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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

Gem Junkies Parle Jewelry Design's Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth.

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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

    From Breastplate To Birthstone

    From Breastplate To Birthstone

    We’ve been busy bees getting ready for trade show season but don’t worry Gem Junkies we haven’t forgotten about you!! For awhile we’ve teased about putting together an episode about birthstones and it’s finally come into fruition. From it’s early biblical beginning to its influence in the jewelry world we delve into its long history.

    00:00:00 Take 2. Press Record.
    00:24:00 Parle tradeshow line-up
    01:28:00 Birthstones
    01:49:00 How did it all start?
    01:55:00 Biblical – Aaron’s Breastplate
    04:27:00 What stones we set up in Aaron’s breastplate
    06:50:00 How did we get from breastplate to birthstone?
    09:14:00 A developed notion of switching out jewelry every month
    10:27:00 Vedic astrological system associated to gemstones
    11:25:00 Why are gemstones are connected to planets?
    12:32:00 How do we get to the idea of a person always wearing and only wearing a gemstone corresponding to their birth month?
    13:49:00 In 1912 – standardization of birthstones
    21:05:00 The additions of birthstones
    24:20:00 Chrysolite, what? Birthstones associated to zodiac sign.
    26:45:00 Birthstones for mother’s jewelry
    28:30:00 Parle Xmas story

    • 30 min
    Raising The Tide With Craig Danforth

    Raising The Tide With Craig Danforth

    Hello 2020!! For the first podcast of the year we sit down with Craig Danforth from Jewelers Mutual. With all the jewelry received over the holidays we talk about the importance of acquiring a policy for your jewelry, the history of Jewelers Mutual and of course, we get to know Craig up close and personal.

    00:00:00 Sea Legs
    00:42:00 Introducing Craig Danforth
    02:09:00 First memory of a piece of jewelry or gemstone
    02:50:00 Take us through your life
    03:43:00 How did you get involved with jewelry
    04:32:00 The silver run at @tiffanyandco
    06:32:00 And then . . . @cartier
    07:19:00 What was your favorite part about that job?
    08:21:00 Working with GIA
    10:52:00 Transition to Jewelers Mutual
    11:36:00 The polar vortex of Wisconsin
    12:39:00 The “Gem State”
    13:01:00 What do you do for Jewelers Mutual?
    14:10:00 The history of Jewelers Mutual
    18:31:00 How do I insure this?
    23:21:00 A care plan through Jewelers Mutual
    24:54:00 How to learn more about Jewelers Mutual?
    26:22:00 Jewelers Mutual’s involvement within the industry
    29:12:00 The gem gallery at Jeweler Mutual
    32:47:00 What’s your favorite gemstone?

    • 38 min
    Parle Marketer = Stephanie Major

    Parle Marketer = Stephanie Major

    If you’ve been wondering who is often laughing in the background when we’re recording a podcast it’s me, Stephanie Major. Hey Gem Junkies, I’m the producer and marketing coordinator at Parle. We thought it might be time to step up to the mic and for you all to get to know a little more about me.

    00:00:00 Hey, @spencerpratt
    03:34:00 Happy Birthday Abbey
    01:39:00 [Going down a rabbit hole] A look back of the past
    02:29:00 The interviews we’ve done
    03:14:00 Which one was your favorite interview?
    04:47:00 Another interview. . . Stephanie (our podcast producer)
    06:41:00 I don’t wear a lot of jewelry
    07:20:00 What’s your life story
    10:19:00 10 years ago – A BIG YEAR
    14:54:00 Never say no . . .fake it till you make it
    16:00:00 How did you get to Pocatello
    17:36:00 I am done with homeschool
    19:11:00 Sh*!, what am I going to do?
    21:08:00 A day in the life
    22:56:00 A learning curve to get started
    23:44:00 A week overview
    25:45:00 A personal initiative
    26:59:00 Brand Building
    27:57:00 Changing the whole vibe
    29:57:00 There’s another thing that you do . . .

    • 35 min
    Gem Legacy - Rachel Dery

    Gem Legacy - Rachel Dery

    It’s the season of giving and during this years Giving Tuesday we donated $1000 to Gem Legacy . Thus, it’s a perfect time to interview Rachel Dery of Gem Legacy. We learn about her childhood growing up in the gemstone industry and about Gem Legacy--a non-profit organization that help support communities closest to the mining source.

