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We're Ben and Mike, formerly of Back to the Futurama and now we're talking about the NBC television show, Community! Join us as we take a trip back to watch all your favorite and least favorite episodes.

Good Morning Greendale: A Community Podcast Ben Mooney and Mike Snider

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We're Ben and Mike, formerly of Back to the Futurama and now we're talking about the NBC television show, Community! Join us as we take a trip back to watch all your favorite and least favorite episodes.

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    Picking up right where Basic Lupine Urology left off, Starburns is dead and the study group now has to deal with the heavy emotions of losing a... well, I was going to say "loved one" but I don't think that's right. Let's just call him... a guy they knew somewhat. Things get out of hand when the whole school riots and Subway threatens to pull out of their sandwich contract.

    Meanwhile we talk about... uh... too much, frankly. I don't even remember what we get up to in this one, it goes some places.

    Ben depresses an entire bar. Mike buys UHF in 8K.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Basic Lupine Urology

    Basic Lupine Urology

    The study group's yam gets murdered and now it's up to them to do Community Law & Order: Yam Victims Unit. That's... pretty much all I have for the description because it's basically a one-to-one reproduction of a Law & Order episode but about yams.

    Other talking points are: The Lasagna Council (www.lasagnacouncil.com). Eat some lasagna today! Become one with the lasagna.

    Ben forgets the name of the guy. Mike does a very brave google search.

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Good Morning Greendale Nights 3

    Good Morning Greendale Nights 3

    We're taking a break for the end of the year! It's another episode of Good Morning Greendale Nights. We answer a few emails and talk about scars.

    Ben gains a supervillain. Mike demands a mural.

    • 56 min
    Virtual Systems Analysis

    Virtual Systems Analysis

    Things get meta meta as Abed and Annie take a spin in the Dreamatorium. Abed simulates everybody. Annie simulates Abed. The manager at Señor Kevin's simulates a guy who absolutely does not get the point of Die Hard. Oh and Troy and Britta go on a lunch date. At Señor Kevin's, where there is a manager who absolutely does not get the point of Die Hard.

    Additional talking points include Die Hard and how Die Hard is a great movie that makes perfect sense no matter how many FBI agents there are named Johnson. I bet that the manager at Señor Kevin's doesn't realize that Johnson is the second most common last name in the United States, so statistically it is not out of the question that two unrelated FBI agents would be named Johnson and partnered up. If you have to nitpick a movie to the point where you are picking apart the choice of identical surnames of FBI agents, maybe you just have a vendetta against the movie. Who hurt you, manager from Señor Kevin's? Why can't you just enjoy a fun action movie about a New York cop who takes down a gang of international terrorists? Are you the type of person who only feels that a movie can be good if it is an arthouse indie movie or pure Oscar bait? Because I've got news for you; you should lighten up and just enjoy a movie full of explosions and one of the greatest badasses of modern film. And you know what? If you don't like Die Hard that's fine, but maybe let the rest of us just enjoy things for a change instead of yelling at me while I'm waiting for my damn chimichanga.

    Ben wears a podcaster t-shirt. Mike explains Inception.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Origins of Vampire Mythology

    Origins of Vampire Mythology

    Britta reveals that she has an ex named Blade who works for a traveling carnival. Troy and Abed watch the movie Blade. Dean Pelton tries to get Troy to join the AC Repair School. Blade is said 400,000 times (plus or minus 399,970). Pierce gets a new best friend.

    We also talk probably too much about Back to the Future because Ben can't shut up about it. We also talk about how texting used to cost 10 cents per text message, and the various fictitious characters we would like to marry.

    Ben doesn't give vampires a square inch of leeway. Mike gets deep into mustard lore.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Pillows and Blankets

    Pillows and Blankets

    This is it boys, this is war. A pillow and blanket war. Complete with narration by Keith David. Can Troy and Abed solve their difference through (pillow) violence? Can Jeff put off homework for as long as possible? Find out in this episode!

    Meanwhile we're back to playing the role of mad men, Don Draper style. I feel like we've done this bit before but this time it gets sexual with tomatoes. Sorry...?

    Ben is out of this episode unless he gets to be the pillow man. Mike likes this post.

    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

IMatthew ,

Ben and Mike Rock

Some of the best parts of the show are when Ben and Mike are just riffing on parts of the show beyond the boundaries. Their chemistry makes it easy to fall in and listen even for the unacquainted.

Chex926 ,

Another Ben and Mike win

Ben and Mike of Back to the Futurama are back and reviewing Community. A great show full of fun tangents! Love it!

Dkrom456 ,

Pure Delight

Community is one of my favorite tv shows and these guy are as funny as the actual episodes themselves. They episode by episode breaking down dialogue and scenes and riff on their favorite jokes. Love it just like their Futurama podcast.

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