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This podcast is for women like you and me.
Together we will build our life, christian faith, and family while helping each other though all the highs and lows of life.
We will Chat, We will Cry, We will laugh, and We will Heal, together.
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Girlfriend, let's talk with Reva Hart REVA HART

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This podcast is for women like you and me.
Together we will build our life, christian faith, and family while helping each other though all the highs and lows of life.
We will Chat, We will Cry, We will laugh, and We will Heal, together.
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    Mama’s Reclaim your peace with Tina Sullivan

    Mama’s Reclaim your peace with Tina Sullivan

    Reva hart, host intereviews Tina Sullivan.
    Tina Sullivan is the founder and Owner of Mamas Arc, an organization through which she helps struggling moms discover their God given identity and reclaim peace in their lives. She does so by helping them take small courageous steps that lead to their goals and vision in life.
    Being a mom is a tough job. As a new mom, you slowly lose your sense of identity and independence even without knowing it.
    So many moms are too busy caring for everyone else in the household that they have no more energy left to cater for themselves.
    With a loss of their identity, new moms end up erecting new towers of identity in the form of impulse shopping, starting a blog, crafting, posting on social media. Etc
    Every activity that you engage in as a mother is because of a routine that you’ve been programmed to.
    You have so much to do in a single day, that you have no time to step back and renew your physical, mental and spiritual health.
    Stay tuned into the show and find out the steps you can take to be the woman,mother and wife that God planned you to be.
    Tina’s story.
    Now a mom of four, Tina got her first child when she got married to her husband, a first year medical student at Bay Area college.
    When this happened, Tina decided to sacrifice her teaching career in order to become a better mother and partner. All this whilst her husband was studying and providing for them.
    It’s when Tina got her second child a year later that everything began to shift. She began to feel empty and unhappy.
    She was  ashamed of her unhappiness because she had what society deems a perfect life: A hardworking and providing husband, and two healthy babies. What more did she want?
    Tina then sought the help of counsellors in order to help recover her mental peace. She was turned away by most of them. To the counsellors, Tina didn’t have any problems to fix. There are people out there with actual trauma and depression, ‘Tina should be grateful for the life she has.’
    Healing can only happen when you decide to view and love yourself the way God does.
    A lot of people criticize and judge themselves for not having the perfectly good life.
    The only way to break the circle of mental fatigue is through accepting yourself for who you are.
    Rediscovering your identity in God
    Tina helps women take small actions over long periods of time in order to achieve their life goals.
    By doing this, Tina helps her clients build their faith in God’s love for them, and what they do.
    It doesn't matter what other people will think, do what you have to do in order to become the mom and wife you want to be.
    Healing begins when you choose to see and love yourself the way God does. It begins when you step into God’s light and start seeing your worth through God’s eyes.
    Believing in God’s love for you is what should root your life. This core belief is unshakeable, and you can never really take a step forward in life without being grounded in God’s love.
    If you can focus your actions on loving God, then you’ll be able to love and serve other people.  Fear based actions on the other hand only build shame and resentment for oneself and others.
    Connect with Tina.
    Website - https://tinamsullivan.com/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mamas_ark/


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    Reva Hart, host Open up the platform for "My Story" testimony take over. 
    Kimberly J. Lewis is the CEO of Kimberly J. Enterprise, under which she has founded One Weak Too Strong Ministries and Holy Kiss Cosmetics. Kimberly J is a Minister, Mentor, Change Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and Empowerment Speaker.  Her professional experience extends to leading change within Fortune 100 companies, however, she also passionately serves individuals and organizations through transformational change through ministry. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, from Prairie View A&M University. She went on to obtain her Life Coach Certification from the Life Coach Institute.
    -That pain you experienced as a child was necessary. Because of what you endured, God gave you insight and a gift to see what most couldn’t be able to bear. God reveals to you because He trusts you to pray and war for those too weak to war for themselves. It was not in vain.
    -Sometimes God will reveal not for you to react but to restore you. You can’t change the past or even the actions of others but you can obey God and get up and fulfill the purpose that He created you for. Keep going.
    19 years ago, I attempted to end my life but God blocked it. I survived it! I used to walk around in shame and hiding from everyone, because of the embarrassment that I felt and shame I caused to those that loved me. But how many of you know that we are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony! (Rev. 12:11)
    Kimberly Lewis Contact info:
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    Personal Instagram
    Business Instagram
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    Teaching Children Financial literacy with Reva Hart & Towannia Bonaparte

