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Where comic books and politics meet

    Queer gamers write a queer graphic novel about queer gamers: Renegade Rule

    Queer gamers write a queer graphic novel about queer gamers: Renegade Rule

    “One of the goals of Renegade Rule was to present a book and world that allows for queer joy” - Ben Kahn

    “The closer it is to trope-y fan fiction the more I like it”  - Rachel Silverstein

    Meet the writers of a new original graphic novel published by Dark Horse, Renegade Rule!

    "The Manhattan Mist have beaten the odds to land themselves in the national championships for Renegade Rule, one of the hottest virtual reality games in existence. But they’re in for competition fiercer then they ever imagined, and one team member’s entire future could be at stake. Four queer female friends will have to play harder than ever against self-doubt, infighting, romantic distraction, and a slew of other world-class teams if they hope to become champions.

    From Ignatz-nominated writer Ben Kahn, debut author Rachel Silverstein, and artist Sam Beck is a celebration of friendship, competition, queer identity, and the insane things we do for the things and people we love."

    Rachel Silverstein is a recent law school graduate. Renegade Rule is her first comic book publication. She also has a Master’s degree in elephant paleontology. https://twitter.com/flirtymango

    Ben Kahn is an Ignatz Award-nominated comics writer. Their previous works include the comics series Heavenly Blues (Scout Comics) and Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted (SBI Press). They can usually be found shuttered away in their shoebox-sized New York apartment, afraid to leave the city. https://twitter.com/BenTheKahn

    Check out Ben's horror podcast: Progressively Horrified https://progressivelyhorrified.transistor.fm/

    Hear Ben on my podcast to talk about their earlier comics writing: http://bit.ly/grifBee

    On Doom Patrol S2 http://bit.ly/DoomPatrolgp

    & Young Justice S3 http://bit.ly/YJoutsiders

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    The Good Asian comic w/creators Pornsak Pichetshote & Alexandre Tefenkgi

    The Good Asian comic w/creators Pornsak Pichetshote & Alexandre Tefenkgi

    Policing and the model minoirty myth are deconstructed through a noir genre lens in this hardboiled detective series created by today's guests, sak Pichetshote and Alexandre Tefenkgi. 

    A new Image Comics series, The Good Asian stars detective Edison Hark—a haunted Chinese-American detective—on the trail of a killer in 1936 San Francisco's Chinatown. The series explores Chinese American identity, US immigration policy and the brutal contradictions inherent in being the first Chinese American cop when the target of his policing is inevitably his own community. It's also a beautifully drawn piece of historical fiction and an exciting mystery.

    My guests are:

    sak Pichetshote is a writer for comics and TV. He wrote the critically acclaimed horror comic hit INFIDEL that was featured on NPR's best horror stories of all time. In TV, he's written for the shows Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, Light as a Feather, and Two Sentence Horror Stories. 

    Alexandre Tefenkgi is the acclaimed artist of European comics and graphic albums as well as the critically acclaimed Skybound book Outpost Zero by Sean McKeever. Born in Africa and raised in France, he's an artist of Vietnamese descent. 

    The series' colorist is Lee Loughridge and letterer is Jeff Powell.

    Learn more here https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/the-good-asian

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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with Spencer Ackerman and Brandon Wilson

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with Spencer Ackerman and Brandon Wilson

    "Zemo is the only character with an ideology" - Brandon Wilson

    "A real Captain America looks to the rest of the world like The Joker" - Spencer Ackerman

    Talking about Disney's latest Marvel TV show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with two of my favorite Marvel experts.

    Spencer Ackerman award winning national security journalist and author of REIGN OF TERROR: How The 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Produced Trump, out August 10 from Viking. https://twitter.com/attackerman

    Brandon Wilson is a filmmaker and lecturer. Brandon has directed two micro-budget features: 2005’s The Man Who Couldn’t… which is on YouTube and Sepulveda from 2016 which is streaming for free on Vimeo. Wilson has taught Film Analysis for Filmmakers, Introduction to Editing and classes on national cinemas, the essay film, and diversity in cinema at UCLA, Columbia College Hollywood and others. https://twitter.com/geniusbastard

    And your host, Elana Levin is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Elana_Brooklyn. 

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine pod: Dr Julian Bashir & Section 420

    Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine pod: Dr Julian Bashir & Section 420

    Doctor Julian Bashir is Deep Space Nine’s resident physician, humanitarian, James Bond cosplayer and disaster bisexual. We are joined by Ali Nagib, Assistant Director of Illinois NORML, an organization that was key to ending cannabis prohibition in Illinois. In this episode, Ali helps us discover why Dr. Bashir was so important for representation, why he’s such a headcanon magnet, why he’s a great role model for health equity activism efforts like cannabis legalization, and why he’s the Anti-Bones McCoy.

