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Purveyors of Fine Biblical Discernment, Apologetics, and Sermons

In Layman's Terms Matthew Garnett

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Purveyors of Fine Biblical Discernment, Apologetics, and Sermons

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4.1 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Flybarrier ,

A Lutheran Audio Review

When asked what led him to the doctrine and teaching of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Matthew Garnett’s answer is always “by way of the school of hard knocks.” He has traveled the route of American Evangelicalism, with years spent trying to climb its many ladders. You don’t have to listen to his show long before you hear him say that those years spent traveling the emotional highs and lows of the evangelical world left him broken and that the Law and Gospel he found in the LCMS shines a refreshingly bright light on God’s Word and Christ’s promises.
His podcast, In Layman’s Terms, is dedicated to further shine that light, particularly to those still caught in the teachings that he and his family left. In his show, he features sermons, speakers and popular Christian books with commentary that is always thoughtful and Christ-centered. When he reviews less-than-scriptural material, he points out its errors with the care needed, keeping in mind that there are always well-meaning listeners and readers out there that may need help understanding where those messages strayed.
His show also allows listeners to follow along as he further explores the beliefs and practices of the Lutheran Church, bringing in pastors and expert guests along the way. Tightly packed into a thirty minute program, this is an easy add to your podcast schedule.


jeff.hoening ,

Law and Gospel Goodness

Well-produced and insightful commentary on modern culture’s intersection with God’s Word. Thought-provoking, witty, intelligent, honest and candid. Looking forward to episodes ahead!

DRuckus ,

Not being able to hear....

I listen to a lot of philosophical, religious, political, and story podcasts. This is by far one of the worst examples of someone being able to articulate another persons argument in a coherent way in order to understand their views. Keep in mind- I listen to many people who disagree with my personal viewpoints, but at least they do a good job of articulating both sides of the argument. This is important because if one is planning on rationally thinking through important ideas then one must understand the other side of the argument... not just use the oppositions words as talking points for their own little rabbit hole.

I will add: I probably could have dealt with the above if the main points were made shorter, but the host over-talks his own points without creating clarity with his time.

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