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Gangland Wire Crime Stories is a unique true crime podcast. The host, Gary Jenkins, is a former Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit Detective. Gary uses his experience to give insigtful twists on famous organized characters across the United States. He tells crime stories from his own career and invites former FBI agents, police officers and criminals to educate and entertain listeners.

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Gangland Wire Crime Stories is a unique true crime podcast. The host, Gary Jenkins, is a former Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit Detective. Gary uses his experience to give insigtful twists on famous organized characters across the United States. He tells crime stories from his own career and invites former FBI agents, police officers and criminals to educate and entertain listeners.

    Alain Olivier Part 2

    Alain Olivier Part 2

    Most Wanted and The Trial of Alain Olivier

    Most Wanted, starring Josh Hartnett and Jim Gaffigan, is the real-life story of a French Canadian drug addict named Alain Olivier and how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police intimidated him into setting up an undercover narcotics operation. This plan went horribly wrong and ended with a Mountie getting killed under suspicious circumstances. In this second interview, Alain Olivier tells about his trial, 100-year sentence, and subsequent life in a Thai prison. The film crew of Most Wanted went to Thailand and used the actual Bang Kwang prison as a set for the time Olivier was in prison. Alain Olivier tells about how the Mounties testified against him to obtain a sentence of death. Once the court passed down a death sentence, they commuted it to 100 years because he was Canadian and Canada does not have a death penalty.

    Most Wanted and Prison Life

    Alain Olivier tells how one of the Mounties walked up to him during his trial and took a picture of him wearing his 40 pounds of chains for their family photo album. Alain alleges these Officers perjured themselves at trial and misrepresented him as a career criminal. In the end, one of them looked at him and stated “Good Luck Frency.” This became the title of his book and click on the title to find Alain Olivier’s website and the book.  Olivier explains in horrifying detail how he survived inside a Thai prison for 8 long years.


    The film Most Wanted shows how Alain Olivier adapted to prison life and even thrived by helping his fellow prisoners. A Canadian journalist traveled to Thailand and interviewed Olivier inside the infamous Bang Kwang prison (click for a link to photos of the prison). Canadian journalist Victor Malarek was suspicious after asking his RCMP contacts about the buy-bust and they refused to talk about what should have been their greatest narcotics arrest. He followed up and learned the Mounties were hiding something. After a series of articles appeared, a Canadian attorney was able to get Olivier returned to Canada to finish out his 100-year sentence after 8 years in Thailand. Shortly after, the Canadian courts released Olivier. He is fighting today to restore his good name and to cause reform within the RCMP.

    Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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    Alain Olivier Part 1

    Alain Olivier Part 1

    Alain Olivier Most Wanted

    Recently Gary watched an Amazon Prime movie titled Most Wanted. The film starred Josh Hartnett, Jim Gaffigan, and Antoine Olivier Pilon.  This film was about a Royal Canadian Mounted Police operation that went horribly wrong. The Mounties needed a big drug dealer that was importing China White heroin from the Southeast Asian Golden Triangle. Listen while a recovering drug addict named Alain Olivier tells how he was arrested in Thailand for heroin trafficking. In the second of this tw0-part interview Alain Olivier will tell about his time in an infamous Bang Kwang prison in Thailand,

    Alain Olivier set-up

    Jim Gaffigan plays the part of a real-life professional informant who promised his RCMP handlers a real important guy who had the contacts to import multiple kilos of heroin from Thailand. gaffigan’s character brought in the young Alain Olivier to work on his charter fishing boat. The RCMP created a program that they believed would allow them to pass themselves off as mafia members or at least bug0time criminals. First, the Gaffigan character sold Olivier as a guy who had been to Thailand based on the fact that Olivier had gone on a backpacking trip to Thailand and he had used heroin over there. Once he had the confidence of his RCMP handlers, he brought the young Olivier in by offering him a job and allowed him to live on his boat. In an intricate series of subterfuges, the Gaffigan character convinced Olivier he was going to South America to set up a big cocaine deal. During that time, he introduced an undercover Mountie as an organized crime figure. While the Gaffigan character was going to be gone, he instructed Olivier to allow the undercover cop access to his boat for a weekend. The cop arrived to take the boat out with another man. When he returned, he returned alone and Olivier found an expended shell casing and a substance that looked like blood. he alerted Gaffigan and he indicated that the undercover had murdered the guy. Olivier was young and inexperienced in this level of crime so he bought the story. Mr. Olivier tells us that this setup was used in other RCMP drug operations.

