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John discusses the new and old of free flight model aviation. Includes kit reviews, current projects, how to information and interviews.

Free Flight Fanatic John McAvoy

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John discusses the new and old of free flight model aviation. Includes kit reviews, current projects, how to information and interviews.

    Episode 13 - The Free Flight FAI Provisional Classes

    Episode 13 - The Free Flight FAI Provisional Classes

    John and Bernard cover the F1 provisional classes and the F4 (free flight scale) provisional classes. Should the F1S rules be changed to allow auto surfaces? Or should F1S remain locked down?
    John discusses the progress of his 80" Albatross project. Will ignition engines rule once again?   
    Coupe d'Hiver:  https://www.hippocketaeronautics.com/ff_ou_cdhiver.htm
    The FAI F1 Sporting Code: https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/documents/sc4_vol_f1_freeflight_18.pdf
    The FAI F4 Sporting Code: https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/documents/sc4_vol_f4_scale_14_rev_1.pdf
    FAI competition results: https://model.wings.rs/competition.php?id=482
    Tonda Alfery's Tigercat: http://www.minimakety.cz/dvacetinky/reports/2009/OpenScale/index-en.php?img=42&nick=G1
    Bob Holman Plans: http://www.bhplans.com/GMPg1.html
    (The George Reich Albatross is at the bottom of this page)
    Jim O'Reilly Model Plans: https://www.jimoreillymodelplans.com/prodserve.htm
    (He did the CAD re-engineered plans for the Albatross)

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    Episode 12 - The Seven FAI Championship Free Flight Classes

    Episode 12 - The Seven FAI Championship Free Flight Classes

    John and Bernard Guest delve into the mysteries of the 7 FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) free flight classes. John watched the documentary FLOAT and provides a review (he liked it!) Easy-Built Models - New Kit Offerings: https://easybuiltmodels.com/ff31.htm#gsc.tab=0
    Easy-Built Models - Japanese Tissue Offerings: https://easybuiltmodels.com/esaki#gsc.tab=0
    37" Rubber-Powered Model Airplane - 1931 Babcock - Anatomy of a Trim Session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjuiXaBQK00&list=UU5lXh5HZ62N8s7urLVoOVxg&index=25&t=122s

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    Episode 11 - Cutting out Print Wood Parts and the FAA UAS Symposium

    Episode 11 - Cutting out Print Wood Parts and the FAA UAS Symposium

    Have a Question or Comment? My email address is freeflightfan66@gmail.com.
    Where did September go? John's projects are stacking like cordwood, now the big question is where will he find the space to build an 80 inch wingspan O/T gas model? John "shows" how he uses a Dremel Moto Tool as a spindle sander on print wood parts.
    We then discuss the August FAA UAS Symposium, and what could be in store for the outdoor free flight hobby. (Something that I forgot to mention, but Bernard addressed in the last episode is that the we essentially know that all models under 250 grams (.55 pounds) will be exempt. And of course indoor models are also exempt.)
    1) It was not the RC Roundtable podcast that referenced the Bugatti 100P racing plane; it was the On the Bench podcast episode 93, at the 39:19 mark when Ian discusses the 100P kit he built. (another plastic modeling podcast!)
    2) The George Reich Albatross is not planked; I confused it with Henry Struck's 1940 KGS pylon job.
    3) I mentioned my Instagram Page but failed to provide my username: FREEFLIGHTFANATIC.
    4) The EEA open letter was not addressed to the FAA; it was addressed to Chairman Shuster and Members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
    Guillow's Arrow: https://www.guillow.com/arrow.aspx
    Hummingbird Model Kits Piaggio PC 7: https://hummingbirdmodelproducts.com/dimers/piaggio-pc7-dime-scale
    Jim O'Reilly Plans: https://www.jimoreillymodelplans.com/
    Cutting Balsa Parts:
    Merkur Blades: https://www.razoremporium.com/merkur-klinge-moustache-eye-brow-safety-razor-blades/
    Tweezerman Blades: https://www.tweezerman.com/callus-shaver-replacement-blades.html
    Marcel Lavoie's A Faster Method For Stick Fuselages: http://smallflyingarts.net/articles/faster-stick-fuselage/index.html
    FAA Remote ID Regulations:
    FAA/AUVSI Symposium: https://faauas.auvsi.net/faa2020/home
    Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems:
    www.regulation.gov Remote ID comments page: https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=FAA-2019-1100
    EAA Open Letter: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/news-and-publications/eaa-news-and-aviation-news/news/~/media/b2be56d8904c40ccb945147411e45f69.ashx
    AMA/EAA/AOPA/Wing letter to the FAA: http://amablog.modelaircraft.org/amagov/files/2020/09/AMA-AOPA-EAA-Wing-joint-industry-letter.pdf
    Plastic Model Mojo, Episode 20: http://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/
    AMA Podcast, Episodes 52 and 53: https://www.modelaircraft.org/podcast

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    Episode 10 - Conversation with Bernard Guest of Hummingbird Model Products

    Episode 10 - Conversation with Bernard Guest of Hummingbird Model Products

    John and Bernard Guest of Hummingbird Model Products discuss the intricacies of FAI F1A, F1B and F1C Free Flight. Bernard discusses his plans to begin podcasting about free flight as well. We can't wait! 
    Bernard also provides some insight as to how we can make our contests more exciting to the next generation of model aviators.
    Winner of the P-47 giveaway was Paul Graf with his correct answer: Jack Benny's alligator was named Jeannette.
    Can model aviation bring people together?
    Here are some links to events, airplanes and people and businesses discussed during this podcast
    PNW FF Championships: http://willamettemodelersclub.weebly.com/northwest-free-flight-championships.html
    Fab February Lost Hills: http://www.lhffmaa.com/
    Babenko F1C Models - No Website?
    Piaggio P.c.7.:
    Paul K. Guillow's Arrow: https://www.guillow.com/arrow.aspx
    South Africa's Jix Hobbies: https://jixhobbies.co.za/
    Calgary, Alberta's Model Land Hobby Shop: http://www.modelland.com/
    Ross Jahnke's E-20 Salt Peanuts:  https://freeflight.org/product/salt-peanuts-e-20/
    Italian Aircraft are Beautiful:

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    John goes to and participates in his first free flight contest. Plus a discussion on the history of models and  manned flight development in the 19th century. Also, a final reminder to enter the contest givaway.
    Stay tuned for references and websites!

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    Episode 8 - Conversation with Bill Hannan

    Episode 8 - Conversation with Bill Hannan

    John "sits down" with one of the greats; historian, writer, author and model designer Bill Hannan. Where do we begin? You'll just have to listen! We also cover new products, the reopening of the Guillow's Factory, status of John's Sopwith Camel project, and 3 three new kits to go in his stash. 
    The Diels Engineering P-47 kit contest give away will go through the end of July. Listen to the end of this podcast for hints to the questions.
    Bill Hannan's autobiography:
    Penaud Alphonse biography, written by Bill Hannan:
    New Products:

    • 1 hr 20 min

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6 Ratings

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