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A podcast about gaming and so much more, with a unique international perspective. The best part? There's no passport needed
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Gamers Without Borders Gamers Without Borders

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A podcast about gaming and so much more, with a unique international perspective. The best part? There's no passport needed
Find us on Twitter @GWBPod

    Episode 51 - Game Of The Year 2021

    Episode 51 - Game Of The Year 2021

    Happy New Year and best of all Gamers Without Borders is back! Nick discusses his thoughts and feelings about his choice for Game of the Year 2021, Life is Strange: True Colors
    If you want ever more discussions about Life is Strange involving Nick and some friends of the podcast, check out these episodes of two great podcasts:
    Almost Better Than Silence Episode 333 (Life is Strange 2 Spoilercast)
    Behind the Line Radio (Enthusiacs) Episode 51 (Discussion about Life is Strange in general)
    Thanks, have a great 2022 and I hope to be back with GWB again soon!
    Nick (@AnotherGmgBlog)

    • 22 min
    Episode 50 - Switch OLED Review

    Episode 50 - Switch OLED Review

    Hello again,
    It's been a while hasn't it?
    Well I decided it was finally time, delay after delay, hiatus after hiatus. I wanted to come back, I've felt re-invigorated about gaming for the first time in ages, and I wanted to actually talk about!
    Just a short solo episode for now, talking about my experiences with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model.
    This really feels like the proper comeback, I called it Episode 50 for a reason because it's a true 'canon' episode.
    I'm still deciding exactly what the future of the show is going to look like, but I have some projects in mind that will be great fun.
    It's time I became a podcaster again
    Lets not say, until next time, instead, see you soon!
    Nick (@AnotherGmgBlog) 

    • 28 min
    2021 Update

    2021 Update

    Nick finally returns after an unplanned break of 2 years!
    This is still early days but I hope to get back into the podcasting world soon.
    Until then, stay safe everyone

    • 6 min
    Episode 49 - Country Brains 3

    Episode 49 - Country Brains 3

    On this week's GWB Podcast:
    After an incredibly long hiatus, Nick and Greg are finally back! See? We're still here!
    We discuss what the hell we've been doing on this time, the problems of Life is Strange 2, a deep dive into the Frozen canon, oh and monkeys!
    As discussed in the episode, in place of the formal shownotes previously used, here is the outline document me and Greg use, including all the links for our social media as well as the stories we've discussed. All feedback appreciated
    Until next time!

    • 1 hr 38 min
    Episode 48 - E3 and Stuff

    Episode 48 - E3 and Stuff

    This week on the GWB Podcast:

    Nick and Greg are back! They discuss what they’ve been doing for the past 3 months, all things Marvel, resurrect a long standing argument and run through the big announcements at E3 and what they’re looking forward to most. Oh and of course, Space Force!

    The shownotes can be found here:

    Until next time!

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Episode 47 - Unscripted

    Episode 47 - Unscripted

    On this episode of the GWB podcast:
    As previously promised, this episode is a little different as Nick and Greg decided to get rid of any shownotes or script!
    In order to keep everything a surprise I won't even give a synopsis of the episode.
    I hope everyone enjoys it 
    Until next time!

    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

ABTS_Doug ,

Off to a great start

I was listening since the beginning. Although I miss Brad and Rena, Nick has done an incredible job keeping the podcast alive and introducing new host Dapper. A great video game podcast and I look forward to more content :)

One Track Gamer ,

Take a gander at this gaming podcast

The hosts are funny and great to listen to. They have good insight of what is currently happening in the gaming industry. Check this podcast out!

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