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We've been writing about celebrities on Celebitchy.com since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!

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We've been writing about celebrities on Celebitchy.com since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!

    62: The smears against Duchess Meghan are vague and keep changing, Prince William and Kate aren't wearing masks inside

    62: The smears against Duchess Meghan are vague and keep changing, Prince William and Kate aren't wearing masks inside

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 2:30
    Chandra has been really tired and going to bed early. We’re both feeling run down this week. The hummingbirds are coming right up to me now when I’m outside. Chandra’s cat Dexter is an eating machine.
    Royals: Minutes 2:30 to 25:00.
    I compliment Chandra for her skill in picking the best photos for posts.  I love the photos that Chandra picked to show that Harry was the third wheel in William and Kate’s relationship. Chandra remembers how Kate used to make googoo eyes at Harry. I say it’s because her husband wasn’t giving her any attention.
    Minute 6:00: Last week we talked about Harry fighting with The Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, over Meghan’s access to the tiara ahead of their wedding. The Daily Mail made it sound like Meghan was being a diva, when she likely planned it all out and notified them ahead of time. Chandra points out that the palace’s story has changed and was originally that Meghan wanted an emerald tiara for her wedding. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where Zakia talks about how the press smeared Meghan and how Kelly dragged her feet trying to sabotage Meghan.
    Minute 10:00: The Sun ran an outrageous story that Harry would be welcomed back but that he would have to leave Meghan and Archie behind! Chandra says this has been the British press’s aim, to break up Harry and Meghan, since Sussexit was announced in January. There’s a segment from Zoom with Rhiannon, Karen and Ameerah talking about Harry’s decision to leave the royal family and how toxic they are.
    Minute 14:00: Dan Wootton, who has sources deep in the palace and broke the Sussexit news, wrote a piece claiming the Sussexes knew he was going to publish the story about their exit a full ten days before the piece ran. He also said that Prince William was working in cohoots with Angela Kelly to limit Meghan’s access to the royal jewelry, something Chandra reported last year. Wootten is part of a scandal where journalists were caught paying off royal staff for scoops. 
    Wootton paints Meghan as a diva with vague stories about how she “horrified” Kate with the way she spoke to staff members. This is similar to all the other vague and negative stories we’ve heard about Meghan.
    In our Zoom meeting Sara and Ameerah talked about how Meghan likely scared the courtiers by reminding them of Diana. Chandra follows royals because her mom loved Diana and says it’s more complicated than that.
    Minute 21: On Meghan’s birthday Duchess Kate visited a baby bank in a fussy dress and high heels that looked like they hurt. William and Kate also did a trip to South Wales together, to Barry Island to highlight the pandemic’s affect on the British tourism industry. They played games like skeeball and the claw at an arcade. They did not wear masks inside at the arcade at all. Kate didn’t wear a mask all the time at the baby bank either. They are a terrible example for people. We realize not every place has a mask mandate but they’re public figures and should be setting a better example.
    By the next time we record the podcast, Finding Freedom will be out. We talked a lot about it on Zoom and everyone is so excited for that! Courtney and Karen from Zoom give their plans for that day.
    Kim and Kanye: Minutes 25:00 to 28:00
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye aren’t going to get a divorce after all. They’re vacationing together at a compound in the Caribbean to “try and save their marriage.” Chandra has sympathy for Kim but wishes she wouldn’t tell the press about every detail of her relationship. We think Kanye is a terrible person for continuing his presidential run and of course the Republicans are helping him.
    User Feedback: Minutes 28:00 to 30:45
    Last week we talked about the celebrities we’d like to see together. Chandra is shipping Angelina Jolie and her ex, Jonny Lee Miller. Our user feedb

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    61: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's side told in Finding Freedom's advance excerpts

    61: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's side told in Finding Freedom's advance excerpts

