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Podcast for teens

    #037 Coming Out

    #037 Coming Out

    Sharing my thoughts to you teen friends about coming out as gay after the parenting podcast interview with a mom whose son came out. Listen to that after, or encourage your parents to listen, you can do that here: Teens Coming Out
    Message me on Instagram ANYTIME @FistBump.Podcast
    Or send me an email! kristenduke@gmail.com
    I love hearing from you, and hope to be a trusted adult friend if you don't have one to turn to.

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    #036 Abuse Help and Prevention

    #036 Abuse Help and Prevention

    My friends, I hope you haven't known the pain of sexual abuse, but if you or a friend have, please listen to this episode.
    If you have not, I share some prevention tools and how to set boundaries so hopefully in your dating experiences you can advocate for yourself. 
    I mention my blog post at KristenDuke.com where I share some links and a printable you can download to read by yourself or with your parents on setting boundaries and hopefully preventing future abuse, as well as tips for Trauma Therapy if you have PTSD from past abuse. 
    Please email or message me on Instagram if you feel you don't have a trusted friend to talk to, I don't want you to be alone.
    kristenduke @ gmail.com
    FistBump.Podcast on Instagram

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    #035 Teens + Dating

    #035 Teens + Dating

    Sharing a snippet of my chat with Ruby from @8passengers as we talk about teens and dating, along with things to look for and include on your LIST and what are red flags. 
    For more of our chat, tune into the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast episode #94 where we go more in depth on this topic.
    Go to my website www.KristenDuke.com to download a printable list for you to consider and then make your own list for qualities you'd like to look for in dating for a future spouse. It's not too early to start thinking about it NOW!
    Join our chats on @FistBump.Podcast

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    #034 Body Image

    #034 Body Image

    As a follow up to last weeks episode, I wanted to focus on body image specifically. Your body is not an ornament, it's an instrument. 
    Support the podcast by shopping on Amazon through our Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/capturingjoykristenduke
    Email me or DM at @FistBump.Podcast on Instagram

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    #033 Diet + Eating Disorders

    #033 Diet + Eating Disorders

    I hope you will all take the chance to listen to this episode and dieting and eating disorders. My guest struggled for 15 years, and she has a lot of great insight to hopefully stop any negative thinking before it starts, or IN ITS TRACKS.
    I've got two free prints that go along with this episode that you can print at: https://kristenduke.com/teens-and-eating-disorders/
    If you feel your parents could benefit from a similar topic, have them listen to episode #91 from the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast. 
    Join us at @FistBump.Podcast if you're not already there!

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    #032 Settle Your Glitter

    #032 Settle Your Glitter

    I'm sharing a little GLITTER analogy in the episode today to offer an idea for when you are on emotional overload. 
    I've got a print you can download here: GLITTER print
    You'll see it's on the post where I'm trying to help parents respond to teens emotional whirlwinds. I think it's OK to have moments where you roll your eyes, but best to talk it out when emotions have settled on both sides. 
    Listen and email me with any extra thoughts or leave an iTunes review!

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4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Fistbump Podcast Fan 👊🏽 ,

Worth 10 Stars 😁

I love this Podcast so much! It’s a great thing to listen to when you’re cleaning your room (which I do a lot 😂) or doing chores! It is so uplifting and the host relates to teens in every way you can think of!! A must listen to! 👊🏽

jacschl ,

So needed

I love what Kristen is doing to help teens! She relates to them so well. All her topics are needed.

Boo Boo 😎 ,

Love this!

I loveeee this podcast!! It’s so uplifting and inspiring. Not only that but also really helpful! This has helped me so much! Do you think you could do an episode about how to be more active? I feel like as teenagers, we can be on our phones a bit too much. Thanks!

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