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Our God is a creative God...He is The CREATOR! We are made in His image, therefore, should we not also be creative? Gifts for Glory Ministries works to celebrate, promote, and unite the men and women of God that use their gifts for His Glory! #OGHG is Our Gifts for His Glory!

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Our God is a creative God...He is The CREATOR! We are made in His image, therefore, should we not also be creative? Gifts for Glory Ministries works to celebrate, promote, and unite the men and women of God that use their gifts for His Glory! #OGHG is Our Gifts for His Glory!

    Mark Sowersby - Forgiving the Nightmare

    Mark Sowersby - Forgiving the Nightmare

    Reverend Mark Sowersby is a husband, father, and an ordained pastor. Mark has been an ordained minister with Assemblies of God for over 25 years and is currently the Pastor of Calvary Community Church in Dudley, MA. Pastor Mark holds a BA in theology from Zion Bible College/Northpoint Bible College. It’s a miracle and a work only God can do that brought him into and sustained him in ministry. In this conversation, learn about the story behind his book, Forgiving the Nightmare, and how God is working in and through Mark both in spite of and because of his story.

    Connect with our guest at forgivingthenightmare.com. Please welcome Pastor Mark Sowersby!

    Connect with Mark:


    www.facebook.com/forgivingthenightmare / @ forgivingthenightmare



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    Gigi Orsillo talks Family Camp

    Gigi Orsillo talks Family Camp

    Gigi Orsillo is a Christian actress that co-starred in the 2020 smash "Sleeper Agent." You can see her in a host of films and projects coming up soon, including the comedy "Family Camp," starring Christian comedy duo The Skit Guys. She also stars in "Running the Bases" and you can see her in the gritty trafficking film based on actual events, "Pulled From Darkness." 

    Connect with Gigi and her projects at the links below: 

    Gigi on Instagram: www.instagram.com/gigiorsillo 

    IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm1515764 

    Family Camp: familycampmovie.com 

    Family Camp on Facebook: www.facebook.com/familycampmovie 

    Pulled From Darkness: www.facebook.com/HomesickMediaEnt 


    Running the Bases: www.facebook.com/RunningTheBasesMovie 

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    Dave Shares Save the Storks

    Dave Shares Save the Storks

    Originally we had Diane Ferraro is the Chief Executive Officer of Save the Storks scheduled, however a cold has forced us to reschedule. Dave will fly solo to share about Save the Storks, a ministry whose mission is to create a story of hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

    With the recent leak from the SCOTUS, ministries like Save the Storks are going to be even more important in showing there are more and better options for women in these hard situations. We will have Diane Ferraro on another time. We have Annie Tang-Humphrey from Save the Storks coming on June 13. 

    Connect with Save the Storks: 


    www.facebook.com/SaveTheStorks / @SavetheStorks 

    instagram.com/savethestorks / @SavetheStorks 

    twitter.com/savethestorks / @SavetheStorks 


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    Jim Warren and Koinonia Coffeehouse, Wheatfield, IN

    Jim Warren and Koinonia Coffeehouse, Wheatfield, IN

    Jim Warren is a man of God pioneering a new coffeehouse in central Indiana. The Koinonia Coffeehouse has been a labor of love, and a series of God-ordained events. In this episode we talk about the coffeehouse, the vision, the mission, and goals of the Koinonia Coffeehouse. 

    Connect with the Koinonia Coffeehouse: 


    Join Well Versed Comedy at Koinonia Coffeehouse on June 4! Details: https://fb.me/e/1PpfNcdRh 

    About: LIVE MUSIC, COMEDY, DRAMA Koinonia Coffeehouse is a 60’s style Christian coffeehouse where people gather to build relationships with God and each other. Each week we will bring a variety of different forms of entertainment/ministry styles that will challenge disciples of Jesus and answer questions for those who are seeking Him. Family Friendly No Cover Charge, No Price on Food Donations Accepted but not Required 

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    Brooke Simkins from Well Versed Comedy and Moms in the Making

    Brooke Simkins from Well Versed Comedy and Moms in the Making

    As we continue to celebrate National Humor Month, we introduce you to Brooke Simkins. Brooke is the Director of Event Services at her alma mater Trinity Christian College, where she was also a member of their improv team. In this episode, we talk comedy, of course, but also about her other important ministry: Moms in the Making Leader. Brooke leads the Orland Park, IL, chapter of Moms in the Making, a support group for women who have seen struggles on their journey to motherhood. On a personal note, I encourage women to join Moms in the Making because of the profound impact it has had on my wife and our marriage. I also, just as strongly, encourage men to be involved and consider coming with your wives to the Moms in the Making Conference in October. Men, I highly encourage you not to send her, but bring her! #DontSendBring 




    Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @wellversedcmdy 

    Moms in the Making: 




    Founder of Moms in the Making, Caroline Harries’, podast: 


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    Actor Johnathan Wessel

    Actor Johnathan Wessel

    In honor of April being National Humor Month, we're highlighting some of the newer members of Well Versed Comedy, Gifts for Glory Ministries' improv troupe. Jonathan joined Well Versed in February 2022. Jonathan is an actor, singer, director, stuntman and born-again Christian. He is a Meisner-trained actor working in film and theater. We will be talk acting, stunt driving, singing, and comedy, and hear his testimony and how faith has played such an important role in what roles he chooses. 

    Follow Jonathan on Socials: 

    www.facebook.com/ActorJonathanWessel / @ActorJonathanWessel 

    www.instagram.com/actorjonathanwessel / @ActorJonathanWessel 





    Find Well Versed Comedy: 


    Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @wellversedcmdy 

    #OGHG #cleancomedy #actorslife #testimony #faith #Jesus #God #HolySpirit 

    Devotions with Dave Comes From Romans 5:8 NLT: 8 But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

    • 1 hr 7 min

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

JH583 ,

Fun & Unique

This is a great podcast that brings laughter, insight, and a balanced approach with every episode. I love the style and setup Dave provides. Subscribe to this ASAP!

watcher7t ,

A Christ centered podcast

I love the guests on the show and the intriguing conversations that take place. Dave does a great job keeping things focused on biblical truth, as well as keeping it comedic and real. This podcast is well worth your time!

BigLou's Gadget ,

Loved It

Great Show, love the content! Very engaging and full of laughter, learning and encouragement! It’s nice to sit back relax and listen to others discuss important topics about being followers of Jesus Christ. As well as discussions about real life interactions and more! Keep up the awesome work Brother!!!

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