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:30
    Chandra is going to be able to see her mom in person for the first time in four months. My car’s windshield got a crack in it and I got it replaced. Chandra has been rewatching Castle and I’m watching Hanna on Amazon. Chandra knows the leads in that from their work on The Killing, which she hated.
    The Royals and Finding Freedom: Minutes 5:30 to 30:30
    The first excerpts from the upcoming book Finding Freedom were in The Times of London and then People Magazine ran briefer excerpts. I loved the story about Harry and Meghan’s love story and first dates. Harry began texting Meghan immediately after their first date and was besotted with her. 
    Their romance is a modern fairy tale and we wonder why we don’t hear about it more. Chandra mentions the narrative in the press that Harry and Meghan moved too fast for anyone to vet her. 
    Minute 12:00: We heard that when Meghan was first dating Harry she got nitpicked over a tiny H&M initial necklace she wore and was told not to smile in paparazzi photos. Chandra points out that Harry’s aids in Kensington Palace were the ones micromanaging Meghan, although of course they also worked for the Cambridges.
    Minute 13:30: The Sussexes’ official engagement story is that they got engaged in November, 2017, but Finding Freedom reports that they got engaged a couple of months earlier, before the Invictus Games in late September. We think Harry proposed to Meghan during their trip to Africa that Summer. 
    Minute 14:45: We heard that the courtiers were trying to keep Harry and Meghan’s popularity down. Prince Harry felt “unprotected” by his family and understandably didn’t trust the courtiers. Harry and Meghan had to dim their light and keep their work quiet because William and Charles’ initiatives were supposed to get more attention. 
    Minute 16:30: William told Harry not to rush with Meghan or be blinded by lust. There were at least two other royals who had an issue with the pace of their relationship. 
    Minute 17:30: Finding Freedom denied the weak stories that the courtiers have been using to smear Meghan: that Meghan made a staffer cry, and that Meghan made Kate cry in the lead-up to Meghan’s wedding. Both stories are incredibly vague, with the point that Meghan is mean and made someone cry.
    In response there were multiple stories defending the Cambridges, including one where “two sources said the Duchess of Cambridge was crying after a dress fitting with Charlotte.” Note the careful wording of that statement. Kate cried AFTER the dress fitting, which is why there aren’t more witnesses. We still don’t know what made Kate cry. 
    Minute 20:30: The Cambridges also denied being unwelcoming to Meghan, with separate stories claiming Kate cooked her vegan food and once hand delivered flowers to Meghan. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where Karen and Sara talk about Meghan making Kate cry and Kate cooking Meghan vegan food.
    Minute 24:00: We also heard that the story about Meghan getting access to one of the Queen’s tiaras before her wedding was really a conflict between the Queen’s longterm dresser, Angela Kelly, and Prince Harry, who thought Kelly was delaying Meghan’s access. This is part of the narrative about Meghan being demanding.
    Minute 25:00: We got a story that the courtiers don’t believe the Sussexes are coming back to the royal family after their one year review, but they’re spinning it like they didn’t already leave and like they actually want to come back. It’s like the royal family are the gatekeepers when Harry and Meghan are the ones who wanted to leave. Chandra thinks Harry and Meghan wanted to continue to be royals part-time but that they saw the unhinged reaction by the palace and decided to leave permanently. 
    Harry looked so pissed off on Commonwealth day while Meghan held it together beauti

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    60: Princess Beatrice was cosplaying The Queen, Duchess Meghan's mom Doria Ragland is helping out with Archie

    60: Princess Beatrice was cosplaying The Queen, Duchess Meghan's mom Doria Ragland is helping out with Archie