    Teaching Children Financial literacy with Reva Hart & Towannia Bonaparte

    Reva Hart, host and Towannia talk about teaching our children financial literacy. Towannia is the CEO of Six Seeds, a company that offers a diverse range of services to help individuals with their finances, budgets, credit education, and financial literacy.
    Towannia is also an author and advocate for financial literacy in local schools. This includes daycares, elementary schools, group homes and middle schools.
    She’s committed to the life-long learning of Financial education and how to equip society with all the necessary tools and resources to become the best they can be in financial matters.
    Towannia’s Journey into Financial Education
    When she was growing up, Towannia couldn’t help but notice how her parents always took care of all the bills and still managed to save.
    His father in particular, took up the role of providing all the basic home needs, and living in line with his retirement plans.
    Towannia’s life path into Financial Education was only magnified when she took a Business and Finance course in college.
    When she graduated, Towannia took note of how much her peers and other individuals were struggling to keep up with their bills, all because of overspending or impulse buying.
    Educating your kids on financial literacy.
    Research shows that children benefit a lot from early financial education. When you mould them with the necessary information at a tender age, children grow up to be responsible with their money, and this helps them cope with challenges like; limit setting, planning and budgeting, resisting impulse buying needs, and saving for the future.
    Towannia is a believer in educating kids early on the subject of financial literacy. She does this by engaging little children in fun activities such as board games, fun books and field trips.
    Using schools to educate kids on spending habits.
    Towannia runs an NGO Program called the Building Blocks foundation.
    Through this program, Towannia hopes to implement financial literacy as a course in the schools that lack this unit.
    If you enforce financial education on children while they’re both at school and at home, then they have no option but to adapt and live by the culture of healthy financial habits.
    00:52 Towannia’s Journey into the world of Finance.
    05:43 Towannia’s kid friendly Financial book
    08:54 Role of schools in Financial Education
    10:23 Financial literacy tips
    13:01 Financial Education for millennials.
    16:04 How can parents teach their children to be entrepreneurs
    Financial literacy stemmed from my childhood, and followed me all the way into adulthood. Growing up, I observed how my father budgeted, and saved money for the rainy days. This helped me develop great spending and saving habits.
    Connect with Towannia
    Website - https://www.sixseedsfinancial.com/
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sixseedsfinancial/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sixseedsfinancial/
    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBnHjpKhkc4odhZhfurebDg
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/towannia-bonaparte-dba-mba-590b6a42/


