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Go Ape! Podcast is where we monkey around talking about the Planet of the Apes universe.

Go Ape! Podcast goapepodcastshow@gmail.com (Jon Randall and Brandon Goeringer)

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Go Ape! Podcast is where we monkey around talking about the Planet of the Apes universe.

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

gkHasser ,

Wisecracking Simians Unite!

It was a cold day in November, when I sat down at my local S&S Cafeteria to enjoy a piping hot meal of sliced roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and a fried chicken leg on the side. I had unsweetened iced tea (a near-heretical practice in the south) to drink, and a slice of egg custard pie for dessert. I was half way through my favorite meal, when I overheard a stimulating conversation between two gentlement at a nearby booth. They were apparently raving about some sort of a broadcast they had both listened to which delved deeply into a subject near my own heart... the secret underworld of talking apes. These two, quite brutish, and unapologetically shaggy fellows, were going on and on about the existential implications of an entire society of thinking, talking, and industriously competent apes. With my curioustiy piqued, I turned around, politely interupted the pair and asked them what they were talking about and why they were talking about it. Much to my surprise, the men, who on second thought, were quite ... apeish themselves... snorted in unison, snarled at me with their rather broad and puggish faces, gave each other a disgruntled stare, then answered in a huff. "You humans have no manners," one of the gentlemen said. "We are having a private conversation and you dare butt your barbaric nose in our business?" said the other to me in an obviously scornful tone. "Come on, Cornelius," one of the men said to the other, "let us leave this overtly smelly, human filled restaurant at once and plan our next move." As they got up and proceeded to walk out of the dining room, one of the men, giving me a sympathetic glance, leaned into my booth and whispered into my ear, "Go ape, young man. Go Ape!"
It took me a few days to put the helpful man's passing words into an understandable context... but when I did, I was elated, overjoyed, and relieved. I found this podcast, and learned the true secrets of the hidden ape world. I am enjoying this newly discovered knowledge, and the two scholars who present, with spirited fervor, the information at hand. I have learned much, and hope to learn even more. If you are seeker of knowledge and wisdom like myself, then I say to you my friend, partake! Partake in the Go Ape! Podcast!

JamesMnKC ,

Oh no, they say he’s got to go, go-go-GO-rill-a!

Superb podcast. As stated in earlier reviews, the hosts are top notch (“mad skills” = great blend of intelligent and hilarious with a touch of willfully knuckle headed). You can follow each episode and/or movie in the franchise here. Equally enjoyable if listened to before or after viewing. I am now working my way through the series, which I purchased only after having listened to this podcast. Highest recommendation! And the talk about breaking up the team after the cartoon series and wrap-up…say it isn’t so! I kind of liked the idea of them going through everything a second time.

Trey34 ,

Let's go ape!!!

If you like the Planet of the Apes like I do give this a try you will not be disappointed. The host are so funny and very informative! I love it, I bet you will too!

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