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A podcast about home cooking from the friends that cook it!

Food Friends Podcast Kari Lauritzen & Sonya Sanford

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A podcast about home cooking from the friends that cook it!

    Let's Celebrate Spring!

    Let's Celebrate Spring!

    We’re celebrating spring in this week’s episode with time-honored rituals and new traditions to welcome light, warmer weather, and connection with family and friends!

    In honor of the changing season, we’re sharing a few ways that we like to celebrate. Sonya offers her strategies for hosting Passover, including ways to make it a little easier and more collaborative for everyone. She’ll also share her go-to menu, as well as her favorite make-ahead dishes like savory potato kugel, which reminds Kari of a Midwestern casserole that her family serves at Easter.

    Kari tells Sonya all about her delicious new “Spring Turkey” tradition; it’s a version of Thanksgiving inspired by her aunt. There’s only one rule: gather family and friends around the table to share a meal. Also, wear a pink boa!

    We hope you’re as excited as we are to cook tasty, seasonal food and celebrate the arrival of spring.
    Links to recipes and favorites from this week’s show:

    Sonya’s shawarma eggplant with zhug

    Cast iron potato kugel from Smitten Kitchen

    Kari’s family’s strawberry jello and pretzel “salad” from Taste of Home 

    Cheesy potato casserole 

    Haroset recipes from around the world, via The Nosher

    Ina Garten’s Green Green Spring vegetables recipe 

    Cilantro mint sauce from Chinois/Wolfgang Puck

    Alison Roman’s wine-braised short rib for the NY Times 

    Zoe Bakes’ pavlova recipe

    Tyler Florence’s flourless chocolate cake 

    Shannon Sarna’s matzah toffee

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    • 42 min
    Edible Gardening with Grace Chon

    Edible Gardening with Grace Chon

    We are thrilled to chat with FOOD FRIEND, Grace Chon!

    Grace is not only a passionate gardener, but she’s also an acclaimed photographer, best-selling author, creativity coach, and host of Creativity School — a podcast dedicated to finding and expressing creativity (we are both big fans!). 

    There’s nothing better than cooking with food you’ve grown yourself, and Grace inspires us to plant and grow more in our home gardens this year. Grace shares what she’s learned from her 10+ year gardening journey, which began with growing heirloom tomatoes in pots in her parking space… proof that anyone can start a garden that yields food if they want to. She shares tips about gardening, as well as recipes on how to cook with all that bounty, and tells us all about the essential Korean herb that grows easily and is really versatile in the kitchen.

    With the arrival of Spring, this conversation comes just in time to inspire you to grow something…anything!…in your garden, on your patio, or even in a pot next to your parking space.


    Links to recipes and favorites from this week’s show:

    Follow Grace’s gardening adventures on @tinyfoodgarden!

    Check out Grace's Website, her podcast Creativity School, and follow her on IG @thegracechon

    Korean Perilla leaves: what are they and how to buy? From Sue Pressey of My Korean Kitchen 

    10 ways to enjoy Perilla from JinJoo Lee of Kimchimari

    How to make tomato confit, from Sonya’s TikTok

    Immersion blender options for creating Grace’s favorite tomato sauce texture 

    Heirloom tomatoes from Logan’s Garden if you’re near Los Angeles, or find out more about/order Goose Creek Heirloom Tomato seeds

    All three of us love Belle’s Bagels 

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    Lunch at Home

    Lunch at Home

    What are the key elements of a great lunch salad? How can you elevate a sandwich from ordinary to extraordinary? What simple kitchen tool is a game-changer when it comes to making crave-able meals? How do you make delicious lunches at home?

    This week’s episode was inspired by a lunch that Kari experienced at Sonya’s house several years ago. Sonya and her husband Jonathan created a beautiful midday meal, and Kari was struck by how effortlessly it came together. Kari’s approach to lunch fits into the “grab an apple and peanut butter” category, so sitting down to enjoy a lovely lunch felt different (in a good way). Kari asks Sonya to get specific about her approach to lunch,  and this conversation explores classic lunch fare while offering a few new approaches that you might have never considered before. Sonya shares so many great tips and recipes, including her secret to the popular tuna salad she made at her restaurant, Beetroot Market & Deli. 

    What inspires you at lunch?  Drop us a line and let us know!

    Links to recipes from this week’s show:

    Our favorite Benriner mandolin 

    Carrots really do taste sweeter when they’re grated, via Food52

    Sonya’s tuna salad recipe 

    Quick pickled red onions, via Dana Velden for TheKitchn, and how to quick pickle any vegetable 

    Turkish sumac onions, by Whisk Affair 

    Molly Yeh’s yogurt ranch 

    Annie’s Goddess dressing for salad sandwiches

    Maria’s Italian Kitchen in Los Angeles

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    What's it like to be a personal chef?

    What's it like to be a personal chef?

    Being a personal chef is, well…personal…and in this episode, we’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes look at our unique experiences cooking in our clients’ kitchens. We’ll share how we got to know our clients’ preferences, meal planning, shopping, and some of the unexpected realities of the job. Being a personal chef has its ups and downs, and we get real about what the profession is really like, and how it’s different from our other experiences working in the culinary world.

