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Each week, award-winning graphic designer Alex Center and co-host Kevin Batory discuss branding, design, pop culture, and more. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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Each week, award-winning graphic designer Alex Center and co-host Kevin Batory discuss branding, design, pop culture, and more. New episodes drop every Wednesday.



    Alex and Kevin are back from Vacation and ready to tackle the ever-pressing stories in branding and design! This week they talk about NBA All-Star Weekend, Trump Sneakers, Tyler the Creator x Louis Vuitton, Dune 2 Popcorn bucket, Vince Staples, Coinbase x Liquid Death, Dude Wipes, Liquid Death Electrolyte Powder, Choco Taco is kinda back, the Body Vodka Phone Case Flask, The KFC Chizza, Guy Fieri's Flavortown Sauces, Flaming Hot Kicks, and more!

    • 1 hr 3 min


    This week on Front and Center: Alex and Kevin record a podcast for the second week in a row! HUGE W for them and the Front and Center Fam! Kevin is on vacation so the two blokes recap the stuff they missed in the two weeks that you missed them. They talk about Josh, Kevin’s Kitchen, The Super Bowl, Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Joe Biden, their favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials, Liquid Death’s Big Ad, the Apple Vision Pro rollout, the Million Dollar Whopper, Doordash, Buffalo Cheetos, Truly Hot Wing Sauce Seltzer, Absolut Vodka Sprite, and more!

    • 1 hr


    Happy Valentine's Day! We’re back for the 3rd consecutive year with the Jackie DeJesu Center! We talk about all the lovey-dovey, sappy, gooey things brands are rolling out today! We talk about Sweethearts Situationship, U By Kotex Box of Chocolates, KY Desire Dark Room, The Best Chipotles to Spend Valentine's Day, Red Robin x Juicy, Popeyes Heart Shaped Biscuits, PF Changs Breakup Dumplings, Grillos Pickle Boquet, and more!

    • 59 min


    This week on Front and Center, Alex and Kevin are back in the stu, chopping it up! The fellas talk about Stanley’s rise to power, snortable caffeine powder, the new Honda EV logo, Tropicana taking a stance against ai, Subway Footlongs, Beer mints, fabulous perfume, ranch chapstick, and more!

    • 58 min
    All Schnaidt Long: with Mike Schnaidt

    All Schnaidt Long: with Mike Schnaidt

    Mike Schnaidt is the creative director of Fast Company,  an accomplished marathon runner, and author of Creative Endurance: 56 Rules for Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Your Goals. The book is the ultimate guide to achieving your goals and thriving in your creative career without sacrificing your well-being; it is a must-read for any creative. 

    We had fun talking with Mike about the process and thinking behind the book and his endurance. Alex picks Mike’s brain about some things he could do to soothe his burnout, as he’s experiencing it for the first time in his career. We unpack the age-old question: How do I last longer? And for some reason, there is a lot of Mark Wahlberg talk mixed in there. This and more on Front and Center!

    • 1 hr 13 min
    On the Brink of the Bass Pro Shop Aquarium

    On the Brink of the Bass Pro Shop Aquarium

    We’re back with resolutions and takes about some brand stuff! In their first episode of the year, the fellas talk about their mentality entering the new year, the Pop Tart Bowl, the Kinck, Kat Williams, the Golden Globes, Jermey Allen White Guy, the Iron Claw, Bass Pro Shop Guy, Dee’s Nuts vs Deez Nuts, Apple Vision Pro, Tige Woods and Nike part ways, Native x Girl Scouts, Cilantro Doritos, Coca-Cola’s new commercial, and more!

    • 1 hr 7 min

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4.6 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

studiosilence.sh ,

Weekly ritual

I’ve listened to Alex Kevin every week since the pandemic. Their hot takes and POVs on advertising, brand strategy and all things New York give me that boost of feeling connected to “my people” each week. Which is why I am writing this review because it’s been a couple of weeks since they dropped a new episode and I’m not even mad… excited to hear what they have cooking up there over at Center. Thanks fellas! Keep it up!

Wacom Tablet Harry Potter ,

A Sight for ‘Saur Eyes

The guys clearly appreciate a good Barney pun (above), and therefore have outstanding taste. This podcast is Barstool without the casual racism and misogyny, and PTI without the sanctimony. Alex’s reviews of design work are honest, charitable and curious, looking to connect with a designer’s inspiration. Highly recommended. Great on YouTube too, so you can see images of the designs being discussed. (Chef’s kiss emojis all around) Well done bros!

em.o12 ,


I love this podcast.
It’s funny and informative.

Also a great group of guests. These guys are creating really cool things brand-wise and content wise.

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