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Join host Todd Mitchell as he speaks with notable game industry professionals, upcoming indies, and noteworthy authors on a variety of topics including news, philosophy, career advice, and more.

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Join host Todd Mitchell as he speaks with notable game industry professionals, upcoming indies, and noteworthy authors on a variety of topics including news, philosophy, career advice, and more.

    Banks Boutté and Maxx Burman of KitBash3D

    Banks Boutté and Maxx Burman of KitBash3D

    KitBash3D has developed a reputation for world-class 3D assets used by some of the biggest studio and artist names in TV, Film, and triple-A games. Today, the company announced efforts to reach the rest of the game development space.

    In this episode of GameDev Breakdown, co-founders Banks and Maxx call in to discuss today's release of a variety of "game engine ready" asset libraries intended to make development life easier while increasing visual quality in 3D games. If you move quickly, you can download one of their asset kits for free to see if it fits your workflow.

    Topics include:

    * The challenges of repurposing asset libraries for in-engine use* The increasing value of world-building skills to emerging tech * The KitBash3D community, including its famed livestreams * BIG NEWS ABOUT SLEEP TIGHT?!?* Building creative muscles by using new approaches to creation

    KitBash Links:

    * KitBash3D.com* KitBash3D on Twitter* KitBash3D on Twitch

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Your Calls and Clips

    Your Calls and Clips

    We put out the call for topics, questions, and feedback on our new account at Swell, and you answered!

    Topics this time include:

    * Our viral retelling of adventure at the last Aladdin's Castle arcade* Coaching and tutoring in esports* The legend of Atari VP Howie Rubin* An upcoming chat with Shammi Mohamed of Microsoft first-party games and now Tesla?!* Jonathan Rando heard we were talking smack

    Thanks as always for your calls and clips. Keep them coming!

    • 30 min
    Agile Game Development Author, Clinton Keith

    Agile Game Development Author, Clinton Keith

    In this episode of GameDev Breakdown, Clinton Keith calls in ahead of his GDC 2020 presentation on project management to discuss the crises facing game development, the strategies in his latest book, Agile Game Development: Build, Play, Repeat (2nd Edition), and how to recapture the fun in making games.

    Clinton has collaborated with many of the industry's most legendary designers and studio founders including Shigeru Miyamoto himself as well as Rockstar Games' Houser brothers. His game credits include Midnight Club, Smuggler's Run, Midtown Madness, and more at Angel Studios as well as Darkwatch and The Bourne Conspiracy at Highmoon Studios.

    Clinton's Links

    * Agile Game Development: Build, Play, Repeat (2nd Edition)* AgileGameDevelopment.com* @ClintonKeith on Twitter* Clinton Keith at GDC 2020

    • 53 min
    Do You Really Need a Website?

    Do You Really Need a Website?

    Last week's discussion of community management with our friend Matt Hill spun off some great discussion around other promotional topics. Although it's not the first time we've explored the optimal role of a website in your ongoing creative efforts, some time has passed and a lot has changed.

    In this episode we'll look at the current benefits and challenges involved in running a game development-centric website, how to get going easily, how to expand on it, and how to make it competitive in search engine results. If you don't currently believe you need a website--or the work involved intimidates you--give me a chance to change your mind. I should note here that I don't have anything to sell you, I don't want to be involved in building it, and I frankly don't even want to hear about it when you're done. That's how you know I'm being sincere.

    Here are some points you'll hear about in this "second edition" of GameDev Breakdown's Guide to Websites:

    * Benefits of controlling your web presence* Building out your website in manageable phases* How to establish a killer press kit* What to offer your visitors and (hopefully) players

    Happy building. Holler if we missed anything.

    • 29 min
    Streaming and Community Management Talk with Matt Hill

    Streaming and Community Management Talk with Matt Hill

    When we last checked in with Matt Hill, he was growing a thriving community around his Mixer channel and optimistic about the future. Then Microsoft killed Mixer.

    In this episode, we discuss the state of streaming, including a look back at the good things Mixer tried to do, what went wrong, and the first official discussions about it starting to emerge from Xbox leadership. We also take a look at our recent efforts with Discord servers and discuss how studios and other content creators can integrate this option into their community-building and promotional efforts.

    Matt's links:

    * OHCMrDay on Twitch* Matt Hill on Twitter

    • 1 hr 13 min
    News Roundup 7-12-20

    News Roundup 7-12-20

    Here are highlights from this week's news roundup:

    * Our new Discord server is really taking off! Join us, won't you?* You can now download the free GameDev Breakdown Channel on Roku!* You can text the show or call to leave a voicemail at (812) 682-0336. We may use it on the show! Please note: This is not part of any marketing program. You won't receive a reply. Your phone number will not be saved elsewhere, sold, or shared with anyone. I'll never use it for anything. * PlayDate is well on its way to making sure no one wants it. * Eat the Twitter super accounts. * So long Mixer, thanks for nothing. * Guess who's working on a new digital magazine? * 2 companies are making high-value learning and asset resources available absolutely free!

    • 25 min

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Hazard 0643 ,

The reason I started a podcast.

So I am going to be real honest here and tell you guys that I have little to no understanding of game development or what it takes to make something from nothing using code.

That being said this podcast is an absolute blast to listen to, the content is always relevant and interesting and I find myself just sucked into each episode no matter what it’s about.

I’ve always wanted to start a podcast and it’s because of podcasts like this, Todd is super personal and relatable and always delivers the content in a well thought out and relatable fashion even to someone like me who doesn’t understand his industry.

Really just a great show. Keep it up guys!

Are Pee Gee Fan ,

Yay it’s back!

Great podcast that has everything game dev. A must listen for any indie devs with some free ear time.

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