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The podcast bringing you many insights to support your journey of creating your best life, on your own terms. In other words, living fully free. The podcast will bring you conversation on mental health, personal growth, relationships, eating disorder recovery, hypothalamic ammenhorea and so much more.

Fully Free with Ashley Ashley Noonan

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The podcast bringing you many insights to support your journey of creating your best life, on your own terms. In other words, living fully free. The podcast will bring you conversation on mental health, personal growth, relationships, eating disorder recovery, hypothalamic ammenhorea and so much more.

    How can we define health?

    How can we define health?

    Thank you @Kerstenkimura for chatting with me this episode about how health is truly found in the grey area, it's never black or white. Kersten Kimura (PhD) is a personal health coach, personal trainer and has recovered from burnout herself (missing period, low energy, extreme fatigue, etc). We both recognized in the field a lack of discussion about what happens after recovery. There's so much information about how to get your period back, but what about afterwards and how can we know when our relationship with movement, food and overall health is HEALTHY. Well it comes down to intentions and we got into a great discussion today how we can never know another's intentions from the outside, so we need to make an effort to recognize our biases and judgments of others. Kersten and I talk about our own personal experiences with health after recovery and some of what seems taboo in this field to relate to. After recovery, It is possible post-recovery to exercise intensely again, if you enjoy that.  It's also okay to be making food choices based on your overall wellbeing, whether that's to manage blood sugar issues, fight an autoimmune condition or even positively impact anxiety, etc. It also is possible to love yourself where you're at, in your current body, but have aesthetic goals at the same time! If you are seeking free resources Kersten offers so many on her website, as well as her youtube which I will link below. Kersten has also recently started a podcast called "Balanced Vibes" which you can check out! She offers programs for wellness and also one-on-one support so head over to her page to learn more or simple reach out to either of us! Thank you all for your support and I hope you're taking care of yourselves during COVID19.


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    Hormonal Birth Control and Our Bodies

    Hormonal Birth Control and Our Bodies

    This episode of Fully Free with Ashley is hosted with a wonderful guest, and Nutritionist, Jessica Ash from the USA. Jessica Ash is a force in this field, as she personally healed herself from many diagnoses including: PCOS, Pre-diabetes, Lupus, Thyroid dysfunction and more- up to a list of 26 labels. Jessica made it her mission after being bedridden, to help other women heal and thrive in their lives by going back to school to become a Nutritionist. I love her commitment to researching metabolism and debunking health myths/stereotypes that are so concentrated in social media culture today.  Jessica works one-on-one with American women but she also has online courses that are totally affordable for everyone, including a heal your cycle mini-course and a main foundational women's health course "Fully Nourished." 

    Today we discuss the types of hormonal birth control, the effects of hormonal birth control on women's bodies, how doctors overprescribe the pill to cover up symptoms, the short and long-term effects on our health, how to support our bodies when we come off the pill and how important it is for us to make informed choices for ourselves and our children,  related to this synthetic form of birth control. We also touch on FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) as an amazing natural way to be aware of when we ovulate, when we bleed and thus understand when we are fertile. 

    There will be a future episode with all the details about FAM with a specialist as well. I look forward to welcoming Jessica back on the podcast in the future to discuss metabolism, healing and thyroid health. Thank you so much for listening and thank you Jessica for being a light of truth. 

    You can connect with me on instagram:


    You can find Jessica at:



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    PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) with Laurence Annez

    PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) with Laurence Annez

    Today we spoke with Laurence Annez, PCOS expert and Holistic Nutritionist who supports women on their healing journeys with PCOS. Laurence gives us insight her experience with PCOS, why she got into this field and how she helps women with PCOS now.  PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) sounds like it's an issue with the ovaries only but really it's a metabolic disorder that affects 1/5 (possibly more) women of reproductive age. Many women with PCOS may not even know they have it, especially since it is a disorder of exclusion and there is a spectrum you can fall along. Not to mention there are many symptoms associated with PCOS, but not every women has every symptom. Some examples are: cystic acne, irregular periods, weight gain (especially around the belly), sugar cravings, abnormal hair growth, fertility issues, hair thinning on the head, mood swings, fatigue and more.

      Laurence dives into diagnosis, the types of PCOS, seeking support from doctors, lifestyle changes, exercise recommendations, natural support options and more on this episode. You can find her @laurence.annez on instagram if you're looking for up to date recommendations and/or group + one-on-one PCOS healing support.  Laurence also has her own podcast "Addicted to Healthy." 

    Medical Disclaimer: We are not doctors but we are speaking about our authentic experience with PCOS to give you some insight into some steps you can take naturally to improve your quality of life.

    I should also add at the end when I discussed some theories of the origins of PCOS on an evolutionary level, these are just theories and I am not an expert. Likewise, although many women with PCOS are more prone to putting on muscle easily, this is not true for all, and many struggle with weight loss. There is no one-size-fits-all experience of PCOS. Also, women of any size can have PCOS, insulin resistance and varying degrees of severity of symptoms. The good news is you do not have to suffer your entire life with the symptoms of PCOS and you have the power to change them.  Please don't hesitate to connect with me @fullyfreewellness on instagram. 