    If you would like to learn more about Gem Legacy you can head to www.gemlegacy.org or go to www.gemlegacy.org.donate to make a donation today.

    Also, a quick apology for the intermittent audio issues. It’s our first time recording through zoom so we’re still learning about it. Thanks for you understanding.

    00:00:00 The voices are calling
    00:34:00 Rachel Dery with Gem Legacy
    01:33:00 Tell us a little about you
    03:00:00 The grassroots of Gem Legacy
    03:55:00 How did it happen?
    05:26:00 What are some of your initiative
    06:59:00 The initiatives
    08:00:00 Understanding what Gem Legacy is doing
    10:47:00 Finding the opportunities of gemstones making a positive impact
    11:53:00 Gemstone educational training
    12:32:00 [Story time] Garnets from the sky
    16:15:00 The gem cutting school
    19:23:00 How it supports the country
    19:54:00 What small amounts can do from a donation
    24:18:00 There must be more within our industry to give back to the community
    25:37:00 Sustainable giving
    26:11:50 What are you most proud of?
    28:00:00 Gem Legacy’s ability to adopt to the need
    30:38:00 What is your first memory of a gemstone or piece of jewelry?
    34:04:00 100% of donations goes back toward the initiatives

    • 35 min
    All About Lambs With Julie Lamb

    All About Lambs With Julie Lamb

    We made it to New York City in time for New York Jewelry Week and had an opportunity to talk shop with jewelry designer Julie Lamb. From her childhood beginnings in jewelry to the evolution of personal brand. We also have our special co-host @thirdcoastgems joining in the fun. (We apologize for the background noise. At least you get a little sense of the NYC vibe.)

    00:00:00 Who is the alpha?
    00:25:00 We’re in NYC w/ @julielambny and @thirdcoastgems
    01:10:00 What is your first memory with a gemstone or a piece of jewelry?
    02:14:00 Give us your life history
    05:01:00 Looking at colleges with a metal studio
    06:35:00 When did you decide to do you own thing?
    07:24:00 Yes, Avon had jewelry
    08:49:00 Seeing someone own a piece of your jewelry
    10:45:00 Your relationship with @thirdcoastgems as a brand advocate
    11:15:00 So you started your own thing?
    15:29:00 You took all you learned in Julie Lamb
    21:10:00 Your first launch
    23:42:50 Nicknames
    24:35:00 When did you start using gemstones?
    27:17:00 Then came metropolis
    35:04:50 We are in the business of selling not buying
    40:42:00 What is the future of Julie Lamb?

    • 48 min
    From Cab To Brilliant

    From Cab To Brilliant

    Today we answer a fans question about gemstone cuts. By no means are we experts on how to actually cut/facet gemstones rather, we’ll discuss the evolution of gem cutting and the different cut styles.

    00:00:00 50th Episode
    01:01:00 Common Cold
    02:15:00 Introduction of Gem Cutting
    03:33:00 When do you think humans began cutting gemstones
    04:37:00 Bruting
    05:38:00 3000 BC
    06:41:00 The oldest gemstone used in jewelry
    06:59:00 Other gemstones that were easy to manipulate during this time
    08:01:50 Middle Ages
    09:30:00 Cabochons to harness magical properties
    10:37:00 The hunt to get diamonds to sparkle
    11:17:00 1380
    12:00:00 16th Century
    12:25:00 Bruting diamonds
    12:55:00 The culet
    13:33:00 Hello, single cut gemstone
    14:53:00 The gemstone tells us what it can do
    16:14:00 Cutting colored gemstones vs. diamonds
    16:52:00 Face up shape
    19:43:00 The parts of the gemstone
    20:32:00 Brilliant cut/variation of cuts/faceting

    • 32 min

Customer Reviews

Brooklyn Oyster ,

Love your Pod Cast!!!

Thanks so much for your amazing and informative pod cast. I’ve been binging the episodes, I’ve learned so much. Question for you, I’ve been thinking about going to GIA and would love your input in the types of careers you can expect after graduation.

NappyN8 ,


Brand new to the gem world. Definitely increasing my Mohs Scale listening to this.;-)

Ken Jr. ,

Interesting and entertaining!

I enjoy learning about gemstones from Brecken and Jonathan who entertain as well as educate. Their knowledge, free flowing dialog and historical notes keep me listening. Thank you for sharing!

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