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Beat’s Trish and Shonagh have caught up for a cuppa and a chat – where no topic is out of bounds. Eavesdrop on our girls as everyday issues affecting women across the South East and beyond are laid bare.

Girl Talk - A Beat Podcast Girl Talk - A Beat Podcast

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Beat’s Trish and Shonagh have caught up for a cuppa and a chat – where no topic is out of bounds. Eavesdrop on our girls as everyday issues affecting women across the South East and beyond are laid bare.

    Girl Talk Meets... Trina Cleary

    Girl Talk Meets... Trina Cleary

    We chat with an absolute superwoman who is on a mission to get women everywhere to check their boobies...

    Cancer awareness advocate Trina Cleary, who was given the all-clear from breast cancer last year, was in remission for just eight months when she received the news that her cancer had come back and this time was terminal.

    Having spread to her hip, spine and a section of her skull behind her ear, this amazing lady is now choosing to spread hope to women everywhere with her positive and honest outlook on social media. 

    October was of course Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Trina continues to educate those around her in a bid to save others from what she is going through.

    She’s full of fun, she’s warm, honest and provides her fair share of laughs on Insta as she lets her followers share her journey - the good and bad.

    • 37 min
    Girl Talk Meets... Paul Ryder

    Girl Talk Meets... Paul Ryder

    Shonagh and Trish are slightly excited about this edition of Girl Talk as their guest is pretty fabulous.

    It’s Diversity Month on Beat and they are delighted to chat to the wonderful Paul Ryder!

    As his Twitter bio says, he is a Performer, an MC, a choreographer, a creative, a contributor to Ireland Am and Elaine on Virgin Media Television.

    Last year in an interview with Hot Press he said “I started out choreographing for drag queens in Dublin,”

    I knew instinctively I couldn’t really keep the LGBTQ crowd entertained if I didn’t do something a little bit different. So, I said to myself, ‘If you can’t beat the drag queens, join them - but still keep your own vibe!’.

    And if you saw him on Ireland’s Got Talent you will know that he did that and then some.

    Paul Spoke to the girls about coming out in Dublin, how he was forced to leave school because of bullying, a recent homophobic incident which left him shook, what success means to him and how the Marriage Referendum Day 2015 is one he will never forget.

    • 45 min
    Girl Talk Meets... Tash Broomfield-Reid

    Girl Talk Meets... Tash Broomfield-Reid

    The month of September is Diversity month here at Beat and we thought it was fitting to get the woman who has made it her business (literally) to educate the masses on issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. Natasha Broomfield- Reid spoke to us on behalf of The Irish Center For Diversity in Ireland.

    Natasha is the founder and Director of Diverse Matters. She is responsible for the overall running of the company and for the design and delivery of a range of diversity and inclusion solutions for clients across the voluntary, public, third and private sectors.

    Natasha has over 20 years’ experience of working within the diversity and inclusion field, and prior to setting up Diverse Matters and was the Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Victim Support. Natasha led the organisation to become a Stonewall top 100 employer, achieve the ‘Leaders in Diversity’ and ‘Investors in Diversity’ accreditation from the National Center for Diversity and the charity was the first national charity to achieve ‘Leaders in Diversity’ status.

    Natasha achieved further recognition through being shortlisted in both the 2015 ‘Excellence in Diversity Awards’ and ‘National Diversity Awards’ in the ‘Diverse Company’ category.

    • 42 min
    Girl Talk Meets... The 2 Johnnies

    Girl Talk Meets... The 2 Johnnies

    On this episode of Girl Talk Meets, Trish and Shonagh are joined by the most famous comedy duo in Ireland and beyond. Known for their hilarious sketches and songs - Let's be honest the 2 Johnnies do not need an introduction.

    2 lads from Tipp who gave up their semi pensionable jobs to join forces with the aim of making people laugh.
    It's safe to say they have succeeded in that.

    To their name they have the most popular podcast in the country, sold-out tours all over the world, the best selling book, 9 Irish number one singles and yet another hit tune with their latest track Dancing In my kitchen which went to number one on iTunes within hours of its release.

    And so In what felt like a weird double zoom date Johnny Smacks and Johnny B joined our Trish and Shonagh where they had the girls laughing from start to finish. They described how they knew they had officially made it - when they received a gold Card for Coppers, how they've gotten better at shifting, and how one of them cut off their ponytail years ago and still has it in an envelope!

    • 48 min
    Beat Girl Talk Meets... Nadine Reid

    Beat Girl Talk Meets... Nadine Reid

    Xposé's Nadine Reid made history as the first plus-size woman of colour to appear on the cover of Irish magazine, Stellar.

    The Birmingham-born in-demand presenter had stars in her eyes since young age of 10 when she starred as gangster moll Tallulah in a school production of Bugsy Malone.

    With no shortage of strings to her bow the talented woman radiates warmth and charisma!

    Whatsmore, she's also had a successful career as a make-up artist before breaking out on TV.

    From her uplifting Instgram posts to her insightful words of wisdom Nadine Reid celebrates everything she is - this TV star is the woman we all want to be friends with that just happens to be a curvy, beautiful, intelligent woman of colour.

    • 59 min
    Beat Girl Talk | Normal People: The Recap

    Beat Girl Talk | Normal People: The Recap

    Trish and Shonagh are back to have the chats about the TV show which has literally got the world talking.

    Since it first landed on our screens at the end of April it has captured the hearts of the nation, made lockdown that little bit easier and even caused some controversy along the way!

    So it seemed fitting that the girls sit down and dissect it within an inch of its life.

    They talk about how it made them question their past relationships and themselves, how in awe they are of the entire production, how they never attended posh pool parties in college and of course Paul Mescal's shorts get some air time as expected!

    • 58 min

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