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 4:40
    It was a hard week for us. I went shopping and ran into an anti-masker who was ranting about a cashless system oppressing her. Chandra’s town is better than mine about people wearing masks.
    Royals: Minutes 4:40 to 25:15
    Since we last talked, Princess Beatrice married Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi in a ceremony and reception with around 20 people, which is in accordance with UK gathering guidelines.
    The wedding, photos and details released were stage-managed by the palace to a ridiculous degree. 
    We got details from the reception which included “speciality cocktails, bespoke catering, an exquisitely decorated Indian-style tent, a bouncy castle and glamping pods for overnight guests.”  Chandra wants to hear about the cake and remembers people being mad because Meghan and Harry’s cake was nontraditional. 
    Minute 10:45: Beatrice broke the tradition of royals having wedding bands made of Welsh gold. Her ring was platinum with diamonds and was designed by Edo to match the engagement ring. 
    Minute 12:30: Beatrice’s dress was originally owned by the Queen and first worn in 1962 to a premiere and the opening of parliament. Chandra points out that the Queen was a bit more petite and buxom when she was young than Beatrice is. Due to royal protocol dictating that brides must have sleeves on their wedding gowns, Beatrice had puffy sheer sleeves added to the dress. 
    I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where Sara says that Beatrice looked like she was cosplaying her grandmother. Michelle reminds us that Beatrice wore the same tiara that Queen Elizabeth did for her wedding, and Tanisha wonders they rushed the wedding.
    Minute 21:15: We didn’t get a lot of news about Meghan this week. We know her mom, Doria Ragland, is living with her and Harry at Tyler Perry’s house and helping take care of Archie. We also heard that the Daily Mail is dragging out their case against her, according to Meghan’s side, so that they can milk it for exclusives about her. That’s kind of despicable, but on brand for them.
    Minute 22:00: Our Zoom meeting brought up some points about The Queen’s ruling style. 
    Kaye West and Kim Kardashian: Minutes 25:15 to 34
    Kanye has been staying away from Kim in Cody, Wyoming and is in the midst of a bipolar episode. Kanye had a “rally” in South Carolina, where he said he wanted to abort North and that Harriet Tubman didn’t really free the slaves. Kanye has been tweeting and deleting that he's been planning to divorce Kim and that she's "trying to lock him up." Kim leaked to US on Wednesday that she’s meeting with lawyers to get a divorce. And Kardashian sources went to People with a long story about how Kim and Kanye have been talking about divorce for months.
    User Feedback: Minutes 34 to 35:15
    Nev and EviesMom liked our shamef*ck talk from last week. Vivian’s house burnt down and she said she’s been listening to us while she’s away from home. We hope you’re ok Vivian!
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 35:15 to
    My comment of the week is from Dhavynia on the post where David Schwimmer says Ross really was on a break from Rachel and there’s no question. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Züri on the post about Sarah Ferguson finally being allowed to post about Beatrice’s wedding.
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    59: Duchess Meghan's Girl Up speech, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk

    59: Duchess Meghan's Girl Up speech, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:45
    I’m watching a new show with my son, The Boys on Amazon, and it’s incredible. Both Chandra and I watched and loved both seasons of What We Do in the Shadows on Hulu. We discuss minor plot details that I don’t think will ruin your experience, but you may want to skip that part. That’s from minutes 2 to 5.
    Discover Ad: Minutes 5:45 to 6:15
    Discover helped me rebuild my credit after I was the victim of identity theft. We both use and trust Discover. If you sign up through our link at Celebitchy.com/Discover you can get a $50 credit when you make a purchase within the first three months.
    Royals: Minutes 6:15 to 22:10
    We saw Duchess Meghan’s speech at the UN Foundation’s Girl Up virtual conference. Meghan looked super glam and possibly pregnant. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with this speculation as long we keep the conversation light and positive.  
    Meghan’s speech was so impressive and well-written. I especially liked her line that the status quo “will pull tightest right before snapping.” It’s clear that these are her own words and ideas because she gives speeches with such conviction.
    Minute 13:00: While Meghan has an unaccented voice, Kate’s accent seems to take a lot of effort, which can trip her up.  We saw her BBC interview where she was helping launching their Tiny Happy People initiative. This was clearly scripted as it had some unnatural phrases like “it’s gold dust really.” 
    Minute 17:00: We got another story, in Grazia, about how hard Kate is working. This is a repackaging of the Tatler and People stories about how Kate is supposedly resilient and loves to be busy.
    Minute 20:15: The Times of London did an analysis of data on charities with royal patrons. They found that charities receive no benefit from having a royal patron. Chandra thinks the Cambridges are skewing the data and that Charles doesn’t get enough credit for The Prince’s Trust.
    Will and Jada Pinkett Smith: Minutes 22:10 to 29:15
    Will and Jada did their Red Table Talk where they addressed Jada’s “entanglement” with August Alsina, who is twenty years younger than her. Chandra thinks Jada is the one who screwed up their marriage while I think Will has his own sidepieces and is just mad that this story got out. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where we talked about this. 
    Blind Item about two celebrity couples: Minutes 29:15 to 33:30
    Last week we talked about the male actor whom his female costars find creepy. This week journalist Charles Ray Hamilton tweeted that two white celebrity couples have divorced this year because of differences over Black Lives Matter. 
    User Feedback: Minute 33:30 to 38
    I play a segment from my Zoom meeting where Rhiannon is disappointed that we continue to smear Ben Affleck. A bunch of us mock Chandra for her love of Diplo.
    Chandra’s mom asked her if she knew Diplo and told her she thinks Diplo is hot! Chandra has never told her mom that she loves Diplo though.
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 38:00 to 42
    My comment of the week is from Florence on the post about royal patrons being useless. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Case and Lumiere on the post where Florence Pugh defended her relationship with Zach Braff yet again.
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    58: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry to talk young leaders about BLM with William and Kate stay stuck, Meghan's legal team files injuction, Chris Evans and Lily James' romance

