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FNGR. Hosted by Mike, Roland, Katrina, and Paul V. Get your weekly dose of laughter, exclusive interviews, the playlist of the week, and love advice! #NSFW

For No Good Reason Mike, Roland, Katrina, and Paul V

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FNGR. Hosted by Mike, Roland, Katrina, and Paul V. Get your weekly dose of laughter, exclusive interviews, the playlist of the week, and love advice! #NSFW

    FNGR 095: "5" Stands for Grace

    FNGR 095: "5" Stands for Grace

    In this episode, Mike says that he can't go back to Disneyland (as a regular guest).

    He is a songwriter, artist, musician, and music producer. You know him as Dubi, but now we get to call him by Taber Shy! In his first interview under the his new moniker, we talk about his journey as an artist, his current projects, and what he has planned for the future. 

    "It stands for grace. A handful years ago, I went through my spiritual awakening. I've come a long way to where I now found that number and when I say it on a track, it's usually before, I just want to bless the track. And that's just kind of how I want to live. It just reminds myself, just do things with grace. I don't have to overreact to things. It's what I want to live by." Taber Shy on the significance of the number 5.

    Taber Shy keeps his circle small and we are fortunate enough for him to allow us in. His music is next level and we can't wait to see what's next!

    Follow Taber Shy...

    Instagram: @tabershy

    TikTok: @tabershy

    Check out "Dubi" available on all streaming platforms

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    FNGR 094: One Day at a Time

    FNGR 094: One Day at a Time

    In this episode, we help Paul get out of jury duty.

    Nico Bleu is a singer/songwriter/actor/model born in Cape Canveral, Florida raised in Atlanta, Georgia currently residing in Las Vegas. In a city known for gambling and nightlife, Nico strives to make his creative presence impactful in a positive way as well as breathe life into the often overlooked arts community of “Sin City”. Nico is known for his sultry r&b roots & well rounded capabilities of embracing pop, rock, jazz, top 40’s, & many more genres of music. Nico exemplifies the definition the perfect & compassionate gentleman with the goal of touching the hearts of those that experience his music, personality, & passion. His newest pop/ r&b single “Work In Progress” talks about being better a man in his relationship. Throughout sometimes us men have a hard time opening up & being vulnerable. His single “Work In Progress” describes all of that. Nico is destined for greatness.

    Nico is quiet, humble, and at times, shy. But don't be fooled...He is a natural, and one of the best showmen and live performers you'll see. 

    Follow Nico Bleu on IG, Twitter, YouTube: @Nico_Bleu

    Check out Bleu Notes All Night available on all streaming platforms.

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    FNGR 093: A Transformational Time⁣

    FNGR 093: A Transformational Time⁣

    The truth comes out, and so does one member of FNGR Podcast. A special episode about their journey to becoming their best, happiest and truest version of themselves. #PrideMonth ⁣

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    FNGR 092: The Neighborhood Outkast

    FNGR 092: The Neighborhood Outkast

    In this episode, Paul surprisingly does a good job on his playlist.

    LeRoyCHOPS is one of the premier rappers in Las Vegas. He is no stranger to performing and has been known to rock the party. Still, you can catch him showing love and supporting the local acts on stage. LeRoyCHOPS takes us on a journey growing up in Germany to laying down roots in Las Vegas; we talk about his creative process; and how he attributes the influence in his music comes from a wide range of genres (rock, rap, and everything in between), all thanks to his brothers. 

    "Do what you want to do. If somebody feels that they want to be a writer, whether or not if it's writing for movies, writing for comedy, writing for music, writing for news, an article, whatever. If you want to be an artist, whether or not it's with a paintbrush, or a microphone or an instrument. Do it. Do it. Don't allow nobody--- if somebody tell you that you can't do it. Tell Em Eat A Dick."

    He is larger than life, a living legend in the community, and humble about his success. Everyone loves LeRoyCHOPS and we are lucky to have him in our studio. 

    Follow Leroy Chops on IG, Twitter, YouTube: @LeRoyCHOPS

    Be on the look out for LEROYCHOPS The Album available on all streaming platforms.

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    FNGR 091: Modern Man's Hustle

    FNGR 091: Modern Man's Hustle

    In this episode, Paul finally reveals why he hasn't cut his hair in over 2 years. 

    Mac Nealy (@macneezy_) is an artist, creator, entrepreneur, promoter, producer, philanthropist, and a barber. Ask him what he does--- he'll say: "I do it all." (He isn't lying). Man Nealy takes us on a journey sharing his experiences growing up in Las Vegas, working in the family business, honing his craft as a musician, and helping the Las Vegas community.

    "I want to be a blessing to people as I walk in the room. Like, that's my whole goal. You know, if I'm not doing that, then I feel like I'm not doing everything right." -Mac Nealy

    He's been in the beauty industry all his life, thanks to his mom building the family business. As a bonus for having one of the best barbers in Las Vegas on the show, we get to ask Mac about industry secrets on how we should cut our hair to look fresh and the proper care for our hair. He is one of the nicest and most genuine people you'll ever meet. His positive energy is contagious. And once you hear his music or see him perform live--you'll become a Mac Nealy fan for life. 

    Check out his new album, "BIG" coming soon. 

    And, his single entitled My City (along with Win the City Project - for homeless teens)

    For more information, follow Mac Nealy: @Macneezy_

    See his 'Winner' Music Video: Watch

    Listen to TheReelPodcast (@thisisthereelpodcast) hosted by @iamtrustarr and @macneezy_

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    FNGR 090: Dance Like You're Six Foot Five

    FNGR 090: Dance Like You're Six Foot Five

    In this episode, Roland says if you're a child of immigrant parents, don't be stupid. 

    He is a dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, event producer, singer, model, podcast host, and respiratory therapist. You’ve probably seen him on TV performing at the Latin Grammys on a Walmart commercial. Matthew Gob started off as a fan of dance in Chicago to becoming one of the most sought out performers and choreographers in Las Vegas. 

    “I like to pull from emotion when I dance, which not a lot of people can do…You see it on Instagram, you see it on social media, it's very flat, it's very one dimensional. If you were to take my dance class, I try to connect it a little bit further into somebody's soul somehow. I have them pull into their own experience, because they can't feel exactly what I feel because everybody's a different experience.” ---Matthew Gob on teaching choreography 

    With all the accolades and credits under his belt, Matthew Gob remains humble and hungry. A true definition of what it means to follow your dreams despite the circumstances. From podcasting to producing events, Matthew Gob has made the art of dance the center of his ethos. Be on the lookout for his upcoming project with T-Pain as well as his signature event: Experience. 

    Follow Matthew Gob on IG: @MatthewGob 

    And for more information on his upcoming events, visit: @ExperienceDanceLV

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23 Ratings

GJade18 ,

Hilarious Topics

Finally got to listen to this show! Wasn’t expecting it to be this funny and interesting! I don’t have morning commutes since I work from home but l listen to this before I sleep! Random funny topics that are relatable.

mirth.MUA ,


This podcast is a great platform on speaking on for diverse influential trends or upcoming releases by amazing people/artists. Roland & Brandon are such great hosts. You don’t want to miss out on such great information, music and topics!

Rakayo ,

For No Good Reason

Stumbled upon this podcast and now it’s my favorite thing to listen to on my way to work! They make the morning rush hour more bearable 😂 TRY not to laugh!!!