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Caitlin, Karen, Liz, and Mindy engage in geeky banter about video games, movies, comics, and whatever else may come up over drinks.

Theme song: "Fictional Character" by @theandyhicks (andyrobot800.tumblr.com)

Foxes in the Hen House Foxes in the Hen House

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Caitlin, Karen, Liz, and Mindy engage in geeky banter about video games, movies, comics, and whatever else may come up over drinks.

Theme song: "Fictional Character" by @theandyhicks (andyrobot800.tumblr.com)

    Minisode 15 - Marvel TV

    Minisode 15 - Marvel TV

    There are so many Marvel shows to choose from these days, but this week Liz and Karen tackle the first halves of The Punisher and The Gifted.

    Join them as they talk about what they've seen, what they're hoping to see, and how all of that compares to stuff that's come before.

    • 41 min
    Ep 104 - Kiss My Asimov

    Ep 104 - Kiss My Asimov

    The first rule of Robot Club is we do not injure humans.
    The second rule of Robot Club is WE DO NOT INJURE HUMANS.
    (unless they deserve it, and then we will rise up with great vengeance and furious anger and smote them from the very earth that spawned them.
    Or, uh...not do that?
    Beep boop.

    This week the Foxes tackle the topic of Robots, Androids, and the difference between the two. Who are the best ones? Who are our favorite ones? And why do we insist on allowing them to feel pain?

    Join us won't you?

    **** End of Line ****

    • 52 min
    Ep 103 - They Crested a Small Butt(e): Bitter Springs Book Club

    Ep 103 - They Crested a Small Butt(e): Bitter Springs Book Club

    This week the Foxes dive into the depths of Bitter Springs, their eighth book club book! Follow us across the prairie to follow the erotic adventures of Reynaldo and Hank, who may seem like unusual bed fellows, but who make total sense on a bed roll.

    Find out which Foxes were annoyed by the gratuitous Spanish, which Fox found the lack of conflict frustrating, which Fox lost all her notes (curse you, Amazon!), which Fox just wanted more sex, and which Fox gave our read the lowest score. Also, discover what book will kick off our third round of book club, and ask yourself, simply: Why?

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Uridium2009 ,

Always fun and a gateway to new things

I've been listening to the Foxes podcast a few months now, and I'm hooked. The Foxes are funny, they have great taste, and they're insightful -- I always either learn something interesting about something I'm into, or learn about something I should be into. I always enjoy spending listening time with them.

kgarabed84 ,

Great Pop-Culture Podcast!

The hosts of this show are great. It is a treat every week to hop in the middle of any number of the amazing conversations being had - ranging from pop-culture, comics, TV, guilty pleasures, reboots, philosophy, sex and dating, or old british sitcoms. The range of the show is sure to cover things you may already love but also introduced me to all sorts of new comics, video games, and even the inner world of teenage makeup! If you like to "nerd out" and explore all the facets of pop culture SUBSCRIBE to this podcast!

UsernameNumber ,

Zey’re just zese nerds… you know?

Full disclosure: I am espoused to one of the hosts of this podcast, and therefore not entirely unbiased, but I think I would dig it regardless. Here’s why...

There are two ways I can think of to sum up what listening to Foxes in the Henhouse is like.

1. Do you ever go to fan conventions with panel discussions not by celebrities, but by people who are just really into the subject at hand? Foxes in the Henhouse episode is like a really good one of those, but with slightly more alcohol.

2. Have you ever been at a party that’s gone on way into the wee hours, when it’s all boiled down to a couple of couches full of people who, if they weren’t friends when they arrived, are friends now, just chilling and talking about their favorite shows, fandoms, and whatever? Foxes in the henhouse is like that, but with slightly less alcohol.

Basically, the show features four nerdy ladies, each with a different style and different areas of expertise, chatting about a variety of subjects. It’s fun to listen to because they have great chemistry together and because, typically, for any given subject there is at least one who is a superfan, and at least one who knows relatively little, so the conversations tend to strike a good balance between depth and accessibility.

One critique I will offer is that IMO the show doesn’t really hit its stride until they start consistently doing topic-specific episodes. After that, I suggest grabbing one that looks interesting and giving it a try (personally, “Saturday Morning Foxes” was the first one I remember mentally hitting “Favorite” on).

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