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The Future of Living podcast explores how people connect to the places they live with technology. In this series, we dive into the latest Internet of Things (IoT), smart living & PropTech technologies, evaluate trends affecting the spaces and places that make up our cities, and look at new ways for managing life as more of the things around us connect.

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The Future of Living podcast explores how people connect to the places they live with technology. In this series, we dive into the latest Internet of Things (IoT), smart living & PropTech technologies, evaluate trends affecting the spaces and places that make up our cities, and look at new ways for managing life as more of the things around us connect.

    Nathan Potter on the Future of Travel

    Nathan Potter on the Future of Travel

    Nathan leads Wander's product and engineering team. Their core focus is on building and delivering high-quality products that delight customers and help scale business functions. He has previously spent time building established products at Fortune 500 companies and also greenfield products as an early-stage startup team member. Nathan has 7+ years of experience where he has built and deployed systems that have needed to handle scale for eCommerce giants like Target and security constraints for Intelligence Agencies and large financial institutions across the globe.
    In this conversation, Nathan discusses how Wander is paving the way for a more automated and luxurious travel experience than ever before. 
    Background of Wander.  Why was having a Tesla onsite important for creating a good experience? What has it been like to integrate with Tesla? How do you choose which smart devices to integrate with? What are some of the surprises of creating a concierge experience?  What are some of the processes you have created for your team's back-office system? How do you allocate resources for your client-facing system vs. your back-office system?  Is there anything that you have wanted to build but decided not to?  How do you approach integrating the whole tech stack?  Lightening round questions.   
    Nathan Potter
    We're working directly with Tesla and our auto insurance companies to basically build out a miniature Turro within our app. So we've gotta go through the onboarding process of signing the agreements for the rental and waiving all of the policies and the auto insurance and everything and then integrating with the Tesla API as well. 
    Blake Miller
    Welcome to the Future Living Podcast. Today I've got a really exciting episode with my friend Nathan Pottery, the CTO of Wander. Wander is, as I've been describing to a lot of friends, kind of the company that I've got a startup crush on. And I'm excited to bring this one to you as one of our first episodes back for the Future Living podcast because we're doing a lot of similar things, but they're focused more on vacation rentals.
    Nathan, welcome. Why don't you give everybody a little bit of background on what you guys are doing with Wander?
    Nathan Potter
    Hey, thanks for having me on Blake. Love what you're doing over at Homebase. Yeah, would love to. So we're basically building a network of smart homes across the globe. Currently, right now we're located across the United States and looking to expand into Canada, Mexico, and Europe this year. But each home you can imagine as a luxury real estate property. You walk in the lights turn on, the music is playing, and the fireplace is on setting the ambiance for your stay. You can control everything through the app, whether that's the shades, the lights, the locks, the garage doors, really anything. You can control the Tesla through the app as well. So each of our properties comes with a Tesla for you to use.
    We love it. It's a ton of fun. We've been able to build some really cool integrations with Tesla and have been working with their API team to integrate directly with them and that's been a lot of fun to experience. 
    Blake Miller
    We're talking about the home and all this stuff and maybe that's something we can start with because what you're describing is something that's just so cool. You guys are designing such an amazing experience for people that are traveling, right? And what I think is so cool too is it's not just for your standard family or couple that's getting an Airbnb, you know. You support this group travel model. And I'm curious with all of that, why was having a car on-site or having a Tesla there so important to creating a good user experience or a good resume experience?
    Nathan Potter
    Yeah, absolutely. So a lot of our properties are relatively close to airports and a lot of times people will fly in and get an Uber to the proper

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    Blake with Yuval Boger: Homebase & Wireless Power

    Blake with Yuval Boger: Homebase & Wireless Power

    Yuval Boger is the chief marketing officer of Wi-Charge, wireless charging products touted as "the future of power."
    In this episode, Blake and Yuval recap some of Homebase's most recent product news and discuss how wireless charging fits into multifamily buildings.