    Catch up on our past episodes of Deep Space Dive with this playlist- https://soundcloud.com/graphicpolicy/sets/deep-space-dive

    Email us questions-- via deepspacedivepodcast@gmail.com

    Or catch us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elana_Brooklyn & https://twitter.com/pas_deChat 

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    WandaVision: Marvel Magical Refugee Girl Origin Stories

    WandaVision: Marvel Magical Refugee Girl Origin Stories

    Traumatized people processing loss by watching TV sure do connect with a TV show in which a traumatized person processes loss via the medium of television. Disney+ newest Marvel TV show is a timely hit. I'm joined by three fascinating guests for a nuanced and necessary conversation. 

    "When someone tells a Black woman she’s not supposed to be there it goes from being uncomfortable to being dangerous" - comics critic Niki J.

    Occasional voice actress and constant Marvel fan, Niki J posts about comics and queer issues at @blackloislane on Twitter. In her free time she's helped organize panels for Geeks OUT's annual queer comics celebration, Flame Con. 

    "This was my entire childhood flashing before me"-- Asya Pikovsky is a communications consultant for grassroots and worker advocacy organizations. When she was four, she immigrated to the US with her family as Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union. She also compares Wanda to the FBI... 

    Diana Hussein is a Detroit-based Communications Specialist for the hospitality workers' labor union, UNITE HERE. She's one of my favorite union voices on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heyadiana. and has a lot to say about the MCU and Arab American fandom. 

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Comics Artist/Writer Michel Fiffe of COPRA. Taking risks & making monsters

    Comics Artist/Writer Michel Fiffe of COPRA. Taking risks & making monsters

    "Realism is unfortunate"- Michel Fiffe

    Michel Fiffe is the creator / writer /artist of the action series COPRA. He’s worked with Marvel and DC on top of fully producing Panorama for Dark Horse, Bloodstrike: Brutalists for Image Comics and Zegas for Fantagraphics.

    We talk about the development of comics art styles in depth and a graph he made attempting to chart where some of his favorite artists' style fall on a scale of realistic to cartoony, messy to clean. So get artsy with us!

    "It's a comic, take a risk, do something different"

    “Go to a museum, open up a fashion magazine, watch a documentary on Klaus Nomi. Do anything but look at a comic book for inspiration. That’s what Kirby did!”

    "The 90s isn’t just Jim Lee"

    His interivew of artist Trevor Von Eeden http://www.tcj.com/an-interview-with-trevor-von-eeden-reprise/


    • 1 hr 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Quasar Sniffer ,

A podcast for people who love comics

Graphic Policy radio is where you must go for all your in-depths comic book discussion, especially for people who know that comics have been political since at least the first time Captain America punched Hitler in the face. Host Elana Levin guides listeners and guests through topics ranging from representation in comics, writing and illustration humor, and why Jack Kirby's influence on the medium might still be UNDERrated. This is good stuff. Listen to it.

Marked Twain ,

Fun conversations

This has started to become one of my favorite podcasts, combining policy talk and nerdy comic book talk. Guests like Spencer Ackerman and Steven Attewell always make it worth while. only complaint: audio quality can be off and sometimes drops in and out a little, maybe because they’re using skype or google. Also when statements end sometimes there’s a few seconds of silence before they realize a point is over and someone talks again…maybe edit those empty spaces out a bit more if they can? Otherwise keep up the great work!

Milesisonline ,

Review for the Venture Brothers Episodes

This review is for the episodes of this podcast on the Venture Brothers only. They are the only episodes I've listened too thus far.

That being said I've rated this podcast 5 stars. Honestly it is not a 5 star podcast, yet. It does not deserve a 5 star rating but I want to be supportive because with a little bit of quality control it could easily be a 5 star podcast.

Ok so I actually really dig the content of this podcast.
I enjoy how they break down the references for me as well as the speculation on future plot and character development. Both host's have their expertise and mesh well together. I often find myself agreeing with them on a variety of topics.

The audio quality is horrific though.
Sometimes it literally sounds like they are recording while showering.
Also the male host breathes heavily into his mic often.

What they should really do is have each host running an audio recording program like audacity in the background that is set up to ONLY record their own personal mic. This will make editing so much easier. Instead of hearing the terrible sounds of the Skype or Google call you will be able to hear both host's loud and clear. With a little bit of further editing you won't hear them speak over one another either.
Also the opening theme song is always 200% louder then the rest of the podcast.

With a little bit of quality control this podcast could easily be stellar!

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