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A show about achievements and the best strategies to get them. We will also cover mounts, pets, toys, and other collectables in game.

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A show about achievements and the best strategies to get them. We will also cover mounts, pets, toys, and other collectables in game.

    Duskwood Double

    Duskwood Double

    We explore the zones Redridge Mountains and Duskwood and the pets, quests, and achievements.

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    004 - Westfall Woes

    004 - Westfall Woes

    # Intro
    ## News
    Episode 3:
    - Hunters: In Stormwind there is `/way Stormwind 71.6 72.1 Spectral Gryphon Feather` that can spawn a hunter pet that can be tamed by level 45 hunters.
    - Also behind Stormwind there is an area with waterfalls with several interesting NPCs. Including Jeremiah Seely who say's he wrote Tome of the Clear Mind. Turp and Roo have a tent setup with their corgis Tof and Nom. And lastly at the top of the waterfalls is a house surrounded by sheep including an exploding sheep named Tekton which is also tameable for hunters at `/way 50.4 14.1 Tekton` make sure you use freezing trap or bring a druid friend to use entangling roots on it so he doesn't blow up and throw you off the side of the hill... not that I would know from experience on my hunter. Also amusingly Agee Tyler will come out and yell at you for messing with his sheep.
    # Main
    ## Zone: Westfall
    ### Achievements
    [Westfall Quests](https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=4903/westfall-quests) -
    - Crime Scene Investigation - Investigating the death of Old Blanchy
    - Starts at the entrance of Westfall on the path to the west of Elwynn Forrest
    - Investigating the Shadows - Ends in Stormwind
    - The Defias Brotherhood Reborn - Starts in Stormwind
    [Explore Westfall](https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=802/explore-westfall) - 2/25
    /way 56.56 19.28 The Jansen Stead
    /way 49.57 19.40 Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm
    /way 44.58 25.38 Jangolode Mine
    /way 45.91 38.62 The Molsen Farm
    /way 56.09 31.19 Saldean's Farm
    /way 56.85 47.31 Sentinel Hill
    /way 60.91 58.69 The Dead Acre
    /way 38.49 42.59 The Raging Chasm
    /way 36.65 54.23 Alexston Farmstead
    /way 43.70 69.47 Moonbrook
    /way 34.01 74.31 Demont's Place
    /way 30.22 85.64 Westfall Lighthouse
    /way 39.91 80.56 The Dagger Hills
    /way 65.55 70.95 The Dust Plains
    ### Rares
    - Foreman Thistlenettle - undead miner
    - No longer rare, but he drops 3 unique items:
    - Corpse Rompers - Leather Boots
    - Foreman's Gloves - Leather Gloves
    - Foreman's Leggings - Mail Leggings
    - Vultros
    - Feathered Cape - Uncommon Cape
    - Talon of Vultros - Dagger
    /way Westfall 56.6 35.6 Vultros (around area)
    /way Westfall 49.0 33.6 Vultros (around area)
    /way Westfall 50.4 28.8 Vultros (around area)
    /way Westfall 54.6 24.6 Vultros (around area)
    /way Westfall 57.2 19.4 Vultros (around area)
    No mounts available here
    ### Pets
    Quest Pets:
    * Westfall Chicken - Head to `/way 56.0 31.3 Farmer Saldean` to pickup Special Chicken Feed. Then find a Chicken non-battle pet and target them. Make a macro with the `/chicken` in it. Don't bother including more than one emote because it'll only process one at a time. Spam that macro until you see in your chat window 'Chicken looks up at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it?' The chicken will give you the quest CLUCK! Turn in the quest with the Special Chicken Feed and the Chicken will drop an egg on the ground. Pick it up and you've learned Westfall chicken.
    Capturable Pets:
    * New:
    * Mouse
    * Prairie Dog
    * Shore Crab
    * Snake
    * Tiny Harvester
    * Old:
    * Chicken
    * Small Frog
    * Squirrel
    Pet Battle Trainers:
    * Old MacDonald - Level 3 pets:
    * Clucks (Chicken)
    * Foe Reaper 800
    * Teensy
    ## Dungeon: The Deadmines
    Dungeon Fables episode: [Episode 1 - Deadmines](https://dungeonfables.libsyn.com/episode-1-deadmines)
    Morally Grey: [Episode 106 - No Sin On That Sinstone!](https://morallygreypod.com/106-no-sin-on-that-sinstone/)
    If you can run The Deadmines as any class run it as a rogue and if you don't have a Green Wing Macaw battle pet yet I'll cross my fingers that one drops for you.
    ### Achievements
    * [Deadmines](https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=628/deadmines) (10) - Defeat 'Captian' Cookie
    * [Heroic Deadmines](https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5083/heroic-deadmines) (10) - Defeat Vanessa VanCleef on Heroic Dificulty
    * [Ready for Ra

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    Lunar Love

    Lunar Love

    Elwynn Forrest, Stormwind, Stockades, Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air

    • 28 min
    Character Creation

    Character Creation

    Exile's Reach, Cataclysm, Gravity Lapse, Call of the Scarab, Battle Ground Bonus Event

    • 18 min
    Abundant Addons

    Abundant Addons

    This being our first episode I give a little information about myself as the host. We also cover the addons I use when I am hunting achievements.

    In the main section of the podcast we cover: Darkmoon Faire, Arena Skirmish Event, World Quest Bonus Event

    • 13 min
    Grats Teaser Trailer

    Grats Teaser Trailer

    Grats - a podcast about achievements in World of Warcraft

    Every two weeks we will go over achievements and the best strategies to get them. We will also cover mounts, pets, toys, and more.

    I can't wait to start this journey with you.

    The first show is launching January 4th 2021!

    You can find Grats in Apple Podcasts, Sitcher, Spotify, or your favorite podcast directory today!

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5.0 out of 5
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2 Ratings

Sirithr ,

This is great!

Only 2 episodes in so far but I’ve learned quite a bit about getting some achievements I didn’t realize were so easy to get. Mud does a great job of walking you through it and his list of addons to use made it even easier! Great show and an even better host! Excited to keep listening!


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