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An episode-by-episode review of the late '90s - early '00s classic TV show...7th Heaven!

For Heaven's Sake: A 7th Heaven Podcast Lady J and T

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An episode-by-episode review of the late '90s - early '00s classic TV show...7th Heaven!

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4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Ace Harman ,

Ice T and Lady J

Horrible show but great podcast.

CertainlyCheryl ,

Who knew a 7th Heaven podcast would be so much fun?

I remember watching 7th Heaven off and on when it was on the air, and finding it either mildly amusing or annoyingly preachy, depending on the episode. I am not really interested in rewatching it, but I'm having a ball listening to Lady J and T talk about it.

Personally, I love casual, conversational podcasts. I work alone, so I often use podcasts to kind of keep me company while I work, and the ones where the conversations are natural and unscripted make me feel like I have friends in the room. This podcast is great for that. Lady J and T are fun, friendly, and forthcoming with their thoughts, opinions, stories, and tangents. I only found the podcast recently, so I'm a bit behind (currently I'm near the end of season six, and I think they're at around the end of season eight.) I'm almost going to be sad when I catch up to where they are, because then I won't be able to binge-listen whenever I want to, I'll have to wait for new episodes. Luckily for me, Lady J and T have a Patreon with extra content!

I'm not sure that I'd recommend anybody start watching 7th Heaven, but bad TV can make for good conversations, and I totally recommend listening to these hosts talk about 7th Heaven. Thanks for the great content!

Prison_Mike_69 ,

Hate this show, love this podcast!

I was never really into this show because the WB was all they talked about during my time in the clink. But Lady J and T really make those memories of this show feel good.

And for me, Prison Mike to you, I just want to thank you for listening to me letting me be a part of your review today. Cuz you gotta good PODCAST, you gotta good PODCAST. Good podcast...

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