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Personal leadership and career coach Jeff Ikler and guests help unlock the innate curiosity we're all born with. Getting Unstuck-Cultivating Curiosity is about seeing the familiar from a different angle or seeing something new as a package of possibilities one can unwrap and consider.

Getting Unstuck – Cultivating Curiosity Jeff Ikler

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Personal leadership and career coach Jeff Ikler and guests help unlock the innate curiosity we're all born with. Getting Unstuck-Cultivating Curiosity is about seeing the familiar from a different angle or seeing something new as a package of possibilities one can unwrap and consider.

    Leading from Grief to Life

    Leading from Grief to Life

    One part of life that I’ve become really curious about in the past few years is dying. I didn’t think about it at all when I was in college and played racquetball on a Saturday morning following a little too much end-of-the-week celebration the night before.
    There were moments in the four decades that followed when death reared its head — close friends from my college years passed away, and I lost both my parents — but aside from the immediate grief, I continued to live life like most of us probably do: on cruise control. I got up, I went to work, I pursued my personal interests, and I went to bed. Rinse and repeat.

    • 48 min
    Want to Simplify Your Money Management?

    Want to Simplify Your Money Management?

    “As it turns out, personal finance is like touching an electric fence that you didn’t know what electric. Managing our money is not a math problem; it’s a behavioral problem.”
    Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner™ and creator of the Sketch Guy column that appeared weekly in The New York Times (2010-2021). There, he used simple illustrations to introduce calming financial advice and counsel. He is also the author of The One-Page Financial Plan and The Behavior Gap resources — a book, website, and podcast that provide simple ideas to help us “Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money.” Carl’s goal is to demystify financial planning by focusing as much — or more — on the humans it serves as it does on the numbers.
     Topics discussed in this episode include:
    The crash of the housing market in 2008. The psychological underpinnings that influence money management. Using a tree as an analogy for financial counseling. Carl’s sketches as “shortcuts” and “souvenirs.” Simplifying the complex world of money management. “Conversation grenades.” Why Jeff focuses on curiosity. Takeaways:
    If you want to understand money management, start by understanding fear and greed. When we talk about return on investment, emotional balance sheets are just as important as financial ones. The line between financial planning and therapy is super thin. Making the complex simple in terms of money management starts and stays with an unrelenting focus on one’s goals. Simple line illustrations can be used to engender problem-solving conversations outside the worlds of finance and money management.  Links
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/thinkingcarl https://twitter.com/behaviorgap The One Page Financial Plan “The Behavior Gap” resources
    Behavior Gap Radio (free site) The Behavior Gap website The Behavior Gap book  

    • 45 min
    Being Curious About What Informs Our Beliefs

    Being Curious About What Informs Our Beliefs

    My guest in this episode is Charlotte Wittenkamp. Her own experience relocating from Denmark to California led to her ongoing fascination with global differences in value systems and communication patterns. In short, why do we believe what we believe?

    • 19 min
    Helping Make the Dead Live Again

    Helping Make the Dead Live Again

    Many people mistakenly equate obituaries with death notices, but, as we’ll hear in this episode, obituaries are not tales of death; they are tales of life. They are the CliffsNotes of someone’s identity and relevance. And as much as we know we shouldn’t, we are drawn to them as mirrors, which we figuratively stand in front of and ask, “How does my life compare to this individual’s?”
    My guest today is Richard Goldstein. Since joining the New York Times in 1980, Richard worked as an editor and an obituary writer, focusing on figures from the military and sports world.

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    The Leader as Storyteller

    The Leader as Storyteller

    I’ve written four screenplays as a hobby, one of which received an honorable mention at the 9th Annual Nantucket Film Festival. If I were thanking the Academy, it would be because I had an exceptional teacher who just happens to be my guest in this episode. I’ve asked her to clarify what and how screenwriters work to help inform your storytelling ability as a communicating leader.
    Debbie Danielpour writes award-winning screenplays, libretti, fiction, and nonfiction. She has been an award-winning professor of fiction and screenwriting for over thirty years at San Francisco State University, Emerson College, Harvard University, and now at Boston University.

    • 44 min
    Being Curious About Being in Someone Else's Shoes

    Being Curious About Being in Someone Else's Shoes

    I’ve asked several people to come on the show in this series to talk very briefly about an aspect of their life that makes them tilt their heads in curiosity and want to figure out how to satisfy it. 
    My guest in this episode is a master at looking at the familiar from a different angle. Dr. Christine Mason is a university professor, prolific author, workshop facilitator, yoga instructor, and painter.

    • 16 min

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5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Suzanne DeMallie ,

Can You Hear Me Now?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a guest on this podcast, and I appreciate the effort that Jeff put into preparing for the interview. This is the first podcast I've been on where the host had a meeting before the podcast to determine the best angle from which to view the guest's story so that the audience would acquire the most relevant information. Jeff did his research, asked probing questions, and allowed me to give complete uninterrupted answers. The result is a product that I believe the audience will enjoy. Thanks Jeff for your commitment to improving education.

Ben Pendarvis ,

Exciting Work

I fully appreciated the important questions and dialogue Jeff and Kirsten prepared for our interview. They’re educators with true passion for the people and ideas that work for our best student outcomes. This is important and exciting work, and I look forward to hearing more educator’s voices they find and share for the movement, for educators must certainly be the drivers of innovation in our schools.

Tonya Horse Lover ,

Jeff and Kirsten Are On A Mission

After being on this podcast and being interviewed by Jeff and Kirsten, I felt refreshed and honored to be a part of their mission.

It was so refreshing to be connected with two people who have their hearts in the right place when it comes to helping educators and school leaders continue on their paths of making a difference.

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