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Launch Your Business, Income and Lifestyle

Fitnesspreneur's Life Vito La Fata

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Launch Your Business, Income and Lifestyle

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4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Dontre Doxley ,

Actionable tips from the trenches

This is NOT another high minded podcast where “Gurus” toss around impossible tech jargon.

These are actionable tips I plan on sharing with my clients!

sweet tart1024 ,

No BullSh*t - straight talk FitPro podcast

If you’re looking for a virtual mentor who will tell it to you straight about what it takes to grow your fitness business for the 21st century and LOVES geeking out on all the updates that’s happening in the industry so you can streamline your learning - then Vito is the dude for you.

Amazing, no BS approach and teaching style cuz this dude is passionate about what he does and he can help you get to that next level if you’re willing to put in the work.

Drumboi5 ,


The real BS is this guy. He gives people false hope he knows don't have what it takes. He charges people $800 or more per phase, but NEVER prepares them for what it really costs to hire great quality designers, videographers, and photographers. He never mentions what the cost of a start-up business really is, nor does he prepare people for ongoing costs of running a business AFTER they leave his "tribe." It seems he only cares about sustaining the millionaire lifestyle he projects, and his "tribe" are made up of unsuspecting people who flock to him as if he's going to get them living the beach life in less than a year. Yet he has very little hits on his YouTube channel, and very few followers. He tells people in this very podcast to "ask for what you know you're worth, if you're worth $100 per hour, ask for it!" Then he contradictory tells his fitnesspreneurs that they're "paying too much" for a designer or photographer, and slowly influences who they use...his own referenced people, putting more money back in his pocket. He also speaks trash about people's designers and photographers and assumes he knows what type of arrangement they have. Any professional who has a program like this should NEVER try to influence who their fitnesspreneur uses for their own web or photography. And they should also never use the word "Fitnesspreneur" because, with all the supposed marketing experience he has, he coined the worst hybrid name in history. People in his position, who gain the trust and confidence of vulnerable people looking to start businesses in their late 40's and 50's, should be given helpful and constructive criticism, not advice meant to draw a wedge between them and those they may already have on their teams when they join his. I don't recommend this program to anyone. Find an investor, work with a reputable marketing company and forget these 'all in one" programs, where everyone gets the same homogenized information and work plan. You are not all cows unless you want to be led down a path to graze along with others. Find your own path. When these tribe members are done, they all leave with the same EXACT tips, the same information, and walk out into a world, with no money left to advertise, no unique information for their individual businesses, and those tribe members part of his support team, all end up being competitors in the same exact space. Save your money. Build you clients and your business by being good at what you do. Build trust, build a foundation, with a small network of people who recommend you personally, and initially get decent funding so that you can give it the best shot possible. Leave Vito to divorcée's and lost souls looking to get rich quick and willing to throw $3k or more on a product that is hard for many to follow.

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