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Connecting you back to your higher self

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Connecting you back to your higher self

    Episode 15 Soul Stories Your Human Design

    Episode 15 Soul Stories Your Human Design

    Had a wonderful chat with Sara Miller at Soul Stories HD. Sara is an expert on Human Design. Something I have recently discovered and therefore really wanted to you as listeners to gain insight into this. Because it's this kind of information and knowledge that is going to transform not only our lives but help to build a better way of living for us all

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    Episode 14- Thunder and Enlightening

    Episode 14- Thunder and Enlightening

    I had a wonder chat with the lovely Kate also known as Thunder and Enlightening. We spoke about the Dark Night of the soul, levelling up, plant medicine and just the whole journey of awakening to your true potential.

    She is indeed the Affirmation Queen and through her work helps people to affirm who they are and what they desire plus you can get spiritual tools from her to help you on your Reiki Journey. A Reiki Healer and Crystal Dealer a one stop shop for your Enlightenment

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    Episode 13 - She Writes

    Episode 13 - She Writes

    It was such an honour to have Annika Spalding on the show. We had so much to talk about especially around the topics of healing, mental health, self care and being in our creative genius. Annika is on a mission to help and support women in finding their creativity through her various ventures.

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    Episode 12- The Galatic Life

    Episode 12- The Galatic Life

    Libby is a galactic business coach, shamanic healer, event host & cofounder of social initiatives The Self Wealth Project and Leaders Making A Difference and cofounder of charity Hope2Fam.

    With a science degree in psychology and trained in shamanism, leadership and mentorship, her grounded approach to life and business uniquely combines science and spirituality in holistic and practical ways.

    Currently living in Bali with her husband Dane, Libby spends her time sharing her souls mission and message of Purpose, Self-Wealth and Impact with the world.

    She's on a mission to empower 1 million people to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses and communities, knowing that when we do this, together we will heal, together we will rise, and together we will co-create the new earth.

    Such a pleasure to have Libby on the show and as always dug deep into what it takes to be here showing up, as your highest self fulfilling your life’s purpose

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    Episode 11- The Female Archetypes

    Episode 11- The Female Archetypes

    It was lovely having Calista on the show.

    We were talking all things Divine Feminine!

    Calista is a Scottish-born award-winning author, speaker and pioneer of spiritual ascension. She has dedicated her life to helping others get to know the beauty and gifts of their soul. As a former scientist and holistic healer, Calista has a remarkable understanding of what it takes to live a soul-led life while honouring our humanity in the process.

    Through creating the therapy modalities: Angel Healing®, Unicorn Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™ Calista has attuned thousands of people worldwide to the angelic, elemental and crystalline kingdoms and believes by healing and empowering our lives we help all of Creation to thrive.

    Her exciting new book, The Female Archangels - Evolutionary Teachings to Heal and Empower Your Life will be released in March 2020 - this is the first book to solely profile who the female angels are.


    Instagram and Facebook: @CalistaAscension

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    Episode 10 -Be inspired to inspire

    Episode 10 -Be inspired to inspire

    Was a pleasure having Jonathan Green onto the show

    Jonathan really does embody everything he teaches. When I think of Jonathan I think of Meditation and mindfulness and we often discuss sovereignty.

    On the show we dig deeper into these subjects and explore what it is to live a life aligned with your purpose.

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