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If you're an Entrepreneur who also does the marketing, then this is the podcast for you.

You'll hear tips and strategies from marketing professionals that you can apply to your business without the need to hire an expensive agency.

You'll also hear stories from other Entrepreneurs as they discuss with Gerard how they promote their business.

Fractal Marketing - with Gerard Doyle Gerard Doyle

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If you're an Entrepreneur who also does the marketing, then this is the podcast for you.

You'll hear tips and strategies from marketing professionals that you can apply to your business without the need to hire an expensive agency.

You'll also hear stories from other Entrepreneurs as they discuss with Gerard how they promote their business.

    Naked Wines – transforming physical retail into a subscription

    Naked Wines – transforming physical retail into a subscription

    This episode features Daniel Mcgowan, and Louise Flynn, the Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal Marketing. They discuss Naked Wines trading approach, what it represents, the choice of partnerships, and their means in getting their message to the market to win customers. From making their customers the hero to storytelling and using three revenue streams, Naked Wines has adopted extremely effective marketing both online and offline.


    03:48  “The idea that you can give a physical presence to your brand and then have that bring them as an incentive onto the website is something I’d really like to challenge people to have a think about.”

    08:48  “Picking out someone that is in a similar business model that is agile as you and has a strong social and digital presence can really pay off. And those partnerships are again something to put back in the hat.”

    09:59   “It’s not just the function of the voucher. It’s about who you’re partnering with and how you can incorporate it. And further to that point, the really good partnerships actually co-brand the labels.”

    12:10  “If you localize your subscription, you start off really well and can grow from there. You still have to go up against the big companies but you have a really good footing to begin with.”

    13:53  “I think there are a few things they’re doing well. They’re making their customers the heroes. And they are doing that through storytelling. If I’m a subscriber to naked wines, I’m an angel. And through the storytelling, we’re helping the winegrowers.”

    20:23  “Get that message down. Because if you can’t get that down, when you wake up in the morning, you can’t sell it to yourself if you don’t know what you’re selling. No one is going to understand what you’re doing if you don’t understand what you’re doing.”


    01:17     What Naked Wines represents A movement towards the subscription business.

    02:38   Marketing Approach: Both offline and online strategies

    08:38   Choice of partnerships: Partners with a strong social and digital presence

    13:53   Message approach: Storytelling and making customers their heroes

    20:01   Naked Wines are making their message simple and getting it right

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    SpaceX – Elon-gated branding

    SpaceX – Elon-gated branding


    This episode features Daniel McGowan and Louise Flynn, Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal. They analyze space exploration, marketing’s final frontier, with SpaceX and the unconventional path they’re taking in reaching the stars. From appealing to B2B and stakeholders to a seamless brand marketing tied with Elon Musk, SpaceX is using its PR to win buy-in, expand its brand, and drive innovation on the world stage.


    02:37 SpaceX B2B marketing: Securing buy-in from governments and taxpayers

    09:54 Founder marketing: SpaceX is Elon Musk

    15:41 SpaceX PR: Taking people along the ride to space

    19:48 Competition and brands attach themselves to Elon Musk

    24:26 Cross-promotion gold with Tesla and SpaceX


    06:59 “There’s this fine line I think they’re treading to. It’s like, how much can we go ahead, how much can we use the Uber model and just do things versus how much should we be working with the governments? And that really does reflect in their marketing.”

    15:50 “These guys have done probably one of the best PR stunts in the last few years with launching a car into space. I mean that’s something that you only see with the biggest, boldest brands in the B2C space.”

    16:40 “The wider stakeholder are prepared for mistakes. They’re okay with failure because they see guys being on the fringe of the next innovation wave, rather than trailing.”

    23:47 “We see how far this brand can stretch and what opportunities don’t come because it’s all about the noise and the brand and the story, and maybe not enough of a focus on the way it’s sold, the way it’s serviced, the way it aligns with their customers.”

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    Pet Circle – Instagram and Subscriptions

    Pet Circle – Instagram and Subscriptions


    This episode welcomes back Daniel McGowan and Louise Flynn, Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal, as they pick apart Pet Circle’s subscription marketing model. The company leverages social media to create social proof to reach their well-defined target audience: people with disposable income, use subscription services and, are time-poor. The brand is focused on making life easy and solving problems and this is evident even with its efficient packaging and logistics.


    01:56 Pet Circle subscriptions: Convenience with a catch

    07:23 Using a data-driven approach to sell a commodity

    12:45 Instagram for UGC, social proof, and incentivisation 

    22:12 Pet Circle branding with social media and expert packaging


    08:27 “They’ve done a couple of things that I think, at a marketing level, are very much about data-driven marketing and personalisation to kind of drive where they’re taking their marketing strategy.”

    08:43 “What is something that everyone’s selling and how do you structure your go-to-market and your offering and your pure-play store to achieve the same ends of a viable business with regular custom?”

    13:51 “It is low-cost, high-impact social proof, social marketing. It’s pretty simple and, to me, I like it. I think it’s a great strategy and they’re doing a good job.”

    15:15 “They’ve got the packaging to go with it and they’re incentivized. So tips and tricks for the kids playing at home, if you want that kind of influencer play, you do need to build the atmosphere to get that great photo.”

    26:33 “The subscription-only just reinforces back to the brands they’re carrying that they’re again ensuring that, when someone comes into the Pet Circle sphere of influence, they’re going to stay there no matter if they’re intermittent buyers or whether they just want the problem solved.”

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    SEMrush - Fast Brands and Community

    SEMrush - Fast Brands and Community


    This episode features Daniel McGowan and Louise Flynn, Growth Marketing Consultants for Fractal as they provide a marketing review and analysis of SEMrush.

