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Welcome to the family! My name's Zach, Host of the Fintech Family Hour Podcast and Content Director at Money20/20 👋 I started FFH to bring the human side of fintech to life.

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Welcome to the family! My name's Zach, Host of the Fintech Family Hour Podcast and Content Director at Money20/20 👋 I started FFH to bring the human side of fintech to life.

Fintech Family Hour is brought to you by FS Vector.

    Nicole Casperson, Fintech Is Femme

    Nicole Casperson, Fintech Is Femme

    Community is about having people in your corner, and at Fintech Family Hour we are all about building our corner in the industry.
    On episode 101, we grow that corner by launching our first ever Co-Cast! Nicole Casperson of Fintech is Femme and I recorded an amazing conversation and have half on this feed and half on hers, which you can find on Humans of Fintech.

    On my side of the mic, we cover Nicole’s process for creating content, breaking the glass ceiling in Fintech, how to build a community, her fashion inspo, and a ton more.


    Fintech is Femme
    Nicole on IG
    Nicole on LinkedIn
    Nicole on Twitter

    (00:01:16) Everything is content
    (00:05:48) Nicole's process for writing her newsletter
    (00:09:36) Did you have a glass ceiling to break through?
    (00:15:00) Making feminine content appealing to all 
    (00:19:46) Learning how to build community
    (00:24:51) Do you consider your Real Talkers friends?
    (00:31:14) What additional value do you create with paid subscribers?
    (00:39:25) What do you wish men were doing more in Fintech?
    (00:44:11) Does it ever seem like some men are theatrically feminist?
    (00:46:00) How do you think about fashion?

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    #100: Am I Human Hosted by Kristen Anderson & Alex Johnson

    #100: Am I Human Hosted by Kristen Anderson & Alex Johnson

    We did it! 100 episodes!
    For such a special occasion, my wonderful co-host, Kristen, pitched the idea for a unique version of our “Are you human?” series where we turn the tables and finally answer the question:
    Am I human?

    I won’t lie, it was VERY different being on the other side of one of these episodes, and I thoroughly applaud all of the previous guests for giving such amazing answers. We got to touch on a lot of things you all may not know about me. We talk about some childhood stories, bad comedy, first date tactics, conversations with Mike Tyson’s tiger, and of course, whether or not I’m frugal. 

    Thank you to everyone who’s tuned in to the show over the years, you’re the ones who keep us coming back to the mic every week! 

    Here’s to the next hundred, enjoy!


    Kristen on LinkedIn
    Alex on Twitter


    (00:01:12) Kristen introduces ZAP
    (00:03:16) Childhood stories and bad comedy
    (00:06:15) What assumption did you have as a teenager that was totally wrong?
    (00:17:14) A story that Zach’s mom wouldn’t know
    (00:21:56) The ability to make friends and different levels of friends
    (00:30:53) Zach’s career archetype
    (00:37:55) First date tactics
    (00:41:04) What trip most impacted the way you see the world?
    (00:52:18) What animal would you most like to have a conversation with?
    (00:56:12) What’s one thing you refuse to spend money on?
    (01:01:19) Is there any luxury item you’re currently saving up for?
    (01:04:35) Are you a big gift giver?
    (01:14:22) What one trait do you look for in your friends that you think is undervalued?
    (01:18:24) What is your biggest pet peeve in other people?
    (01:26:09) What is the meaning of life?

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Jag Duggal, Chief Product Officer at Nubank

    Jag Duggal, Chief Product Officer at Nubank

    Bem-vindos de volta ao podcast, meus amigos! That’s Portuguese for welcome back, because on this episode we’re headed to the beautiful beaches of São Paulo, Brazil!
    I had the immense pleasure to be joined by Jag Duggal, Chief Product Officer at Nubank. Nubank is the largest fintech bank in Latin America with $1.69bn in revenue. Jag and I go deep on their explosive growth, what he learned as a Product Manager for Google, and how Nubank is going to expand outside of Brazil.

    Jag on LinkedIn
    Jag’s appearance on the 20VC Podcast

    (00:01:19) Jag’s upbringing and career
    (00:07:49) Product Management thesis’
    (00:08:54) Experiences from PM-ing at Google
    (00:15:56) Lessons learned from the Pandemic & NuBank’s explosive growth
    (00:31:56) Mazlow’s hierarchy of Fintech
    (00:34:48) Nubank’s goals for the future
    (00:38:35) How are you approaching expansion outside of Brazil?

