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FFSSBGS is a podcast dedicated to bringing everything fun about board games to Saturday mornings! We chat with guest from the game industry, other podcasts and normal everyday gamers. Rarely planned, far from perfect, but guaranteed to entertain!

Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial | A podcast about the fun in BoardGame‪s‬ Flip Florey | Talking about the fun in Board Games

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FFSSBGS is a podcast dedicated to bringing everything fun about board games to Saturday mornings! We chat with guest from the game industry, other podcasts and normal everyday gamers. Rarely planned, far from perfect, but guaranteed to entertain!

    Episode 89 Programmed for Fun!

    Episode 89 Programmed for Fun!

    In this episode I bump into my friend Aaron Uglum, creator of the LABS comic strip! We chat about LABS itself, the characters, and what Aaron would expect if it became a game! The key is "keep it simple", robots aren't all that smart...

    Aaron then participates in another GAME TIME and tries to win a fabulous prize for another lucky listener!

    And go check out Aaron's website, it'll make you smile!


    • 30 min
    Episode 100 Pick Your Path Podcast

    Episode 100 Pick Your Path Podcast

    EPISODE 100!For this episode I knew that I had to pull out all the stops! So I decided to take on a project like no other! I created a Pick Your Path Podcast! I gathered up podfolks, game industry folks, and gamers from all around the world, put together the story, and the guests helped … Continue reading Episode 100 – Pick Your Path Podcast! (POST IS BEING WORKED ON)

    • 4 hr 8 min
    Episode 99 - Power XTreme

    Episode 99 - Power XTreme

    What do you get when you have 3 guys who love blow stuff up, but also love saving the world? Well, you give them access to an orbital base full of stuff and teleport heavy weaponry to them whenever they want it of course! This episode I meet up with my pal Jesse Olejnicak and … Continue reading Episode 99 – Power XTreme

    • 51 min
    Episode 98 - Keepin' it Smurf

    Episode 98 - Keepin' it Smurf

    Get ready to get all smurfed up! In this smurfin’ episode I talk to one of my favorite smurfing smurf enthusi-smurfs the one and only Bruce Voge! We talk smurfs, how they are timeless, yet dated in some respects. Gargamel, Azreal We talk about the Smurf Spin-A-Round game (both old and new versions). And of … Continue reading Episode 98 – Keepin’ it Smurf

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Episode 97 - Rockin' Robeasts

    Episode 97 - Rockin' Robeasts

    In this episode I bump into my good friend and someone a lot of people consider to be the “6th Lion” (in a squishy podcaster body) Eric Summerer! We talk about Voltron! Defender of the Universe! The Board Game! So much to chat about! The toys, the cartoons, the history, and of course how many … Continue reading Episode 97 – Rockin’ Robeasts

    • 56 min
    Episode 96 - Wolfin' Out

    Episode 96 - Wolfin' Out

    Teen Wolf the cartoon series! All the way from 1985! (Actually 87 I think, but who is checking timelines really) I think Micheal J. Fox had some other movie or something that had to do with 1985, but we all know that this was the movie/cartoon show that launched his career into the future, and … Continue reading Episode 96 – Wolfin’ Out!

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Faust1138 ,

A breath of fresh cardboard...

After listening to Flip the Table for many years I can honestly say it was is my favorite board-gaming podcast. One of the things about listening to a podcast for so long is you become attached to the people behind the microphone. So when the show ended, needless to say everybody was a bit upset.

Fast forward through the many dark months until Flip Florey unveiled his new podcast to much excitement. Flip, along with a myriad of rotating guest hosts, breathe fresh new ideas and content into a variety show that immediately stands out from the rest. He takes chances, brings a completely different vibe and flow, yet retains the fun, spirit, and energy he brought to Flip the Table.

No matter what I’m listening to at home or on my way to work, this is the show that always gets pushed to the top of the list. We all have that one show and I believe this could be yours as well.

Avid film viewer ,

Smells great!

Inspired by the Sniffenspiel segment, I decided to base my review on how well the podcast smells. However, given the digital nature of the podcast, I had to use an avatar of sorts to stand in for the show. I chose my grandmas yellow cake with chocolate icing.

First, though, I had to flip the cake over to make it a suitable stand in for FFSSBGS. The reason being: the main part of the show (the cake) comes first. Flip and a guest take a popular board game and re-theme it. This section takes the longest and isn’t going to make you sick if you ingest too much of it.

The icing is on the bottom because the shorter, end of the episode segments are great tasting, but will give you a tummy-ache if you have too much.

Much to my surprise, upsides down yellow cake with chocolate icing smells nearly identical to right side up yellow cake with chocolate icing, that is, delicious. It’s one of my favorite smells, so I give the podcast what I would give the cake, a 5 star rating.

Good thing I wasn’t reviewing the podcast by how easily it is to eat, because, dagonne, the icing is getting stuck to the plate now...

Andy Elder ,

A worthy successor to Flip The Table

Like many fans of the cheesy, weird, and obscure, I was saddened when the Flip The Table podcast ended their 5 year run. It was one of the few shows that I consistently listened to ASAP after each episode dropped. So when I heard that Flip Florey would be starting a new podcast, I was very excited! I’ve listened to the first two episodes, and I can’t wait to hear more! Check this one out!

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