    The RCMP Plot

    Once the Monties realize that Olivier believes they are members of a criminal organization, they start pressuring him to set them up with a drug connection in Thailand. He pleads to the Gaffigan character to convince them that he really cannot do this because the only dope he ever brought back from Aisa was a little brown heroin be bought in Nepal when he was backpacking over there. Gaffigan convinces him that he has to try or they will kill him. The RCMP introduces in “The Fat Man” who supposedly the big boss. They buy him a ticket to Bangkok and essentially babysit him until the plane leaves. Once they are in Thailand, they intimidate him into finding a drug connection.

    The RCMP Plot Goes South

    Olivier keeps asking around until he finds someone who introduces him to two girls who can get 2 kilos. He tells his handlers and they set up a buy-bust. When the arrest goes down, an undercover Mountie is killed. Olivier claims he heard a shot just before the man died but his fellow officers claim he fell out of a pickup truck during the arrest and he died from head injuries.

    Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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    Lennie Patrick Chicago Outfit Enforcer

    Lennie Patrick Chicago Outfit Enforcer

    Lennie Patrick Flips

    Gary and Cam discuss an Outfit gangster named Lennie Patrick with Chicago mob historian and attorney Paul Whitcombe. Paul and Camillus Robinson are associated with John Touhy and the Killers Kings and Clowns You Tube Mob channel and the Mafia Facebook group, Killers Kings and Clowns. In 1992, Paul was a law clerk for the trial Judge Patrick Alesia when 78-year-old Lennie Patrick testified against the Outfit’s chief political fixer and then boss Sam “Wings” Carlisi and several others. He traded off what would have been a life sentence for racketeering and extortion for a 2-year sentence and is testimony in this famous trial. Besides the discussion about Lenny Patrick in general, Paul tells great stories about events during the trial like his small talk with spectator Antoinette Giancana and the time the defense lawyers presented a theory that Lenny Patrick was the actual killer of JFK and they claimed he shot from the “grassy knoll.” Paul tells about how he was given the entire unredacted JFK murder file to review for any mentions of Lenny Patrick. Plus, he had to review a Cuban documentary film about the assassination for any evidence that Patrick was the killer.

    Lennie Patrick and the Outfit

    Patrick grew up in the Jewish section of Lincoln Park on the Near Northside during Prohibition. At age 15, Patrick quit school and started a life of crome. An Outfit capo named Joey Glimco noticed him when he started gambling at dice games at the Chicago taxi driver’s union. Like most young mobsters, Patrick graduated to armed robbery. In 1932 it is suspected he murdered his first man. He got into a fight with a gambler named Herman Glick and Glick knocked Patrick out. Patrick returned a week later and shot the man in his head. Patrick and his stick-up crew started robbing banks when the police caught them. An Indiana court sentenced him to 10 years in about 1933-34. He left prison in 1940 and returned to Chicago. He was a trusted and seasoned gangster by then. He was noticed by Outfit up and comers like Paul Ricca, Sam Giancana, and Milwaukee Phil Alderisio. He got involved with an Outfit gambler named Dave Yaras. The Italian dominated Outfit granted Patrick control of all book-making in the Jewish neighborhoods. It was during these years that he met the man he would eventually turn on, Outfit political fixer Gus Alex. over his first few years as an Outfit bookie, he would murder West Side book-maker Harry Krotish, a rival gangster named Edward Murphy, a man named David Zatz, and Milton Glickman. When he went into the witness program Patrick claimed he murdered a man who scammed him out of $165,000 for a phony sportsbook. Patrick “made his bones” and was a tough and respected Chicago Outfit mobster.