    58: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry to talk young leaders about BLM with William and Kate stay stuck, Meghan's legal team files injuction, Chris Evans and Lily James' romance

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 4:30
    We have a new writer, Tanisha, whom you heard on the last podcast! She writes as Oya and runs the Aha Experience Podcast. 
    Our first commercial: Minutes 4:30 to 6:15
    Both of us are Discover card users, Chandra got me to sign up for one years ago, and I came up with this idea for a commercial. Discover helped me rebuild my credit after I was the victim of identity theft. If you sign up for a Discover card at Celebitchy.com/discover you can get a $50 credit if you make a purchase within the first three months.
    Royals: Minutes 6:15 to 25
    Meghan and Harry talked to young leaders about Black Lives Matter as part of their work with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. Harry acknowledged the most basic truths about systemic racism, that white people benefit from it and that The Commonwealth needs to acknowledge the past. The reaction to Harry’s comments was ridiculous. He was criticized by several British outlet for daring to address systemic racism.
    Minute 14:15: There were several stories embiggening Kate as usual. We also got a rehash of the story we’ve heard so many times that Meghan made one of Kate’s staffers cry, years ago, for telling her to do her job.
    Minute 16:30: Meghan’s legal team filed an injunction against the Daily Mail in her lawsuit against them. This was to keep the DM from publishing the names of her five friends who spoke to People Magazine on her behalf last year.
    Minute 22:15: Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew’s good buddy and Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator in human trafficking, is in custody and is currently in a detention center in Brooklyn, where she’s on suicide watch. Everyone is wondering what kind of dirt she has on Andrew and if she’ll flip on him.
    Chris Evans and Lily James: Minutes 25:00 to 28
    Chris Evans, 39, and Lily James, 31, were spotted out together in London, where they went to a club. There are a lot of questions over when Chris arrived in London and whether or not he quarantined. There’s some speculation that they’ve been happening for a while. After that they were seen eating ice cream together at a park, in photos which were definitely staged.
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 28:00 to 32:30
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas got a writeup in the Washington Post’s pop culture section calling them “pandemics only tabloid celebrities.” They haven’t done a pap stroll together since that article came out. We wonder why Ana is so googoo-eyed over Ben and this is where our talk gets explicit!
    Blind Item: Minutes 32:30 to 36:45
    Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted a blind item about a male celebrity whom most of his female co-stars find gross. He said in follow-up tweets that the person is in their 40s and it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio. We also heard that the person has the same number of letters in their first and last name.
    User Feedback: Minutes 36:45 to 37:30
    Thanks to Sportlady20 and Little Penguin for your nice comments!
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 37:30 to 41:15
    My comment of the week is from Belli on the stupid word salad letter that JK Rowling and other authors signed saying they didn’t want to be canceled for being assholes. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Florence, who wrote lyrics to a Killers song about Kate coming out of her shell.
    Thanks for listening bitches!

