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bridging the gap between the non-traditional careerists and the every day

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bridging the gap between the non-traditional careerists and the every day

    Episode 14 - Pivoting, Walking Away, and Being the Student

    Episode 14 - Pivoting, Walking Away, and Being the Student

    What do you need to walk away from? Do you need to make a - PIVOT - in your life?

    This week, we welcomed Kate Potter back on! (She was on Episode 2, if you recall)

    After finding herself at a crossroads during the pandemic, Kate has decided to leave behind coaching. She talks about what it means to pivot, what it means to be a student, and her thoughts and feelings on the coaching and fitness industries. She also opens up about why she’s finishing her degree, what she’s now focusing on in life, and what triggered the shift.

    Pivoting isn’t about doing something better or leaving behind something bad. It’s about being resilient and doing something DIFFERENT.

    What do you need to let go of? How can being a student catapult you forward?
    You can find Kate on social media at @katecoaches, and check out her podcast called On The Upswing!

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    Episode 13 - Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

    Episode 13 - Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

    What do you know about staging a home?

    What about starting your own business from the ground up?

    In this week's episode, my guest Sherrie and I dive into both!

    We also beg the question as to what came first: the chicken or the egg? Through this, we dissect the process of finding inspiration, developing a plan, and expanding a team. We also touch on the educational system, the modern ways of learning, and creating your own path.

    So, what was our conclusion? You’ll have to listen to find out!

    Find Sherrie on Instagram @firstimpressionhomestagingllc

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    Episode 12 - Q&A

    Episode 12 - Q&A

    What does every podcast need?

    A Q&A with the host!

    On this week’s episode, Laura answers all of your questions, such as:

    >>what systems she uses to be successful
    >>what sparked her journey to be a business owner and stylist
    >>what has motivated her, or changed her motivation to look elsewhere
    >>how she knew she was doing the right thing in the right (or wrong) places
    >>what advice she’d give to those just starting out

    This is the first of MANY Q&A’s!

    Follow us on Instagram at @fringesndflourishpodcast so you can submit your questions next time we do an episode like this!

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    Episode 11 - Nothin' Cheesy About A Female-Owned Business

    Episode 11 - Nothin' Cheesy About A Female-Owned Business

    There is NOTHING cheesy about being a woman in business!

    I had the privilege of interviewing Courtney Bowman. If you are from the RDU area, you might be familiar with her cheeseboard company Raleigh Cheesy.

    Courtney and I had a candid conversation about what it took to start up a business as a woman. We dive into everything from getting loans, needing to expand, outsourcing for support, and the awful comments that can pop up on the Internet.

    Courtney expanded her business like a true pro, and this is not an episode that you want to miss! She is truly a creative, successful woman.

    Find Courtney and Raleigh Cheesy on Instagram at @RaleighCheesy and her website https://www.raleighcheesy.com/

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    Episode 10 - What Is a Work-Life Balance?

    Episode 10 - What Is a Work-Life Balance?

    What are balance and self-care, anyway? Well, this week, my friend Alicia Hix and I talk about how to maintain a work-life-balance. We dive into how to honor your time, planning/scheduling (and how much is too much planning), and that sometimes we need to delegate tasks and hire someone to help us. If you’ve ever wondered how to use your time to benefit you more, then this episode is for you! Your time is valuable, but so are your rest, joy, hobbies, and rejuvenation.

    Find Alicia on Instagram at @movementmuscletherapy

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    Episode 09 - How To Hire the Right Professional For You

    Episode 09 - How To Hire the Right Professional For You

    Alright clients - this week's episode is for YOU! Laura and her guest, Kylie Steinberg, talk about all the important steps anyone should take when searching for a new service provider or professional. Kylie brings in her background as a nutrition and life coach while Laura shares her perspective from the salon life.

    Kylie is a certified nutritionist, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, and life coach. Kylie has a very holistic style of coaching which makes her unique. She is qualified to sell and read functional lab work as well as recommend lifestyle adjustments and supplementation to aid in reaching optimal health and hormone balance. She also uses her life coaching skills to help clients gain the confidence, sense of empowerment, and goals they desire with more ease.

    If you are interested in reaching out to Kylie, she can be reached by email at kylie@volitionperformancenutrition.com or at either of her IG handles: @kgamelier or @volitionperformancenutrition.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Bleed4hcky ,

Inspiring real talk!

I have been wanting to tune in since I heard about this podcast and finally tuned into Episode 7 and I was not disappointed!

Laura and Tom opened up and shared their life and struggles with the world in this episode and showed everyone that getting through the hard stuff is worth it!

I can’t wait to hear more!

reillyma ,

Positivity for days!

Episode 1 was insightful! Learned a lot about envisioning you life goals and bringing them to reality. Looking forward to more topics and insights!

Yupyupbex ,

Fringe and Flourish is FANTASTIC

What an exciting idea! Bridging the gap between “us as service professionals” and how the outside world views our progress and success in an otherwise foreign world. Her passion in sharing the lack of knowledge and miss understanding in the service industry is spot on. Laura’s connecting you with like minded people (educated) to help you succeed on the fringe of society and flourish in your future whether with family or friends or business.

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