    The Patrick crew

    Lennie Patrick was probably making over $800,000 a year from his sportsbook. He was a lucky gambler and liked to gamble like most of the mob bosses in Chicago. it is claimed he once won a huge amount of money gy taking the Jets over the Colts in the 1969 Super Bowl. He must have seen something in Joe Nameth. He and his crew also extorted local business by starting fires or planting bombs. He claimed he and Dave Yaras extorted $300,000 from Allen Dorfman. These activities were all under the direction of the Outfit and he was a non-Italian who had his own crew on the Northside of Chicago. The FBI watched him meet with all the upper echelon Outfit Capos and boss at different times and appeared to be the equal of any other capo.

     Lennie Patrick was a mean vicious gangster

    Patrick showed no mercy and had few scruples. it is said that one time he offered a young kid some money for helping to push him out of the snow. When the kid refused the money, he decided the family must be wealthy. Thereupon,

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    Dustin Marks – A Crossroader Talks

    Dustin Marks – A Crossroader Talks

    Dustin Marks as a Magician

    Dustin Marks tells listeners about how he was drawn to perform magic tricks as a child. He notices that all the good magicians are based in Las Vegas. As a young adult after a series of dead-end jobs, he moves to Vegas. After a few months, he finds out that all the good magicians met on Wednesday nights at Gary Darwin’s Magic Club.  He had to ask questions and search for a couple of months before he finally found this club. Just like he was told, all the good magicians meet there on Wednesdays. They take him under their wing and he increases his skills dramatically. From these professional magicians, he learns about the underground group of professional casino rip-off artists known as “Crossroaders.”

    Dustin Marks Meets Crunch

    He learned from his magician friends at Gary Darwin’s that a man known only as Crunch was a professional Crossroader and Justin tells how he met Crunch. He learned that Crunch was well known at a local magic shop so Dustin befriended a clerk at this store. The clerk agreed to call Dustin if he ever saw Crunch in the store. A few weeks later, the clerk is good to his word and Justin runs over to the store and introduces himself to Crunch. the rest is history as Crunch takes Justin under his tutelage and that very day invites him to his home and begins a series of classes in how to cheat casinos.

    Dustin Marks on Cheating Casinos

    He tells about working with large crews to take a casino for over $100,000. We learn that this crew will have a couple of dealers already working at the casino, several players to set up the deck by taking all the chairs at a particular table where another crew member is the dealer. After a few plays, the dealer gets the card into the right order as the players drift away. Another member of the crew will come to the table and demand that he be the only player and will place large bets on several hands. He will take several tricks and leave. they will come back on another shift and do this again. they will move to another casino where they have a dealer and do it again. Another technique for earning smaller amounts at a steady pace required him to have a dealer as his partner.

    Dustin Marks on Techniques

    We learn there are many techniques to get better odds and some are even legal. One is called card palming. he was able to keep an extra card in one hand and switch it out with a bad card in his hand. Another is “pressing your bet.” In that technique, if the player gets a very good hand, say a 19 or above, he can slip another chip on the betting line to increase his bet after he knows his hand is good. Justin told how the same thing applies if he got a bad hand and he talked about ways to take away a chip and lower the bet. The legal method of getting an edge is to find a dealer who was sloppy and might show cards as he dealt.

    The Cheater’s Appearance

    One of the main lessons Dustin marks learned as he cheated casinos was he needed to blend into the background and not draw attention to himself. he explained how the cameras are really designed to prevent the dealer from stealing and to provide evidence for lawsuits. If the guys watching the “eye in the sky” started watching the cheater because he drew attention to himself, the cheater was finished. Below is a video from Gary Darwen’s Magic Club and one of many videos from Dustin’s Mark’s You Tube Channell. Click here to find Dustin’s book Cheating at Blackjack. 

    Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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    Jeffrey Sussman on Greg Scarpa

    Jeffrey Sussman on Greg Scarpa

    Jeffrey Sussman

    Gary interviews Jeffrey Sussman who is the author of 15 non-fiction books. Mr. Sussman’s most recent book, Big Apple Gangsters: The Rise and Decline of the Mob in New York, is the subject. He has also written extensively about professional boxing as well as the subject of Marketing. with books like Boxing and the Mob: The Notorious History of the Sweet Science; Rocky Graziano: Fists, Fame, and Fortune; Max Baer and Barney Ross: Jewish Heroes of Boxing, and Power Promoting: How to Market Your Business to The Top!

    Greg Scarpa

    In this interview, Gary and Jeffrey discuss his chapter on Greg Scarpa or the “Grim Reaper.” Scarpa started as a young mobster in the Profaci crime family. Later he will graduate to be a Capo and hitman for the the Colombo crime family. He will fuel his success as a gangster by making a deal with the FBI. During his entire mob career Greg Scarpa acted as an informant in exchange for Burau turning a blind eye to his crimes.

    The Grim Reaper and the KKK

    During the summer of 1964, KKK members murdered three Civil Rights workers as they drove through the small town of Philadelphia Mississippi. The FBI sent many agents to solve this crime as seen in the film, Mississippi Burning with Gene Hackman. In that movie, hackman depicted a rouge FBI agent who threatened sexual torture to solve this crime and locate the victim’s bodies. In reality, Jeffrey tells us the FBI brought their prize informant down, gave him a gun, and pointed out the most likely suspects. Scarpa kidnapped an appliance store owner by buying television and taking him prisoner as he delivered the TV. Greg Scarpa beat the man to a bloody pulp and when he still refused to divulge the perpetrators and location of the bodies, Scarpa threatened castration. The man quickly confessed. A grateful FBI paid Scarpa $100,000 as a reward. They pointed him at another unsolved murder and when they refused to pay him another $100,000, he returned to New york.

    Greg Scarpa Loses an Eye

    On December 29, 1992, Greg Scarpa was on house arrest and wearing an electronic monitoring device. Lucchese family mobsters, Michael DeRosa and Ronald Moran, were doing a drug deal with Scarpa’s son, Joey Scarpa. They tried to cheat him over the money and threatened to kill him. Joey Scarpa told his Dad about this intimidation and the father and son hit the streets looking for retribution. Even though he was being monitored by his ankle monitor, the father and son drove to DeRosa’s house. During a short gun battle, they shot DeRosa. Ronald Moran was there and he fired back. Scarpa was wounded in his eye. Scarpa and his son drive back home where he poured whisky into his wound. The phone was bringing and he told the caller from the monitoring company that he had just stepped out to the pharmacy to get some medicine. Prosecutors learned about the ambush and revoked Scarpa’s house arrest.

    The Mobster gets AIDS

    Prison and death

    During the time of the above gunfight, Greg Scarpa was suffering from HIV and was into full-blown AIDS. He had received his infection from a blood transfusion. In a lawsuit against his doctor, the court learned about another complaint filed against this defendant doctor for allegedly sedating two different male patients. While they were under sedation, the doctor supposedly sodomized the patients. Mr. Sussman tells us the judge, in this case, remarked, “let’s see here we have a mafia hitman plaintiff and a defendant medical doctor who is accused of sedating and sodomizing patient.”  Scarpa settled for $300,000 in cash payments to his family. On December 15, 1993, a federal judge sentenced Greg Scarpa. On June 4,

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    Chris Paciello – South Beach Celebrity

    Chris Paciello – South Beach Celebrity

    Chris Paciello – The early days

    Chris Paciello was born Christian Ludwigsen in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn to an Italian mother and non-Italian father who was an addict and a petty thief. Chris’s father was a street guy who rarely took care of his family. His mother moved Chris to an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn and they began using her maiden name, Paciello. Chris started as a petty thief, boosting car stereos at age 15, and graduated to stealing cars. He became close with the New Springfield Boys, a young crew often used by both the Colombo and Bonanno families for small jobs, arson, robbery, intimidation.  Like most young men of the 1980s-90s, they dabbled in street-level drug dealing. Paciello maintained his mafia connections for use later in his criminal career.