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    Finding your vision and purpose through Agape Love
    Dr. Rogers Having grown up with an abusive stepfather who beat her and her sister up. Dr. Rogers grew up with a bad idea and foundation of what love is. Her grandmother had a physically abusive husband, and so did her mom, so for her, this was some kind of generational curse.
    Dr. Rogers while still dating also found herself dating physical, emotional and psychological abusers.
    Falling in Love with Jesus.
    The book came about when Dr. Rogers decided to participate in a 7 day writing challenge. Confused on what to write about, Dr. Rogers prayed to God for assistance and that’s when God drove her spirit into writing the best seller.
    The book dives into Dr. Rogers’ tough past of eating disorders, surviving a bad marriage and being homeless. Through the book, Dr. Rogers aspires to inspire others into falling in love with God’s love the way she has.
    Because, it is through God, that she has learnt what true love is.
    True love is about unconditional love and care, and only God can offer this.
    God’s love is about protecting us to ensure we can live up to the purpose that He has created for us. And in doing so, inspire other people too.
    God’s love for Dr. Rogers.
    It was when writing her book, that God revealed to her what her true purpose and vision in life is. Dr. Rogers began to experience healing and receive the power and authority to live the life that God had pre-ordained for her.
    She walked away from the abusive relationships because she knew that God’s love was all she needed. She began to learn and understand her value as the royal child of God that she is.
    Through her life story and testimony. Dr. Rogers hopes to inspire people going through any kind of abusive relationship to step up for themselves.
    Because God has built you to grow and prosper in life. He has a plan for you, a plan that doesn't include being chained to an abusive relationship.
    God’s Agape love is about setting you free to discover and live the life that He has pre-ordained for you.
    01:29 About Dr. Monique
    02:15 The best seller Falling in love with Jesus
    03:41 How God showed His love on Dr. Monique
    04:24 Dr. Monique’s experience growing with an abusive step-father
    05:15 Falling in love with God again
    07:21 How children without a good foundation are affected in life
    08:07 A generation of dating abusive partners
    10:07 Standing up for yourself.
    12:51 Agape Love vs Bellagio love
    13:52 Learning to be a survivor through Jesus
    15:07 Dr. Monique’s plans for the future
    Even in terrible situations that happen in your life, such as sickness, disease and depression, God’s love always surrounds us. God will always be with you to deliver you from the pit that you’re in and use your life as a testimony to deliver others too.
    There’s so many fake forms of love in the world. Love that is disguised as someone hitting or insulting you isn’t true love. True love is God’s love. Care and protection to be free is what God’s love represents.
    God has a purpose and plan for your life. And His purpose does not in any way include you being abused or treated unfairly. This is the enemy’s plan. To ensure that you’re always manipulated into staying with abusive partners.
    If you’re going through any kind of abuse. Whether physical, emotional or mental. Visit hotline.org or call +1 800-799-7233 for help.
    Connect with Dr. Monique Rogers
    Website - http://www.fallinginlovewithjesus.com/
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DrMoniqueRodgers/
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/drmoniquevann
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drmoniquevann
    Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Falling-Love-Jesus-Embracing-power/dp/1707667233


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    How to fulfill purpose in the midst of darkness with Dr. Crystal Lewis

    How to fulfill purpose in the midst of darkness with Dr. Crystal Lewis

    Blossoming in times of hardship and depression with Dr. Crystal Lewis

    Joining me on the show today is Dr. Crystal Lewis.

    Dr. Crystal is a mentor, author, motivational speaker, singer and change agent. She’s also a minister in teen leadership programs and church events.

    She’s passionate about helping people connect with God and pursue a purposeful life. Dr. Crystal uses Christianity as a tool to inspire and motivate all her readers and followers.

    Her book, The Diamond Transformation - How to Survive and Thrive in Tough Times is an inspiring biography of her life in school and how she persevered through dark times in her life.

    Dr. Crystal’s Life Journey

    An introvert at heart, Dr. Crystal enjoys listening to women empowerment podcasts, karaoke singing, and journaling. All of which she finds therapeutic for herself when she’s drained as a result of work.

    Life, however,hasn’t always been easy for Dr. Crystal.

    About 9 years ago, she was accepted into Stony Brook University to pursue a PhD in Chemistry.

    Everything was going great, and life was a roller coaster ride for Dr. Crystal.

    All this took a sudden flip when a tornado hit the campus she was studying at forcing her to escape campus and seek refuge somewhere else.

    During the chaos, Crystal lost a lot of important personal files and documents.

    Her Naturalization certificate which proves her American citizenship was one of the documents she lost.

    In order to claim her fellowship and scholarship, Crystal needed her original Naturalization certificate.

    In the midst of trying to find a solution for her problem, Crystal found herself drowning in despair and hopelessness. Everyone she turned to for help turned her down.

    It was during this dark period of her life that Crystal had a conversation with God and wondered if He still had a purpose for her amidst all the darkness she was in.

    Thankfully for Crystal, He did.

    God wanted her to know that He had set a diamond in her which He was soon about to unleash. And this was the  reason God was putting her through the pain and sadness she was going through at the time.