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    Core Beliefs, Self Compassion and Emotions

    Core Beliefs, Self Compassion and Emotions

    Fully Free with Ashley is going to be including many more mental health topics and conversations that are accessible for anyone and everyone who wants to commit to diving into internal work and through these processes step into more self-discovery and empowerment in their lives. I want this podcast to be a source of inspiration, knowledge, support, and authenticity for everyone to tune into and learn something from.

     This was my favourite episode to record so far, with my dear friend Laura Emmerson who is an Ontario Psychotherapist (Qualifying). Laura owns and runs her own counselling practise in Oakville and she makes a difference in her clients lives every day through helping them navigate the challenges along their journey. Today we spoke about core beliefs, having self-compassion and sitting with all of of emotions in life. We discussed:

    What are core beliefs?

    How core beliefs develop

    Examples of core beliefs?

    Consequences of letting our core beliefs run us?

    How can we become aware of our core beliefs? How can we shift them?

    Having  self-compassion as we move through this internal work 

    Feeling all the emotions on the spectrum

    Sitting with our emotions

    Raising our children and emotions

    I am grateful to have such a conscious, aware and loving friend and I am so proud of her for becoming a psychotherapist as her career. You can find Laura on instagram @navigatecounsellingservices and her website; https://www.navigatecounsellingoakville.com/. I hope you are all holding up okay at home during COVID19, and remember to care for yourselves as you care for your loved ones too.

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    Metabolic Chaos, Hormones, Hyperandrogenism + PCOS and Over-training with Vince Pitstick

    Metabolic Chaos, Hormones, Hyperandrogenism + PCOS and Over-training with Vince Pitstick

    If you are a female athlete, have high androgens, possibly PCOS, this episode is very insightful and was what I was looking for when I felt my story was different than many of those with the typical "PCOS diagnosis."  This episode was one I was looking forward to for a LONG time. I connected with my mentor Vince Pitstick, Functional Medicine Consultant, Coach and founder of "Nutrition Dynamic" based out of the USA. He also went on to found "Nuethix Formulations" which contain high-quality ingredients, with high potency, because he was tired of seeing the opposite in the fitness world. Today Vince and I discuss the following and more:

    - Vince's story

    -Some of the fitness industry pitfalls

    -Western Medicine and what it's missing for healing chronic health issues

    -Why weight gain can be a SYMPTOM of underlying dysfunction

    -Weight gain with under-eating and over-training

    -Women's hormones on testing

    -The Law of Thermodynamics 

    -Intro. to Women vs. Men's physiology and training

    -Yo-yo dieting

    -Metabolic Dysfunction from dieting, over-exercise and increased stress

    -Hyperandrogenism on tests such as DUTCH (connected to histories of over-training, lack of training cycling and more)

    -Ectomorphic females and bloodwork

    -Why SLEEP is the most important

    -Daily movement > lifting/stressing the body regularly

    When Vince says "pops cysts" he's referring to the development of multiple follicles on the ovaries (not the same as functional large cysts which are often connected to estrogen dominance, etc).

    I would like to premise that I LOVE Nutrition Dynamic's approach because it isn't looking at people's weight as being the REASON THEY ARE UNHEALTHY. Nutrition Dynamic strives to investigate which lifestyle choices and nutrition patterns have led to metabolic issues. I am a strong believer in body diversity, size diversity and maintaining positive health at a variety of sizes. I am in no way condoning weight-prejudice or self-hate through dieting in this episode. This episode thoroughly explores patterns in our current society with women's hormonal issues due to over-training volume, under-eating and over-stressing regardless of one's' size (although weight gain can be a common side effect). 

    Training with Nutrition Dynamic for 5 weeks was amazing and I learned so much. At this time I have decided not to complete the next 20 weeks of training because of personal circumstances at this time, but they are a FANTASTIC company to help you in your hormonal detective work and healing journey. THANK YOU VINCE!!!!



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    Overtraining Syndrome, Injuries, Missing Periods, Athlete Identity & Recovery

    Overtraining Syndrome, Injuries, Missing Periods, Athlete Identity & Recovery

    This amazing episode I've connected with Jill Colangelo who is a Harvard Ext. Masters student studying Health/Endurance Athletes and Over-training Syndrome + Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Jill is an ex-ultrarunner and has experienced first-hand the suffering associated with Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) which led to her resisting, but ultimately ending her dependent relationship with running and embracing the recovery process. She has so much knowledge on these topics and works as a recovery coach for men + women who need additional support, insights and guidance along the way. In this episode we discuss:

    -Jill's incredible story + where she's at now

    -What is Overtraining Syndrome and how it's different from overtraining?

    -How to be sure if you have OTS? What are the signs/symptoms?

    -How to heal from OTS, general over-training fatigue and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

    -How to get your period back if it's MIA

    -Learning who you are as a beautiful human beyond your "Athlete Identity"

    -Beginning again with self-compassion and prioritizing self-care

    ... and more 3 Please tune in and again I would love your feedback.

     My instagram is @fullyfreewellness, feel free to connect!!! You can find Jill, at @acaseofthejills on instagram, as well as youtube + www.acaseofthejills.com.

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