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A podcast that documents the lives and stories of people involved in various music scenes throughout Florida's past.

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A podcast that documents the lives and stories of people involved in various music scenes throughout Florida's past.

    #67 Headfoam (Red, Louie & Alex)

    #67 Headfoam (Red, Louie & Alex)

    The Story of Miami sludge punks HEADFOAM with...Red, Louie, & Alex
    Headfoam formed in Miami, FL in 2017. The band consists of Red Rivera (Bass), Alex Noel (Vocals/Guitar) and Louie Collazos (Drums). Headfoam describes their music as Black Flag meets Black Sabbath. At the time of this recording, Headfoam has released one self-titled album in 2021, which is available on cassette tape and digital formats. The sophomore Headfoam album is recorded and due out towards the end of 2023. [Episode: 67 - Recorded 11/19/2023]

    Music: Headfoam - Two Headed Jinn (2021) | Headfoam - Electric KrackPipe (2021)

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    Follow HEADFOAM on Instagram @headfoammusic
    Bandcamp: https://headfoam.bandcamp.com/album/headfoam-2
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headfoammusic/

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    #66 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (Robert Price & Priya Ray)

    #66 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (Robert Price & Priya Ray)

    The Story of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (KLS) with Robert Price & Priya Ray
    Robert Price and Priya Ray are founding members of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (KLS). Originating out of Miami, FL, In the early 90's, KLS started out of a band called The Prom Sluts and blended punk, psych experimental and electronic music. The KLS collective had more than 50 members over the years and were a staple of of the Miami scene. [Episode: 66 - Recorded 11/05/2023]
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    KLS - Holdin yerself (2009)
    KLS - Messin With My Head (1995)

    Follow KLS:
    Instagram - @kreamy_kectric_santa_ / Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kreamyls/
    Bandcamp - https://kreamylectricsanta.bandcamp.com/ / Website - http://www.kreamy.org/kls_html/home.html

    ***A message from Robert & Priya***
    We were so caffeinated that we completely forgot to mention long time member Jan 9, loyal drummer Ricky Pollo, experimental projects Monstadt 3 with Adris Hoyos, Bank o Christ with Marlon Kassberg, and Roberts time playing junk on the streets of Miami, and then SF with Stevie Ray Funyon of the Funyons. Anyone else omitted we're so dam sorry. Hard to consolidate 30 years into a couple of hours.

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    Charlie Pickett - https://youtu.be/-geZ4dTJEG8?si=dgDjJgqF18ZPQuAa

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    #65 Amy Fleisher Madden (Fiddler Records)

    #65 Amy Fleisher Madden (Fiddler Records)

    Amy was born and raised in Miami, FL. Starting her own zine in 1996, Fiddler Jones, and soon thereafter founding her independent record label, Fiddler Records at just 16 years old. Fiddler Records released some of South Florida's most up and coming punk and emo bands of the mid 90s and early 00s; with bands such as Dashboard Confessional, Vacant Andys, A New Found Glory, The Agency, Seville and more. Amy is also a writer/author who's new book is titled NEGATIVES: A PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE OF EMO (1996-2006). [Episode: 65 - Recorded 09/29/2023]
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    Amy Fleisher Madden - https://linktr.ee/amy_madden
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    Russell Mofsky (Quit)

    • 42 min
    #64 Pete Gordon (Radiobaghdad)

    #64 Pete Gordon (Radiobaghdad)

    Pete grew up in the South Florida punk and metal scenes of the late 1980s and 1990s. His first band, Zero Hour started when he only 10-11 years old. He played bass in pioneering South Florida hardcore punk band Radiobaghdad. Prior to that, he was the bassist in Miami hardcore band, Ego Trip. He also played in a punk cover band called The Clap and punk bands, Irish Car Bomb and Hudson. Pete shares memories of playing the former Coral Springs Civic Center, record shops of South Florida's past, 88.5 WKPX and a lot more. [Episode: 64 - Recorded 10/21/2023]
    Irish Car Bomb - Alpha Dog (2002)
    Radiobaghdad - No Resurrection (1998)

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    #63 Jeremy Rogers (Terror Management Band)

    #63 Jeremy Rogers (Terror Management Band)

    The Story of Jeremy Rogers
    Jeremy grew up in St. Augustine, FL and went to college in Gainesville. Since the mid-1990's, Jeremy has played in a plethora of bands, covering a wide spectrum of different genres such as punk, bluegrass, alternative rock, noise-rock, and more. In his early years, Jeremy learned how to play guitar from Floida folk music legened, Bob Patterson. Jeremy also plays bass, drums, sings, and even the accordion! Some of the bands to Jeremy's credit are, but not limited to... I'm, Boredom, Curious Markings, The Wobbley Toms, Minimum Rage, Onslaught Dynamo, Dredger, Deadaires, Curious Markings, Harsh Bangs, Terror Management Band, and more! [Episode: 63 - Recorded 09/23/2023]

    Harsh Bangs - American Cell (2023)
    Terror Management Band - The Colors Ran (2023)

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    Brian Roberts (Hankshaw/S*****m Grinder) - https://youtu.be/G7Ef_5Wf9fI?si=Lwp2iw6FtoloW72e

    Follow Jeremy Rogers on Instagram @jeremyrogersart
    You can stream many of Jeremy's bands via the links below:

    Terror Management Band - https://terrormanagementband.bandcamp.com/album/big-box-apocalypsisHarsh Bangs - https://www.ashtraymonument.com/harshbangsMinimum Rage- https://open.spotify.com/track/1KMXNz6oFr9yQdwhKlrGGGCurious Markings- https://www.ashtraymonument.com/curiousmarkingsOnslaught Dynamo- https://onslaughtdynamo.bandcamp.com/album/this-sinking-feelingBoredom - http://www.boredomstuff.com/index.htmlDeadaires- https://soundcloud.com/deadaires/sets/deadaires-1Dredger- https://dredger1.bandcamp.com/album/s-tThe Wobbly Toms - https://thewobblytoms.bandcamp.com/album/everybody-happyTelepathic Lines - https://bakeryoutletrecords.bandcamp.com/album/telepathic-linesExhaustra - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m2Ow1WSwlJMJNTQE1kuY_QP69v5F2JPOQ&si=pPTkc6-KIOTxkrdGThe Eastern Wave - https://theeasternwave.bandcamp.com/The Sweetest Punch - https://thesweetestpunch.bandcamp.com/

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    #62 Audrey Silverman (Atoms For Peace)

    #62 Audrey Silverman (Atoms For Peace)

    Audrey Silverman grew up in South Florida (Miami) and went to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Atoms For Peace was formed sometime between 1983-1984 by George Tabb (Roach Motel/Furious George) and Chip Fowkes. They added Audrey Silverman (bass), Nancy Goff (drums), Tom Holtz (guitar). Atoms For Peace released one album in 1985, it was recorded at Mirror Image Studios in Gainesville, FL. [Episode: 62 - Recorded 09/02/2023]
    This episode is dedicated to the memory of Flemming W. "Chip" Fowkes III. 1954-2002

    Atoms For Peace - Peace Gun (1985)
    Atoms For Peace - Pictures (1985)

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    Listen to the full 1985 self-titled Atoms For Peace album

    • 1 hr 7 min

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Old School Avis Hathaway ,

Great show!

This show is a must listen for anyone that grew up on Florida music, or really anyone that is a music enthusiast in general. Really interesting interviews with pioneering Florida musicians and great stories. A+ stuff here!

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