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Weekly podcast for the young fairytale-teller, folklorist, or mythologist in your life.

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Weekly podcast for the young fairytale-teller, folklorist, or mythologist in your life.

    Episode 24: Greek and Roman Mythology

    Episode 24: Greek and Roman Mythology

    Hello my Grimm friends! We're back for one of the most popular topics in the world of mythology: the Greeks and Romans! I'm really excited to dive into this series with you. On this episode we'll be diving into the backstory and context for the stories by learning a bit about the central gods and goddesses of the period and how they are related to each other. In the next few episodes, we'll cover the origin stories and some of the more popular tales.


    Since Greek Mythology is such an extensive topic, I want to get you guys involved! I plan on coming back to this subject in the future, so I just want to know what you guys want to hear right now. Keep an eye on my social media to look for polls on upcoming stories and topics! 

    I love hearing from you guys online, and now that we're back, I want to talk more about how to support your favorite podcasts. 

    I am a completely independent podcast. I am the editor, producer, writer, researcher and star. And all of those hats cost money to wear. Patreon is the platform that I use for those of you who want to donate a bit to the show and get some great bonus content. I have one tier, just $3 a month, and it gets you bonus episodes, a shout out on the air, and my love and gratitude. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal and I’d love it if you’d consider supporting me that way.


    But another great thing about podcasts being free entertainment is that you don’t have to pay to show support. You can like the show on Facebook, leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your other favorite pod catcher, follow on Spotify, or simply drop by Twitter, Facebook, or my email and leave a kind message. I love to hear from everyone who enjoys the show, and these methods are the best to get new people introduced to the show.

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    The Return of Get Grimm and the Ancient Greece Intro

    The Return of Get Grimm and the Ancient Greece Intro

    Well guys, it's official: I'm back. I've been wanting to come back for a long time, but timing has just not been right. However, that's about to change. Now that I've had my time free up again and I am able to prioritize putting out new episodes, I'm really excited to come back with a brand new season and a brand new topic. This new season is going to be all about the ancient Greeks. And I guess by association the ancient Romans.

    Besides the kilts, there hasn't been a group as influential on our storytelling in the western world quite like the ancient Greeks and Romans. Play rights, poets, moviemakers, storytellers, across generations and time all seem to come back to these tails. So come with me, consult your soothsayer, look for signs from the gods as we journey back to Ancient Greece.

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    Episode 23: A Christmas Carol Revisited

    Episode 23: A Christmas Carol Revisited

    Out of all of the stories we've retold on the show, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has to be one of the most well-loved, retold stories in Western literature. There seems to be a new release in some form every year, and it happens to be one of my favorite stories. Even though the show has bene on a bit of a hiatus for the last few months, I didn't want to let the Christmas season pass without sharing this story with you all again.


    Thank you to all of the pod family members who have lent voices, time, talent, and research to this particular production. I know I learned a lot putting this together and I'm excited to share the whole thing with you once more.

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    Episode 22: Beauty and the Beast

    Episode 22: Beauty and the Beast

    Vacation is over, work has started, and that means I'm in search of a bit of something to keep me going in my spare time. I have missed you all, and my trip to Disney recently inspired me to cover Beauty and the Beast for Get Grimm and Get Told this round. This week, get a little background on the tale, as well as some inspiration for the story and meet some wonderful new podcasts.

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    Get Told Vol. VI: Afanasyev's Tales Retold

    Get Told Vol. VI: Afanasyev's Tales Retold

    After a brief hiatus for a few summer trips, we're back with Get Told Vol. VI which will wrap up our foray into Russian fairytales for a while. Included in this week's episode are the tales "The Princess Who Never Laughed", "The White Duck", and "Father Frost". Each of these tales comes from the work of Alexander Afanasyev's collection of Russian fairytales and has been retold by yours truly. 


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    Episode 21: The Russian Folklorists

    Episode 21: The Russian Folklorists

    This week we're taking a look a few little-known but important men in the world of Russian Literature. Alexander Afanasyev and Vladimir Kropp made major contribution to the study of literature as a whole, but they've also added tremendously to what we know about the stories of Eastern Europe.

    This week's podcast partner is Her Moment in History! Find them here:



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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

princess purple1 ,

Great find!!

I love this podcast!! Kayla is a great host!
Great mix of fairytales & history.

alisaurus.wrecks ,

Very Interesting & Smart Topic

I love learning the backstory and trivia to all of these fairytales and myths that I never knew. Kayla is a smart host who clearly has a love for this topic and does her homework. It's like listening to a bedtime story with director's commentary. Absolutely give it a listen!

mariap514 ,

A delightful romp!

Informative and fun, Kayla strikes a nice balance between history and contextualizing and recounting poetry, fairytales, and lore. I particularly enjoy the episodes on Irish Poems and Fairy stories. Kayla has a very pleasant and clear voice.

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