    Chris Paciello – First big score

    Paciello got his first big break in the early 90s when he noticed some young guys loading bales of marijuana into a panel truck. Chris was always quick to see an opportunity and he followed the panel truck until the men dropped it on the street and left it unguarded. Chris knew how to hotwire an automobile so he called in his crew and they took the marijuana. Since Paciello was in a group with mafia connections, a Bonanno Capo named Anthony Graziano demanded a piece of this theft. Graziano demanded $50,000 in cash. Paciello gladly paid this tribute because they actually made over three times that amount.

    Chris Paciello – Armed Robbery

    Chris Paciello and the New Springfield Boys decide to go for the big money and robbed six banks over the next few months after the marijuana caper. Modeling themselves after the Point Break robbery crew, they meticulously planned each robbery. They cased the locations, used crash cars, knew the schedules of the armored car arrivals and the personal schedules of every bank employee. Paciello was building for the future with each bank robbery and one even netted them over $300,000.

    Chris Paciello – A job goes wrong

    Paciello was always on the prowl for a bigger job and more money. He was a thinking robber and looked into the porn industry because they usually dealt in cash. He learned about a porn magnate named Sami Shemtov who owned many porn shops in New York City.   Even while many of these porn stores were co-owned by mob members, Paciello started running surveillance on Shemtov. he learned where he lived and believed he must keep a cash hoard inside his home  Chris recruited outside his normal crew and convinced mob associates and members of a Bonanno crew called the Bath Avenue crew to help him. Bonnano associates Jimmy Calendra and Tommy Reynolds went to Shemtov’s home. Reynolds was a crack addit and unreliable to the poin that he spent the whole day smoking in preparation for the home invasion. Paciello and his crew arrived at Shemtov’s. Calendra and Reynolds went to the door, while Paciello waited in the car. Shemtov’s wife answered the door. Reynolds was jittery and afraid and for some reason he pulled his trigger killing Ms. Chemtov in front of her 9-year old daughter. The two men fled back to Pacielloo and the getaway car with no money. Newspapers later reported that Shemtov diod not have a safe and did to keep his store rfeceiuopts at home.

    Chris Paciello – Still out there

    Paciello left New York after this crime and invested much of his money into a Miami South Beach club called Risk. During this time, he hedged his bets and started proving the FBI information.  He was very successful in the Miami club scene and sooner partnered with a local celebrity named Ingrid Casares and opened Club Liquid. He became friends with many movie stars and music legends like Madonna during these days. On December 1, 1999, New York charged Paciello in the 1993 murder of Judith Shemtov.  Sofia Vergara and other wealthy customers of his South Beach club posted his t

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4.6 out of 5
323 Ratings

323 Ratings

hoodlumsaint ,

Rob the mob

Enjoyed the facts after seeing the Hollywood movie. The spoof of surveillance footage was hilarious. I from Chicago and have intrigued by mob. A great aunts in-laws told about Phyllis McGuire and Sam giacona show bowing the entire neighbor.

ikemanike ,


Just an amazing podcast all around!!!!!

PW from GR ,

The Real Deal

Coming from Atlantic City from 1974-2004, working in the casino industry, and once living right in the middle of Nicky Scarfo’s Ducktown neighborhood, I am a true Mafia-phile. Gary is the real deal and I am so grateful that he is sharing all his wonderful knowledge and stories. After decades of hearing these stories through East Ciast accents, I get a huge kick out of this guy with the Midwestern twang.

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