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    Lee Odess - Future of Access Industry

    Lee Odess - Future of Access Industry

    Lee Odess runs InsideAccessControl.com, a media platform focused on the physical access control industry, and Group337, a growth studio focused on business creation in the CRETech, PropTech and smart home markets for small to large companies in the security, access control, and IoT industry.
    He has worked as an Entrepreneur and an Integrator (founded E+L+C), for a multinational billion-dollar manufacturer in the lock and access control industry (Allegion), as an Executive of a start-up who pioneered the IoT/smart lock/smart physical access control industry (UniKey), and as an Executive with the first cloud-based physical access control manufacturer (Brivo).
    Labeled as an uber-networker by the Washington Post, Lee Odess has over 18 years starting, building, and leading businesses with an exceptional track record for sales growth and marketing effectiveness.
    Discussion Blake on the Inside Access Control podcast. Lee on the Future of Living podcast. Links https://www.insideaccesscontrol.com

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    Abbey Wemimo & Samir Goel - Rent in America

    Abbey Wemimo & Samir Goel - Rent in America

    What's happening with Rent in America right now. It's the middle of a pandemic. Are people able to make rent? Let's level set.
    Abbey Wemimo & Samir Goel are the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Esusu, the leading financial technology company helping individuals save money and build credit. Esusu's groundbreaking rent reporting platform captures rental payment data and reports it to credit bureaus to boost credit scores. The company's mission is to provide financial solutions that pave a permanent bridge to financial access and inclusion.
    Introductions What is happening with rent right now? How does this affect landlords? What is Esusu's Rent Relief campaign? How does Esusu help to build a renter's credit? What ways does this help renters and landlords? Why do this? Lightning round. Links
    esusurent.com esusurentrelief.com

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    Blake on Aruba Unplugged: Smart Living-as-a-Service

    Blake on Aruba Unplugged: Smart Living-as-a-Service

    This week Blake joined the Aruba Unplugged podcast to talk Homebase, Smart Living-as-a-Service & bringing the Jetsons to real life.
    Learn more about Aruba and their podcast:
    Aruba Unplugged - EP42: Smart Living as a Service
    Smart living is a trend on the rise. Homebase is at the forefront of this movement. Blake Miller, founder and CEO of Homebase, joins us to discuss how smart technology is changing the way property owners manage and people live.

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    John Jacobs - Future of Connected Construction

    John Jacobs - Future of Connected Construction

    John Jacobs is the Chief Information Officer of JE Dunn Construction, leads all Information Technology efforts and oversees integration of national operational processes. He continues to oversee the development of applications focused on operational and field efficiency, including mobile applications, intranet and internet portals, and database reporting tools. One of John’s main tasks is to drive technology efforts in the field to improve efficiency for all building partners.
    Discussion Background of John Jacobs. What does the CIO in a large construction company do? How do you get job sites connected? The real-time job site. Getting back to specialized technology. Barriers to construction technology adoption. What has COVID changed? Lightning round questions. Links https://twitter.com/JohnJacobsJED
    Note: JE Dunn is an investor in Homebase.

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5.0 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Mateojames1111 ,

Forward Thinking + Thought Provoking

I had the honor of being a guest on this show and Blake has a knack for sparking really good conversation about the future of life on planet earth. I think it's a must listen for any technologist, entrepreneur, of futurist. Great stuff. Keep up the great work!

Suzapolooza ,

Thanks, Dan!

Daniel Herscovici does a great job explaining how incremential changes have compounded to create these incredibly innovative, but seemingly simple, home tech. He uses real life example so listeners can see how these small changes make a big difference, most notably creating piece of mind.

I guess my only question is that if these things were to grow into everything that we do... what if they disappeared all at once? Would society be in a state of complete anxiety because knowing everything is not an option? Does this make us less stable and more dependent? not sure if this would happen, just food for thought :)

LondonCallingLAX07 ,

Strong industry thinkers like Daniel Herscovici

Solid speakers discussing a variety of interesting topics. The future of home, digital security, personalized connectivity, and more.

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