MONEY Here...or Put it There??

    There was a skit one time on Saturday Night Live, many years ago, where they had the "Change Bank". The bank would you give you the exact change for your currency. So if you brought in a $20 they would give you two $10s and so on. Their gig was that they would make money on volume.
    The real objective to accumulating money is to get it to work for you...so you can use it and your time to benefit others.
    I saw a recent video from Grant Cardone where he was talking about allocating 40% of your money for savings. Most people you hear talk about saving 10%, but he was advocating 40%. What I liked about his comments is that he demonstrated a discipline with his money to achieve a higher objective.
    But he started first with having a goal to work toward; which gave purpose to the effort of managing the money.
    When you get to a point where you can invest in something; it becomes critical to be able to make a correct choice.
    It is critical to have a list of items you look for when making an investment decision.
    I've heard that he will look at 100 real estate properties and invest in only two of them. He will never invest in a property if he cannot see how it will generate cash flow for him.
    I was looking through some sites and saw a list of things to consider when investing.
    1. Review your needs and goals
    2. Consider how long you can invest
    3. Make an investment plan
    4. Diversify!
    5. Decide how hands-on to be
    6. Check the charges
    7. Investments to avoid
    8. Review periodically
    Recently I have seen many great opportunities for real estate investing. Using a list like the one above is a very helpful practice. So come up with your own list and stick with it.
    Not only is this good practice, but recently, over the past two days, the overall market indexes and ETFs pulled back to some support levels. Be sure to have a trading or investment strategy that will protect your capital in down turns. Learn what it means to hedge.
    And by all means come up with a list of items you will review to help protect hard-earned capital.
    Thanks for joining, until next time...get a list to figure out if you will put your Money HERE or THERE!!

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    FIR 78: You WANNA Crypto Stocks!!

    FIR 78: You WANNA Crypto Stocks!!

    Recently I interacted with someone who had created an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the crypto-currency world. It is fascinating to see these digital currencies come to life with communities of interest that surround them. However, there are times when I think to myself, "Would I really put my capital to work in one of these startup instruments?" To do so we each need to think long and hard about each opportunity and the allocation of risk in our portfolio.
    Perhaps you have a diversified investment strategy where there is a sliver of funds allocated for a higher risk investment. I certainly won't suggest to do it or not do it. Each of us have to make our choices.
    But as I reviewed my own portfolio I thought; it would be great to have an alternative that was in a regulated market but was impacted or correlated to crypto currencies.
    There are many companies out there today who are investing in the crypto world in one way or another. The stocks for some of those companies are traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ or others. I have a list of some of those companies that have sufficient liquidity that I watch.
    Let's walk through some of these on my short, short list. These can be traded using options or outright stock purchases.
    AMD: Semiconductor, chip provider company that is used by crypto exchanges, traders and miners; it has been on a very steep bullish run since April and appears to be over extended at the moment.
    FCFS: With their Pay Day store fronts they are posed for bringing crypto to the masses. Whether or not you agree with their business model they have access to a large customer base. But their stock trades less than 1,000,000 in volume so you may have some slippage.
    FNJN: Finjan Holdings is a cybersecurity company whose technologies are needed by crypto and non-crypto organizations.
    NVDA: Semiconductor, chip provider company that is used by crypto exchanges, traders and miners; it has been on a bullish trend for several years and recently broke out above 270 on a steep bullish climb.
    RIOT: Invested in Bitcoin Mining operation and in leveraging blockchain technology in financial services. It's price action closely aligns with Bitcoin price movement. It has options for trading and liquidity.
    SQ: A financial services organization that provides mobile payments. Square's Cash app allows user to trade bitcoin. It's stock trades on very high volume; generally over 9 million. Currently this stock is super extended, hitting highs last week.
    Trading these stocks lets you be close to the crypto-currency action while staying in the regulated markets.
    These stocks have high correlation to bitcoin and other crypto activities.
    However, there are other stocks like IBM who have invested in blockchain technology. However, they have so much incumbency in other technologies it is difficult to draw stock price action correlation directly to blockchain or bitcoin.
    Now, finding a signal in one of these crypto-correlated stocks that I shared earlier can be accomplished using some core technical analysis skills that you likely already have. Let's look at a couple examples to illustrate.
    Let's pick RIOT first, largely because it's price movement aligns closely with Bitcoin. Here's a simple rule to follow for trade entries.
    Given that RIOT behaves like Bitcoin I use a trade entry signal that is the same as a Bitcoin trade entry signal.
    Remember 8, 50, 5. You are looking for RIOT's price relative to the 8 moving average. You are looking for the position of the RSI, above or below the 50 line, and you are looking for a probability scoring of 5.
    That may sound like jumbled noise; if so you can reach out to me and I'll be happy to explain further. Also, I will have a picture on my blog at http://blog.financialinvestingradio.com/
    You'll see signals on June 11th, July 23rd, Aug 13th...and now it is getting posed for another signal. Take