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    57: Meghan and Harry visit Homeboy Industries, "Princess" Kate covers People, Emma Roberts is pregnant

    57: Meghan and Harry visit Homeboy Industries, "Princess" Kate covers People, Emma Roberts is pregnant

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:45
    I got a huge surprise when I took my new car in for an oil change and it was twice as expensive as my old car. Chandra’s departed sweet but murderous dog used to kill groundhogs in her yard. I have a groundhog that comes to my porch.
    Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund: Minutes 5:45 to 7:45
    We heard that Emma Roberts is pregnant by Garrett Hedlund, which is surprising to us. When we first heard about them last year we thought it was just a hookup.
    Trump’s rally and K-pop fan activism: Minutes 7:45 to 10:45
    Last weekend only 6,200 people went to Trump’s sad Tulsa rally and that they had to dismantle the overflow area. Then we heard that teens and K-Pop fans had booked hundreds of thousands of tickets by organizing over TikTok and Snapchat.
    Royals: Minutes 10:45 to 24:00
    Harry and Meghan did volunteer work with Homeboy Industries, which provides employment opportunities to former gang members and people leaving prison. Meghan looks possibly pregnant, and we’re excited about that. I play a segment from our Zoom meeting where Tanisha points out that Harry changed the type of women he was dating after he met the Obamas. Tanisha runs the podcast The Aha Xperience where she interviews experts in wellness and finding your bliss.
    Minute 14:45: “Princess” Kate covers People Magazine, where the Cambridges try to sell us the same story, with the same points, that they told Tatler magazine.
    Minute 18:30: We got new photos of Prince William with his kids, taken by Kate and released for his 38th birthday. Chandra says that William looks terrible in those photos but I don’t think he looks bad for him. There are some suspicious stories about how close Prince William and Prince Charles are now.
    Tennis and Novak Djokovic’s failed Adria tour: Minutes 24:00 to 28:30
    The ATP #1 men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic, started the Adria tour inviting top players to come play exhibition matches. Novak greeted them with hugs and kisses, no one wore a mask or took precautions and Djokovic didn’t prioritize testing. So many top players tested positive from that tour, including Djokovic.
    Minute 28:30: We got a tip in our Zoom meeting about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello from a listener whose friend works in the music industry
    User Feedback: Minutes 30:30 to 31:45
    Thanks Alexandra, Beanie Bean and Susan for your nice messages.
    Comments of The Week: Minutes 31:45 to 35:20
    My COTW is from Lightpurple on Hecate’s post about Sammy Hagar saying he would perform and sacrifice himself. Chandra’s COTW is from Who ARE these people on the post about Dennis Quaid marrying a 27-year-old.
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3.6 out of 5
192 Ratings

192 Ratings

Outlandish Obstetrician ,

So funny!

I just started listening to this podcast. The ladies often make me laugh out loud in my car! Their laughs are infectious! Gossip is great!

coachcip ,


I really want to like this, but wow... they spent legitimately 6 minutes in a recent episode discussing their oil changes and which dealership they go to. They can’t possibly think that’s what we’re tuning in for. This is just the most egregious example but they also recently talked about trips to the pharmacy... why! I usually love when podcast hosts share about their lives but not like that. These women’s lives are beyond mundane. On the gossip end, they repeat a lot of gossip as if it’s proven truth and go well beyond reason to come up with stories. They’re exactly like the dailymail, and they often criticize them (not very self aware).


STOP IT with the politics!!!

Update: Can I give it less then one star? This amazing celebrity gossip site has become an ultra liberal (and I’m liberal), bitter, angry, site that has lost its fun “escapism” approach. Katie - get it together, fire Kaiser, and get back to celebrity gossip. Over it.

I’ve been a long time fan of the website so was excited about the podcast. Celebrity gossip is my escape from everything that is going on in the world. Unfortunately, this podcast has become increasingly political (almost every episode). Please stop and get back to the gossip. They work together ok but both have this awkward laugh that they do throughout the entire podcast even when talking about things that are serious and not funny. First time I’ve reviewed a podcast because I hope they will make changes.

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