    “Do you cook like that at home?” is a common question we’re asked. It’s easy to imagine that a personal chef cooks beautiful meals for herself every day at home, and while the reality is far different, we are going to share tips we picked up that we still use in our home kitchens.

    P. S. If you’re curious about our chef beginnings, be sure to listen to Episode 11, “How We Started.” (You may be surprised to learn that neither of us went to culinary school!)

    Links to recipes from this week’s show:

    Smitten Kitchen’s Chickpeas & Spinach 

    Anne Burrell’s Braised Chicken with Almonds

    Carrot Ginger Dressing from Caroline Phelps

    Green Thai Curry from Hot Thai Kitchen

    Lemon Pesto Spaghetti Squash from Love & Lemons 

    Ali Slagle’s Turkey-Zucchini Burgers from the NY Times 

    Homestyle Indonesian Cooking Cookbook 

    Vicente Foods and Santa Monica Seafood

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    Weeknight Entertaining Made Easy

    Weeknight Entertaining Made Easy

    “I want to run some ideas by you” launches these FOOD FRIENDS into a spirited conversation where they join forces to share ideas and recipes to make casually hosting during the week that much easier.

    Sonya asks Kari for advice on what to serve alongside the main dish. Kari eagerly (and firmly!) pitches ideas for suitable sides. Sonya shares her brilliant tip for a make-ahead dish that actually tastes better a day or two later, as well as a time-saving strategy that builds flavor to a delicious sauce. Kari adds smart tips on building a menu around mindful cleanup at the end of the night. The flurry of ideas and tips that emerge benefit any aspiring host (including these two food friends!).

    If you want to create a delicious dinner, but feel stuck with a menu item, or just need a boost of inspiration for future hosting, this is the episode for you!

    Links to recipes from this week’s show:

    Sonya’s guest for dinner, Adrian Hale, and her amazing dough recipe. Stay tuned for her upcoming book!

    Ina Garten’s couscous with pine nuts and currants

    Schug/Zhoug recipe adapted from Michael Solomonov via Tasting Table  

    Reem Assil’s kofta recipe 

    Sonya’s recipe for Amba, or find the premade condiment online and at Middle Eastern markets 

    Mark Bittman’s braised lamb with wine and prunes for the NY Times

    Baked orzo recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi via The Guardian

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    • 29 min
    Guesting & Hosting

    Guesting & Hosting

    What happens when FOOD FRIENDS reunite? This episode captures all the excitement of Sonya’s recent trip to Los Angeles to visit Kari. Tune in to find out where Kari took Sonya out for dinner, and what treats Sonya brought to Kari in her suitcase. 

    In this conversation, we’re also exploring what it means to be together with the people we love. As we begin to travel and reconnect with our nearest and dearest, how do we communicate care when someone comes to visit? What do we bring and how do we share parts of ourselves when we travel to visit our loved ones? From home cooking and flowers to restaurant recommendations and local points of interest, this episode offers many approaches to being a host as well as a guest. The tips we share about our experiences together might inspire you the next time you find yourself in the company of one of your favorite FOOD FRIENDS.

    Links to recipes from this week’s show:

    Pickle Soup, from Love Soup by Anna Thomas 

    Sonya’s grandmother’s pumpkin pirozhki recipe  and Sonya’s Tahini Cookies (replace chocolate with chopped dried fruit) 

    KariKari chili crisp

    Pizzeria Mozza and Boreaks in Los Angeles

    Maurice in Portland

    Check out our Cookie episode to hear more about Sonya’s chocolate chip cookies, and our Party Snacks episode for more on Kari’s family’s Chex mix!

    We love hearing from you — follow us on Instagram @foodfriendspod, or drop us a line at foodfriendspod@gmail.com!

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

Rising Owl ,

I Really Dig This

First off I love food, cooking and friendship (aside from my kids & music) these are the joys of my life.

Sonya - love the sound of her voice - and Kari, so bubbly, share great info AND personal experiences which i appreciate. Great insights and authenticity from 2 cool ladies. A solid listen 🙏


Love my two new food friends!

As someone who loves to cook, gather with friends, and share good food, I’m so happy to have found this podcast. Sonya and Kari are so down to earth and have such respect tor culture and traditions, but I also love their flexibility. Their approach to cooking seems similar to mine — recipes tend to be guidance or inspiration, and creativity is welcome. I always feel so nourished listening to them. Thanks for welcoming us into your kitchens and friendship!

#1 Dhaal Masi ,

Cooking is NOW fun!!

This podcast has changed my perpespective on cooking. I always thought if I didn’t follow the recipe, the meal will be a fail. Kari and Sonya have made me realize that there are variety of ways to make broth, pizza, even chocolate chip cookies!!
I love the casual kitchen table conversations as it makes me feel like I’m in the room with them. I retain more information listening in this format!
This is a great podcast for all ages! My kids prefer to listen to this podcast on their way to school every week than listen to music. Makes family cooking fun when they repeat Karimasi and Sonya’s advise!
Thank you Karimasi and Sonya for being part of our weekly family car rides and keeping conversations alive in our kitchen!

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