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The most concise Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Podcast today! Jack Manning & AJ Alexander break down the latest news, rumors, updates and everywhere in between!

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The most concise Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Podcast today! Jack Manning & AJ Alexander break down the latest news, rumors, updates and everywhere in between!

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Socal702bay ,

Love this!!

Glad to find a podcast that interacts with its listeners really well. Can’t wait to ask questions!!! Thank you for being my car companion!!

kokopelli_381 ,

Perfectly Balanced Show

There are so many VGK podcasts out there that it can be overwhelming on what to download, and who to listen to. Who really knows what they're talking about? Well luckily it doesn't take long to realize that Jack Manning & AJ Alexander know their stuff and do what they can to break it down in easy to digest segments. Instead of wasting time with things that are unrelated or trying to force nonsense humor, they get down to business and cover everything VGK related in every episode while still being entertaining enough to keep your attention throughout.

Stop bothering with podcasts from those who don't even know how to skate, and stop wasting time with the misinformed! Stick with these guys and they'll take care of you.

Riftmarked ,

A Must for VGK Fans!

Excellent podcast focusing on the most exciting team in hockey (or all of sports), the Vegas Golden Knights.

The hosts are very knowledgable and easy to listen to. The show takes a conversational tone and feels like a podcast, which is a good thing when compared to several prominent hockey podcasts which feel like (or are) recorded radio shows, with the audio quality to match.

This show has something to offer fans of all levels, which is good, but I would like to offer several areas where this show could improve:

1. Dedicated segments with time stamps: this is often very helpful in podcasts to cut to a specific topic someone may be interested in. While I listen to everything, some may not, or would like to cue up a topic to share with a friend / revisit. The dedicated segments would allow you to explicitly leverage expertise that many other shows do not possess, notably Jack’s prospect knowledge. “Jack’s Prospect Check-In” would interest many people I’m sure.

2. Guests (in some capacity): while I’m hesitant to change the format of the show, the occasional guest may be interesting to bring other opinions in. These do not necessarily need to be team-affiliated but the hockey journalism community appears to be happy to cross-promote. I would not suggest interviews are a necessity though as your

3. A more frequent release schedule: This is admittedly the hardest, because it requires more time input. Your current release schedule appears to be approximately monthly, which may be too infrequent to work listeners into a habit of seeking out the newest episode to listen to. The good part is that you’re already putting out a quality podcast and degenerates like my want to consume more!

Overall this show is a joy to listen to and I encourage you to stick with it!

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