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    FIR 77: Can YOU See The BITCOIN Trade Signals??

    FIR 77: Can YOU See The BITCOIN Trade Signals??

    Liquidity on the crypto-currencies is a challenge at times; and while the feds work out their regulatory magic there are still opportunities to trade these currencies using key trade signals. But before we get to that...what on earth does fear have to do with Bitcoin?
    Well it comes down to correlations. Some people are looking for correlations with Bitcoin.
    In other cases I have seen proposed correlations with the VIX. As you may or may not know, the VIX is an indication of the anticipated fear in the stock market. In general as the VIX goes up in value then the general market typically goes down.
    There's a whole other discussion on whether the VIX is trustworthy. But for our purposes here we are looking at Bitcoin and VIX. And some have proposed that as the VIX goes up, Bitcoin goes down. Interesting.
    In some cases I have seen proposed correlations to the Dow Jones Index.
    And still others have proposed correlations with other currencies such as the Dollar EFT UUP.
    I've even seen some people propose correlations between Gold (GLD) and Bitcoin.
    So what is it?
    As you look at the charts you can see in most cases periods of time where Bitcoin seemed to be correlated with each of those instruments.
    If you ever wanted to see a current list of active crypto-currencies go to:
    An interesting site is SIFR Data...where correlations between crypto currencies and equity-based instruments such as the SPX, VIX and others are plotted in a matrix.
    As you examine that site looking at the relationships plotted you will soon see that there is higher positive correlation between Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. But there's not a strong, sustainable (over time) positive or negative correlation between Bitcoin and stocks or stock indexes. Although as I mentioned there are certainly periods of empirical overlap.
    In the cointelegraph.com article on Bitcoin correlation to the stock market...
    Tom Lee (from Fundstrat) states: "Cryptocurrencies have their own economy based on activity on that Blockchain. Equities have their own economy based on earnings per share multiples. The institutional overlap is essentially zero."
    So, rather than trying to find a correlation; what if you approached Bitcoin and other crypto-currency trading using some basic technical analysis? Would that work?
    What if you looked at the Bitcoin future (/XBT) from CBOE or the NYXBT Bitcoin NYSE index.
    On any given day using some technical analysis such as certain moving averages, RSI settings, and probability analysis...could you find some highly probable locations?
    I did a little back testing and found some probable locations using certain technical settings. What have you found?
    Thanks for joining and until next time...let me know what techniques you are using for your Bitcoin entry and exit locations.

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4 Ratings

Mary_LamAr ,

Taking it to the next level with Grant


This is so helpful for so many “little people” who are trying to figure out their route to financial investing. I will always keep listening to grant!!!!

I have learned so much that I should be doing to start into my financial investing!!!

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I work for your Pajamas

This is a an that's know works hard and will continue too. I recall a time when one of my siblings asked why he had to go to work and he just looked at her and said I go to work so I can get you fun pajamas and so that we can eat and live in this house. With that determination he has become so successful to teach his teachers beyond what they have taught him learn more here!

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Grant/Dad now teaches his teachers...

I've watch Grant/Dad develop his methods for the last 5 years. Up at 4am, asleep at 11pm. He's very good but won't admit it easily. So good, that he now teaches his original teachers.

If you want actual methods that make consistent money in the markets, listen to this podcast

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