    They analyze the company’s dependence on Google and the way the brand appeals to their niche: end-users of a certain size that want to take their analyses in-house.

    They also discuss SEMrush’s legacy as a fast brand, its wins and losses in pursuing an all-in-one offering, their evolution as an award-giving body, and what all this means for the company moving forward.


    02:35 SEMrush: An interface to Google and a vulnerability to redundancy

    07:02 Target market: Appealing to agencies versus end-users

    16:05 Offering an all-in-one product: Pros and Cons

    20:43 SEMrush Search Awards: Driving community forward

    25:15 Certificates: A specialization or lock-in?


    07:12 “We’re not looking to be a platform that supports every type of marketer–brand marketers, automation marketers. We are going with the prevailing wind which is, in the last 5 years, all the new jobs are digitally-focused.”

    07:38 “There is a lot of benefit and growth in the automation space but ultimately where the money is and where the focus is for most business is in their digital space and supporting their digital teams.”

    20:18 “They’re making sure that everyone around the digital operation is covered. There’s the analyst, the PPC guy, the SEO guy, and now the supporting content, bringing them all into the ecosystem. It’s all-in-one. You’re all using the same tool.”

    21:46 “The benefit of being a company that’s been around a while now is that you now have a community that can do the work for you. And yes, that can be case studies and testimonials and all that sort of things, but awards are even better.”

    26:53 “It actually hurts someone who has a SEMrush certificate, who does all this stuff, who knows all that, to go to a competitor because those competitors may have different ways of doing things and that certificate that you spent all that time getting means nothing.”


    • 31 min
    The flow of WebFlow: how a great product locks-in their users with Lachlan Kirkwood

    The flow of WebFlow: how a great product locks-in their users with Lachlan Kirkwood

    This episode of Fractal Marketing features Lachlan Kirkwood, Digital Marketing Specialist and Founder of ClickThrough. He discusses Webflow, a champion of the no-code movement, and drills down their marketing strategies from content to paid advertising that fosters a robust online community of success stories.

    By building a great product supported by informative content, Webflow creates lock-in with their users while still providing exportable features—ultimately resulting in social proof. The company is poised to take on WordPress and Wix by offering a similar service with the benefits of using no-code in the process.


    01:29 Introduction to Webflow and the no-code movement

    07:00 Webflow’s content strategy: Blogs, YouTube, and forums,

    14:04 Paid advertising strategy and branding

    19:55 Creating lock-in with a genuinely good product

    32:35 Generating social proof with a product that integrates with third-parties


    08:46 “Their main educational content is things like a series where they actually educate those users or those personas on how to better themselves. So they’ve got a blog series for building an agency or building a website with good SEO.”

    10:35 “What they really focused on with YouTube is just putting out, again, really good tutorials on how to use their products, how to use no-code, how to build replica products, things like Uber or Instagram with no-code.”

    20:09 “Webflow is, similar to Bubble, is free-to-use while you build your product. You’ll only pay for it once you put it into production environment. So by that point you’ve really built your application. You’re not going to want to rebuild that on another platform.”

    27:47 “They do want to become the next WordPress or Wix and they have the chance of that becoming a real scenario so they want to, for the new people coming into no-code, to be able to provide those services where it is a one-click web hosting”

    29:05 “Webflow, being more of a static kind of website builder that integrates with third-party tools to make that kind of logic possible, you can just export all your custom HTMLs and CSS.”


    Webflow’s website: https://webflow.com/

    ClickThrough’s website: https://clickthrough.marketing/

    Lachlan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lachlankirkwood


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    Numa and the Power of Case Studies with Andrew Miller

    Numa and the Power of Case Studies with Andrew Miller

    This episode of Fractal Marketing features Andrew Miller, Startup Marketing Advisor & Coach at AndrewStartups. He discusses Numa, an AI that answers calls for businesses and the strategies they use to pitch to retail SMB’s. Gerard and Andrew take a closer look at their website and the ways Numa creates trust in their ideal customers.

    Andrew details the way companies can utilize concepts like loss aversion and split testing to really figure out who they should be marketing to. He also provides actionable tips on outreach to provide real value in their messaging because the desire to help allows businesses to be aggressive in their marketing.


    01:01 Introduction to Numa: Andrew’s experience

    06:35 Capitalizing on loss aversion and utilizing split testing

    10:26 Examining Numa’s on-site tools and strategies

    20:32 Outreach strategies: How to catching attention with value propositions

    25:44 A desire to help enables aggressive marketing


    06:22 “Numa’s a hundred bucks a month. It’s an incredible way for any business to get a couple more sales a month guaranteed for just a hundred bucks. It’s an easier pitch than you think now.”

    12:55 “The bottom line is, if you’re a bootstrapped company, use every single opportunity to not pay for something.”

    17:24 “Social proof is the reason why influencer marketing exists and sometimes beats paid advertising. We are social creatures. Even if it’s fake, we believe it. And we believe it more than if we just saw the company talk about it on their own.”

    23:46 “I’m focused on what am I saying, how am I saying it, and is there a lot of value in my message. And if there is, I know it’s going to be received well enough. The same has been true with hundreds of companies I’ve run automated campaigns for.”

    28:29 “When you really feel like you’re spending this time and this effort in your life trying to solve this problem, then you can be aggressive in the marketing. You’re always focused on helping this segment.”

    25:44 A desire to help enables aggressive marketing


    Numa’s website: https://numa.com

    Andrew’s website: https://andrewstartups.com

    Andrew’s email: me@andrewstartups.com

    Andrew’s Book https://publishizer.com/0-growth/

    25% off my course link and write up for the episode: https://andrewstartups.mykajabi.com/offers/LEyiwCGp?coupon_code=FRACTAL25

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11 Ratings

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