    The Diamond Process.

    At one point in our lives, we’ve all felt stifled and stuck in a hard situation.

    Stage 1: Positioning.

    In the first stage, diamond is actually graphite. Similar in life. We might feel like we’re in a crisis and that God has completely forgotten us by placinging us and our family in an isolated position of failure.

    Stage 2: Processing.

    During processing, the graphite goes through intense heating and pressure.Just as in life, God through His tests, places us in intense and hostile environments to enable our growth.

    Stage 3: The plinian eruption stage.

    In this stage, the diamond travels through a Kimberlin pipe and beaks. You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘It’s darkest before dawn’. 

    Keep standing and praying.


    This is an opportunity to seek God’s face and discover what  He wants us to know during this season

    Your destiny is to fulfill God's purpose.

    Connect with Dr. Crystal

    Website - https://crystalslewis.com/

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/10155192115441953

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/DrCSLewis

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ms_cslewis/


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    Why women make less money than men with Marva Goss

    Why women make less money than men with Marva Goss

    Joining us today is Marva Goss, a women sales coach who strategies in helping business owners in increasing their income and making an impact.

    Marva’s Background Story

    An Air Force alumni, Marva deviated from the military as a way to be closer to her daughter.

    After getting married to a military man, Marva was blessed with a girl in 2014.

    Marva decided it was time for another switch. Life coaching was the new path she decided to take on. Whilst taking her course on becoming a life coach, Marva learnt so many business tips, strategies and ideas on how to start and grow her life coaching business.

    Working as a Sales Coach

    With so much information available online, it’s very easy for you to get lost whilst trying to learn and implement the tips you get from the different blogs, courses and email subscriptions.

    As a sales coach, Marva helps her clients grow and establish their businesses by looking for areas of opportunity that provide a pathway for more clients. This can include strategies such as Social media marketing, email marketing, website content and handling discovery calls.

    Leveraging your Mindset as an asset in your business and life.

    A former client of Marva had a lot of self limiting beliefs and practices. Because of this, her business was very stagnant and her income stable at a small to average level.

    Why men are so successful as compared to women in careers and business ventures

    Marva argues that there’s 2 very important factors that largely contribute to this;

    Emotional - Women take everything to heart. And although this isn’t entirely a bad thing, it can serve to our disadvantage when negative emotions such as rejection and failure drive us into making bad business and career choices.

    Advocacy - Compared to women, men are always advocating for themselves. Be it a business idea or in the corporate world men believe and push for what they own with everything they have.


    (1:00) Marva’s career background

    (5:00) What sales coaching is all about

    (8:24) Pitching potential clients into business with you

    (10:01) The horrible reputation that’s associated with Sales

    (11:00) The importance of positive mindset in business

    (14:35) Why paying for something is more beneficial than getting it for free

    (16:18) How and why men are more successful in business and careers

    (22:09) Overcoming challenges in life and in business


    When your mind goes up, everything else in your life, including your business, goes up.

    There’s only a ceiling if you feel and confess that there is one. - Marva on why you shouldn’t limit what you can achieve in business and in life.

    The transformation is in the transaction. When people put a value and invest in something . they put in the work that’s required to be successful

    Connect with Marva

    Website - https://www.marvagoss.com/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/marvagoss/

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marvagoss/


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6 Ratings

Annette Byrd ,


I absolutely love this podcast!! While taking an hour-long drive, I tuned into the show. Not only was it informational but very special in how it picked me up, inspired, equipped with knowledge and uplifted me as the listener. I recommend this podcast to others. Truly awe inspiring🙌🏽. Keep up the great content!!!

Nita_Nicole24 ,

Love love love !!!

This podcast is so influential! I love hearing all the stories about what these women have overcome ! It pushes me to want better for myself and to continue to strive for more ! Thank you so much for this.

meme1714 ,


This podcast is great! All the women have awesome testimonies and advice! Plus reva is a spectacular host! Love it!❤️🙂

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