    • 50 min
    Anthony Cimino, Head of Policy at Carta

    Anthony Cimino, Head of Policy at Carta

    Anyone else noticed that big scary shadow looming at the end of your bed? 
    Turns out that has been the silly SEC this whole time! Thankfully, folks like our guest today are doing the Lord’s work in trying to influence them and shape policy to help our Fintech world. 
    Anthony Cimino joins us to discuss his work as head of policy at Carta, new rules that are being implemented by the SEC, the uncertainty for future regulations, and how the everyday fintech-head can get engaged with those influencing policy. 


    Anthony on Twitter
    Carta’s Newsletter

    (00:02:07) Anthony’s career, policy at Carta, and the philanthropic arm of fintech
    (00:07:14) Building the policy team at Carta and understanding what policies are being argued today
    (00:16:19) The prohibition of side-letters and new SEC standards
    (00:28:42) Uncertainty and worry for future regulations
    (00:35:59) How people can get engaged with those influencing policy
    (00:44:44) How much policy affects people day-to-day

    • 51 min
    Better Mortgage SPAC with Vishal Garg, CEO at Better

    Better Mortgage SPAC with Vishal Garg, CEO at Better

    Who said only journalists and Mark down at the Dairy Queen get the scoops???
    We’ve got a VERY special episode for you all: Vishal Garg, Founder & CEO of Better.com joins us to address the public reaction to their SPAC announcement. I asked some questions, gained some opinions, and I’m curious to see what you all think.



    Vishal on Twitter

    (00:02:02) What led to the decision to do the SPAC and to IPO?
    (00:07:06) Why did you come on the Podcast?
    (00:08:44) Why did SoftBank pursue the Spac model rather than a private round?
    (00:10:44) How have you handled the negative media attention?
    (00:13:41) How is the average American consumer reacting to this?
    (00:15:36) How much are you originating vs. refinancing?
    (00:18:44) If you could go back and do this all again, would you?
    (00:21:33) What are your interactions with Masa like?

    • 27 min
    Are You Human #3: Sasha "Whole Milk" Pilch, Principal at Fin Capital

    Are You Human #3: Sasha "Whole Milk" Pilch, Principal at Fin Capital

    We’re back with another riveting episode of Are. You. Human? This go-round we’re joined by our neighbor from the south! And by south, I mean waaaay south. 
    Like, Australia south. 
    Sasha Pilch is the Co-founder of NYC Fintech Women and Principal at Fin Capital. In addition to finding out if she’s human, we hear about her upbringing Down Under, her early career in Finance, what Covid was like in Australia, and the secrets of being a Delta VIP. We also talk about her learnings from working in VC, failing at adulthood and discover the meaning of life. 



    Sasha on Twitter
    NYC Fintech Women
    Fin Capital


    (00:01:12) Sasha’s childhood in Australia & early career
    (00:13:24) Why Sasha chose finance, Covid in Australia, and being a Delta VIP
    (00:20:06) The 30 hour trip to Australia
    (00:23:39) Sasha’s coffee order
    (00:29:45) Are you frugal?
    (00:43:38) Best vacations & dating
    (00:57:00) Learnings from working in VC
    (01:03:23) Is there a standard adult expectation you’re failing at?
    (01:11:11) What is the meaning of life?

    • 1 hr 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

oliviabaker13 ,

Truly excellent!

What better way to keep up with an ever-evolving fintech landscape than to hear directly from the leaders and innovators shaping the industry? Zach’s an excellent host, always sparking really engaging conversations. You’re guaranteed to gain a golden nugget from every episode. Can’t recommend For Fintech’s Sake enough. 🙌

Wanier ,

I love this podcast

Great conversations with terrific guests. The whole thing feels like you are hanging out with really smart friends learning a ton about Fintech, company building and life. Zach is a thoughtful, fun and engaging host. I’m a big fan.

TwanBYU ,

Fantastic podcast for anyone building anything, not just Fintech

Zach does a great job landing guests with good stories and interesting perspective. This podcast has a great balance of broad startup insights, wonky Fintech stuff and general life experiences.

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